Gholdengo – Scarlet & Violet Competitive Battle Guide

With the release of a new Pokémon Game always comes a new meta. And even if people are just getting adjusted to the new meta, there’s one Pokémon who, due to their incredible signature ability, has been regarded as one of the best Pokémon in this OU meta. We’re talking about the one and only, … Read more

Pokémon 1008 Encounters coverage and new official artwork

Pokémon has released a video celebrating the series surpassing 1000 different species! It was advertised through Pokémon’s Japanese social media accounts in advanced, which led to some speculation there may be new information in it, but we only got the official reveal of new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokémon that had not been publicly shown … Read more

January 2023 Giveaway: Win a “life-size” Fuecoco plushie!

We’re starting the new year out BIG with our friends at Meccha Japan, who generously have given us a “life-size” (Pokédex accurate) plushie of Fuecoco! This Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starting Pokémon is both adorable and very huggable, so I’m wishing you all luck! January’s prize We’re giving away one life-size Fuecoco plushie! How to … Read more

Future of the Pokémon anime REVEALED! Goodbye, Ash!

The most recent episode of the anime aired today in Japan and with it came two very special announcements, which have now been revealed by the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel. Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master First up was the announcement of the final chapter of Ash and Pikachu’s adventure together. From January 13th, … Read more

Cherish Ball and Hisuian Poké Ball unboxing and impressions

The Poké Ball is an iconic part of the Pokémon franchise and, luckily for collectors, there have been a steady stream of high-quality replicas produced in recent years. Manufacturers such as The Wand Company have created die-cast versions of many types of Poké Balls and the franchise’s official Pokémon Center brand has also joined in … Read more

Get free sandwich ingredients in Pokémon Scarlet, Violet with these codes

Hopefully you’re enjoying Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, as well as its picnics! The sandwich creation mini-game has proved more useful than many thought in the lead-up to games because of their use in Shiny Hunting and the various handy buffs they can provide. On Pokémon’s Japanese social media accounts they are distributing codes for sandwich … Read more