Holy hell, wish this was real. It’s not.

But what if?  What if?  Except for the fact I think most everyone would agree mawhile needs an EVOLUTION… not a PRE-EVOLUTION. <3 pokejungle ps- It just looked too adorable not to show you guys frankly.  Now go read the news post before this one.  I’ll even link it for you.

Pokemon Sunday: Bikutini Revealed (UPD2)

UPD: Added images :3 Cut out a nice Bikutini pic and added a transparent background in case anyone wants to use it for gfx~ <3 UPD2: Added a compiled image by mirai_iro of the triple battle screenshots + a cute picture of mijumaru.  Just because I felt like it.  That’s how I roll foo. Some … Read more

Starter Evolutions + Base Stats RUMOR

First off, I’ll be up front about this: I don’t believe it.  But Snowy actually found it on 2ch and someone else asked for it to be translated ‘n stuff, so I’ll do it.  Plus the type combinations are worth sparking some discussion! Tsutaya (grass) -> Noukazura (grass/ground) [‘nouka’ farmer + ‘kazura’ part of a … Read more

2ch Rumors. Again.

Aight, more 2ch rumors.  I was reading through their Pokemon board and found these, but consequently blue skY has also posted them, so perhaps that makes them more believable?   I dunno.  The other rumors ‘skY has posted haven’t turned out legit yet, lets not get our knickers in a bunch (to be honest I … Read more

Ruuuuuuumor Time!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted some rumors, but I have dug up enough to warrant an entire post.  :3  Remember, these are not to be considered anything other than fiction UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. But until then we can discuss, hypothesize, and complain!  Or… perhaps rejoice if something strikes our fancy? Oh and … Read more

Pokemon Sunday airing… (VID UP)

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w97Ao83gJIs Update1: Added preliminary images, courtesy of PLDH, the site who also had all those awesome wallpapers <3  We now know that the more “naturalistic” city is the WHITE version, while the more modern city is in BLACK.  Yay.  And the way Rankurusu bounces around makes me enjoy it slightly more to be honest (first … Read more