September CoroCoro Leaks

User chisa_suiran has posted scans for September’s CoroCoro issue with new information for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Details: Mega Lopunny is Normal / Fighting, boosted Attack and possibly Speed. Ability is Scrappy. Mega Altaria is Dragon / Fairy, boosted Attack and Special Attack. Ability is Pixilate. Pikachu gets various attacks with its different costumes … Read more

August CoroCoro Scans Leaking

It appears that this is a legitimate scan and reveals Mega Metagross, who will be used by Steven with his Mega Brooch. The text is small, but we’re working on translating. It appears that its Mega Evolution remains Steel/Psychic, with its ability being Tough Claw. It also gains a significant boost in speed. The rare stone … Read more

July CoroCoro LEAKING! Mega Sceptile, Swampert and more!

  Scans are surfacing of the latest CoroCoro issue and it’s a doozy! Mega Evolutions of Sceptile, Swampert, and Diancie have all been revealed along with other misc information 🙂 Details Pokémon Mega Sceptile is Grass/Dragon with the ability Lightning Rod Mega Swampert’s ability is Swift Swim Mega Diancie’s ability has yet to be revealed … Read more

December CoroCoro Leak

The latest issue of CoroCoro has leaked, revealing the official Sugimori artwork for the remaining Mega Evolutions. No other news or new information was revealed, as expected. We’ll update the post with HQ scans once they become available! What’s your favorite Mega Evolution to use, and what Pokemon do you want to see get a … Read more

September Corocoro Leaking! [UPD2]

(Click to enlarge) [UPD2] It seems more leaks are coming any moment, as another leaker has gotten their hands on Corocoro and is uploading some pages. New, clear, and full versions of the scans we’ve seen have now been revealed, though there seems to be more to go. [UPD1] The PokémonKorea official site has updated … Read more

August Corocoro Leaking — New Pokémon, Characters and More!

The latest issue of Corocoro has begun appearing online, and with it comes a stash of new information, including new Pokémon, characters and even more! The scans and our translations can be found below. Remember! These are the Japanese names and it’s almost certain that we’ll get the official English reveal of these Pokémon in … Read more