Kanto Starter Promotion

Guess I’ll report this :B  A new booklet is coming out which features interviews from people who work at Game Freak (such as the Director and Producer) and those who purchase it will receive a code to get one of the Kanto starters in the Dream World!  Frankly I would love to get a bulbasaur! … Read more

Next month’s CoroCoro notice

Hey PokéJunglers, your local translator Kriffix here making his first post as an admin! Just to let you guys know, contrary to what was previously reported, next month’s CoroCoro’s freebie booklet is in fact called the “Black Document” and is set to be released on September 15th (although it will no doubt leak before this). … Read more

Black and White Tidbits (UPD1)

Image… unrelated.  I just thought Mamambou’s pose was interesting ;D  Yahoo! Kids website revealed some *very* minor details so I thought I’d share them with you.  Translated the information from blue skY. Swanna learns “Brave Bird” (not sky attack, video confirmed this.  Thanks guys <3) Shikijika learns energy ball which we had already confirmed from … Read more

Official Pokemon Site Update (UPD2)

The new information we got in CoroCoro has now been added to the official Japanese website for Black/White.  If you wanna see some clear screenshots head on over to the site. Very little new information, but some confirmation on a few things: Moguryuu’s abilities BOTH activate when sandstorm is active ‘Sand Scatter’ raising speed and … Read more

Wakoishi, Plant Pokemon = Fake

A user in the comment section of my site has identified screenshots that he faked.  I have to admit, Wakoishi was by far the best.  The only thing we really had to doubt about it was the cave setting.  The plant-creature is also fake so I’m sure MANY of you will breath a sigh of … Read more

New Black and White Demo Details! [UPD2: Pics Added]

spmb has now updated with details of someone’s personal experience with the BW Demo.  I have translated the details below for you all~ (Don’t bother watching the video it is almost all text and if you can’t read Japanese it won’t do you much good) Demo takes place in and around Sekka City When you … Read more