More BW Videos (Parts 21 – 25) UPD 2

Really sorry for the late upload, but here are the next two parts! They are sped up. They each contain about an hour or so of footage in them. Tell me what you think about the videos being sped up. You wouldn’t have to watch me for so long if I sped videos up, and … Read more

Help out with the “Nintendo” situation [OVER]

This was originally a post I had on GameFAQs (UPD: They deleted it for “trolling”… wtf) but I thought I would also appeal to my users to contact Nintendo as well.  I myself have not been contacted by Nintendo, nor have you probably, but we can still help try to rectify this situation because it … Read more

Global Link Promotion + Bios are up!

Hey Pokéjunglers! Ozy here, I finally got the problem with the editing system fixed, so now I’m back and hungry to post! Anways, like the title suggests, the offcial Japanese site has updated with a Global Link promotion , this is just a poll that goes from September 18th (The BW release date) until November 1st. … Read more

Experto stuff Part 3 (UPD8)

Hey Pokejunglers! We’ve had a pretty awesome day, over 3 posts with tons and tons of info, we got over 40,000 views in one day, and best of all, you guys were extremly generous and donated all this money from your own pockets to keep MMC and PJN running. 🙂 On behalf of the entire … Read more

Pokemon USA Sweepstakes!

A new contest hosted by Pokemon USA just started this morning!  They are offering up a grand prize bundle with a DS, HGSS, TCG, and more… along with a second place collector’s tin of TCG cards.  Unfortunately you must live in the US to enter. If any of my fellow Americans are interested in entering … Read more

Kanto Starter Promotion

Guess I’ll report this :B  A new booklet is coming out which features interviews from people who work at Game Freak (such as the Director and Producer) and those who purchase it will receive a code to get one of the Kanto starters in the Dream World!  Frankly I would love to get a bulbasaur! … Read more