CoroCoro leak! (few small updates)

These are pretty small images, even after you click the thumbnails, so we’ll hopefully get better shots soon… but may have to wait until tomorrow.  I guess these will have to tide us over 😀 Scan 1 – Kibago, Koromori, and Minezumi are shown.  Koromori seems to focus on its heart shaped nose, as we … Read more

More CoroCoro Rumors

In addition to the two new Pokemon Pokebeach covered tonight, thought I’d do a quick post before bed of the latest CoroCoro “summaries” that have been posted.  Totally unconfirmed and possibly made up bs: Gochiruzeru (green blob), Rankurusu (goth), Kibago (larvitar-ish one), Hatopo- (notice PO not BO, still long “o” but I feel like people … Read more