More CoroCoro Rumors

In addition to the two new Pokemon Pokebeach covered tonight, thought I’d do a quick post before bed of the latest CoroCoro “summaries” that have been posted.  Totally unconfirmed and possibly made up bs:

  • Gochiruzeru (green blob), Rankurusu (goth), Kibago (larvitar-ish one), Hatopo- (notice PO not BO, still long “o” but I feel like people will pronounce it like ‘poo’p and not ‘po’pe how it’s supposed to be pronounced, so I’m simplifying it), and Gigigiaru (Giaru evo) will be introduced
  • Hatopo is Mamepato’s evolution
  • New attacks: Psycho Energy, Air Drive, Hurricane Vigor
  • New ability: Carelessness, may negate weaknesses? (this was really hard to translate)
  • Seem to be new Pokemon Natures introduced
  • Between 100 and 150 new pokemon
  • Team Plasma is the evil group, some of the execs may have belonged to Team Galaxy (fixed slight error on this one)
  • DSi video chat (as we’ve heard many times! exciting!)
  • Double battles occur frequently in the wild
  • Transferring Pokemon over from previous games is “Friend Park” (actually different name than Pal Park, at least listed in this rumor) and there are certain rules for transfer

What do you guys think?  Real?  It’s getting close to leak time!  Gigigiaru sounds like a weird name 🙁  But then again, we have Regigigas.

<3 pokejungle