More CoroCoro Rumors

In addition to the two new Pokemon Pokebeach covered tonight, thought I’d do a quick post before bed of the latest CoroCoro “summaries” that have been posted.  Totally unconfirmed and possibly made up bs:

  • Gochiruzeru (green blob), Rankurusu (goth), Kibago (larvitar-ish one), Hatopo- (notice PO not BO, still long “o” but I feel like people will pronounce it like ‘poo’p and not ‘po’pe how it’s supposed to be pronounced, so I’m simplifying it), and Gigigiaru (Giaru evo) will be introduced
  • Hatopo is Mamepato’s evolution
  • New attacks: Psycho Energy, Air Drive, Hurricane Vigor
  • New ability: Carelessness, may negate weaknesses? (this was really hard to translate)
  • Seem to be new Pokemon Natures introduced
  • Between 100 and 150 new pokemon
  • Team Plasma is the evil group, some of the execs may have belonged to Team Galaxy (fixed slight error on this one)
  • DSi video chat (as we’ve heard many times! exciting!)
  • Double battles occur frequently in the wild
  • Transferring Pokemon over from previous games is “Friend Park” (actually different name than Pal Park, at least listed in this rumor) and there are certain rules for transfer

What do you guys think?  Real?  It’s getting close to leak time!  Gigigiaru sounds like a weird name 🙁  But then again, we have Regigigas.

<3 pokejungle

  1. Of course there is going to be Between 100 and 150 new pokemon.
    Thats it? only those new Pokemon? or was that just a few that they will be in Corocoro.
    We shall if these rumors are true in some hours.

  2. Sorry about last time PK, I was just in a bad mood about all them rumors and I should not have taken my anger out on you.
    I’m very sorry.

  3. The first bullet was just highlighting the pokemon that are SUPPOSEDLY being shown in the new corocoro.


  4. I’m not too fond of the double battles in the wild… It just seems too complicated.

  5. Oh sorry, PJ. I was looking at PoKejungle.
    I’ll just call you by your whole name.

  6. I really dislike the idea of double battles in the wild. I hope theres a setting to prevent it or at least a way to catch Pokemon. (aka hopefully the player will have better aim :P) Other than that, if Hatopo is Mamepato’s evolution I hope that it gains the Ice type since it is blue (though the blue may be because of the quality of the picture.) I like how it will be connected to D/P/Pt with a few Team Galaxy members escaping Sinnoh and going to a far out region to begin anew. Also, I’d like to see Giaru’s (that is Gear, correct?) evolution. Gear seemed odd at first, but I think it was mainly because it was a Pokemon with basically two heads which we havn’t seen since Generation I. Hopefully the new natures are natures that benefit two stats and deter no stats (and the other way around). Also, I can’t wait to hear about Gochiruzeru. I’d like to know it’s types and such and if it really is like a being floating in a transparent green shell thing (which I hope it is). Gochiruzeru might just be my Generation V favorite ^_^.

    Geez.. sorry for writing a novel haha. Also it may sound like I think these rumors are true when reading the above paragraph but I’m stating that I acknowledge that they are rumors haha. Thanks for the rumors PokeJungle ^_^. You posting rumors is what makes me like it here better than Serebii or PokeBeach.

  7. Deku I love reading user comments :p I read every single one thoroughly.

    Giaru = Gear (technically “Gear” in Japanese is literally “Giru” so I don’t like calling Giaru “Gear” D: )

  8. You could just call it “Gearu” or “Gearlu”– it doesn’t sound as Engrishy as “Giaru” but is more correct than just “Gear”.

    Anyway, don’t really have an opinion. Hatohpoh (another option for romanizing instead of Hatoopoo or whatever, since that does look kinda goofy) probably isn’t blue, the picture is just horribly distorted. Beyond that, it seems to match Mamepato’s color scheme pretty closely, which makes sense considering… well, every early bird Pokemon.

    Gigigearlu might be three Gearlu, LOL… Would explain the repetition.

  9. How can there be new natures? They’ve already covered everything, unless they’re going to make a new stat, which, as we can see from screenshots they have not.

  10. Not sure how to feel about Wild Double Battles. :\ The Team Galaxy thing interests me though.

  11. Hm, they could have natures that affect HP. I always wanted wild double battles but I have a feeling they’d get annoying pretty quickly.
    Lots and lots of new pokemon sound great to me. 😀

  12. *correction: wild double battles without having to pay attention to your partner. Half the time I’d go to catch a poke and then my partner’s pokemon would KO it. -_-

  13. Well, I believe the reason that we don’t have natures that affect HP is because then, why would you use Def+ or SDef+ Natures when you can get both at the same time in the form of a HP+ Nature? Even if they gave the HP+/- Natures a different percentage boost, it would still be killing two birds with one stone if you were to use it. But it doesn’t seem impossible.

  14. Hope that this is true, but I also hope that more Pokemon are revealed. I love that Carelessness ability, and want to see Gear’s evolution(s)

  15. Wild double battles sounds interesting. Maybe there will be pokemon that only appear during double battles?

    @caheinecke, I just had a horrible horrible thought about double battles now that you mentioned shinys, imagine this situation (just using two random pokemon)

    Wild Meguroko & Chiramii appeared!

    You look and you see that Chiramii is shiny

    So you’re trying to catch the shiny chiramii….and then….

    Meguroko uses Earthquake! Chiramii Fainted!

    *cue “noooooooooooooooo” scream*

  16. Yeah, it seems as though these rumors are becoming more plausible with what we know from this new Coro Coro. I’m surprised the rumors didn’t mention Musharna or Wooguru, but the rumors so far seem to be fitting in with other things in Coro Coro.

    I hope they’re true. I don’t have a problem with any of these rumors.

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