Introducing: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott

Happy with their English names?!  I won’t be using spoilers for any information OFFICIALLY given out by Nintendo of America. Snivy (tsutaaja) – Grass Snake Pokemon [Overgrow] Tepig (pokabu) – Fire Pig Pokemon [Blaze] Oshawott (mijumaru) – Sea Otter Pokemon [Torrent] Reshiram – Vast White Pokemon [Turboblaze] Zekrom – Deep Black Pokemon [Teravolt] Region name: … Read more

Starters to be revealed Monday

Sadly we have no more information than this right now.  Make SURE to check back on Monday as we’ll have the information FIRST ;D <3 pokejungle ps- In the comments please GUESS THE ENGLISH NAMES!  Winner, if there is one, will get congratulated when the official names are revealed. </lame prize>

PGL hosting “Test Tournament”

Pokemon Daisuki Club members are now able to apply for an official test tournament over WiFi for Pokemon Black and White.  This marks the first time that a tournament has been held solely online and is an exciting new direction for official pokemon battles.  Hopefully when BW launch in other countries there will be tournaments … Read more

Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Release!

Today the newest in the ‘Pokemon Ranger’ series was released.  This new version brings in several changes from the last two games including: Only 1 partner pokemon: Ukulele Pichu New (optional) flying mini-game The ‘Signs’ you can draw during battle to summon legendary pokemon New villainous team called ‘Pokemon Pinchers’ Multiplayer missions If you’re into the Ranger series … Read more

3DS deets

The Nintendo 3DS has just been given a launch date: Feb 28, 2011 in Japan and March for EU and US.  Some quick notes that were also announced: Mii plaza built in (can take photo of yourself and make a Mii with it) “AR Games” (augmented reality) built in to make use of the camera … Read more

Warner Bros. to make live action Pokemon Movie (FAKE)

Kinda late on updating this, but I am the freelance video maker for Pokejungle after all! I might as well make some news videos! httpv:// So its fake? So what! You should just say how much you would actually like or dislike a live action pokemon movie. Would you be okay with it? Would you … Read more