Pokemon Sunday: Bikutini Revealed (UPD2)

UPD: Added images :3 Cut out a nice Bikutini pic and added a transparent background in case anyone wants to use it for gfx~ <3

UPD2: Added a compiled image by mirai_iro of the triple battle screenshots + a cute picture of mijumaru.  Just because I felt like it.  That’s how I roll foo.

Some pokemon fans are apparently streaming it.  Regardless I will have pics up and post a YT video in my next post about it after it airs 😀

‘V’ is: Bikutini! It is a WiFi event pokemon (#000) in Isshu dex apparently and will be given away the first month of BW’s release in JPN (Sept 18~Oct18th) via Liberty Ticket (America much?!)… And I know people in the comments are already asking me to translate it, but I have no idea what it is~ Sorries!

I feel like I wasted an hour of my life watching that.  Here is the shortened version with just triple battled and Bikutini (thanks NYisHC)~ Now updated with better res video!  Thanks David!


<3 pokejungle

ps- I guess I kind of like Bikutini oO;  Though it shouldn’t be a legendary.

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  1. eeeeeep! this is exciting like waiting for christmas day! x)

    I call “V”!

  2. P.S. with that post I am now the top commenter!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. since its a phantom pokemon,i wonder if we get something like a 5th gen. darkrai?also i think its that unnamed orange ear pokemon from the 14th movie trailer

  4. this is making my computer lag… I ran out of time in mario! i guess i should pause the game next time and THEN comment…

  5. i am hoping for a ice dragon or poison dragon!!or another new event pokemon!!cant wait:)

  6. Ok, so now we know it’s the orange thing. Of course we kind of knew it would be since it was revealed that it was a “Maboroshi” pokemon. Still though, people insist on dreaming otherwise :p

    1. @Peter: The image of ‘V’ was superimposed over the video by the streamer, that wasn’t part of the broadcast 😉

      And ugh I don’t want to have to sit through this anime episode >>; I’ve already seen it lmfao.

    1. We may have to wait for this anime ep to end or the “commerical break” or something >>;

    1. MA: The silhouette was put there by the streamer. Unless you’re talking about a silhouette different than the one in the corner. I just went to the bathroom lmfao.

      So as of right now we have no idea if it’s V yet or not. Sorry for the confusing-ness of this streamer ._.

  7. Oh its just that orange little dude u___u hope they can shed some light on it

    1. Sorry kiddo, that’s actually Minezumi and it’s the ‘Lookout Pokemon’. :p

      BTW- Best costume so far was the guy as Exeggutor ;D Not the kids. The kids look like they were hostages in some sick Poke-fantasy.

  8. @Tsutaja FanThat was a different pokemon I think…
    Everyone knows from pokebeachs post about Phantom Champion Zoroark

  9. Wow the thing froze! Fail. Anyway did anyone else see the bestwishes thing! Mijumaru has fricking fangs!

  10. Bikutini is number 000 in the Isshu Dex CRAZY!
    Serebii said you obtain it with the LIBERTY Ticket. More evidence we are in the states folks!
    I want to know what moves Rankurusu used to beat Gochiruzeru!
    That was a worthy update.
    The first ever battle on Black and White witnessed, lucky bums.

  11. I hope that it has epic typing! (If it doesn’t GameFreak is going down!!!!!!!!!!!)

  12. Could be something to do with the “V’ for Victory? xD
    “Bi” here could also be a “Vi” afterall, making it “Vikutini”.

    Just a possibility since you asked though

  13. i thought it was going to be a new phanto pokemon Bikutini doesn’t look like a phantom pokemon.

    I LIKE CHEESE!!!!!

  14. I’m actually starting to like him! he looks pretty cool! Also, I like the new pokedex!

  15. Well, hopefully they’ll reveal more next week.

    Plus it just means CoroCoro is getting closer to leaking, so that excites me.

    I just hope they don’t include Bikutini as one of the new Pokemon in the leak.

    1. i doubt they will, since PS has allready had it on the show and the officiall japanese website has it’s face plastered all over the website with it’s info on how to get it.
      the only other thing we need ta know is it’s height,wieght,type etc. and i’m hopeful that we’ll get it in an upcoming PS episode.
      if not, the MD is still suppossed to have alot of new pokemon/info in it so it’ll just be one to ignore outta alot. 😀

  16. Hey be thankful we got rippable mini images for Bulbagarden to sink their teeth in, as well as new artwork for a Pokemon we can equate with Missingno, and also new moves to expect from the battlers. Gochiruzeru had her moves plastered on the screen, we saw a full triple battle live, saw snippets of the B&W anime (Tsutaja’s Grass Mixer looked amazing I might add)- the starters revealed look great in anime form.

  17. Victory V, victory symbol with its fingers…
    “Biku” is katakana spelling for “Vic” (as in victory)
    Victini or maybe even Victiny?

  18. i was SOOOOO wrong about the name,and i will hav this pokemon when i get my japanise version of pokemon black or white(most likely black,i love reshiram,i may also get both,i hav $120.00 dollars,so i might get both)!

  19. The V on its head and the hand sign its making makes it pretty likely to be related to the “V for Victory” concept that is oh-so popular in Japan. Maybe it’s a pokemon for “Definite victory”! 必勝!

  20. The romanization of Bikutini is important, because legendaries almost always keep their romanized Japanese names.
    I know B –> P in japanese sometimes. Or could it be a V, which would make sense?
    What do you think? Bikutin? Bicktiny?

  21. @Tsutaja Fan Yeah, well we all have to be wrong at some point :/

    Anyway when you get both be sure to get tsutaja in both! 😀

    JK they’re your games you can do what you want 🙂

    I won’t get the japanese games, mainly because I’m broke, but also because I don’t speak japanese 🙁
    so I’ll be counting on the internet to get my fill on the new pokemon!

  22. It’s just the word victory but changed a bit so it could be interesting, and sound like an actual pokemon.(In japan anyways)

  23. Indeed, I’m thinking Vikitini.
    I think the “Tini” is a coincidence though and shouldn’t be interpreted as “tiny”.

  24. It seems B and V are used by the same symbol in Japanese, so this guy’s name is almost certainly meant to be Vikutini, not Bikutini

  25. Heijiruの言う通り!

  26. I’ll be getting this guy via WIFI the day he becomes available with my Pokemon White ROM. 🙂 Just for completing my Pokedex entries of course.

  27. if anybody cares,i think i know its type,electric(it may be,it may not)if anybody gets confermation,plz post.also if i get confermation,i will let people know

  28. Maybe if you have this guy on your side you’re sure to win hehe.

    Anyway, PokeJun! If you post up this Bikutini->Vikutini stuff up now you’ll be the first site to do it! Go go! be brave!

  29. Sorry Kriffix but Serebii already did it. :p

    And tsutaja fan, what makes you think it’s electric?

  30. @Tsutaja fan

    How can you “Know” and then “may or may not”? xD;;

    Whatever it is, it can likely fly. Or atleast…flutter

  31. Tying this little guy into “Liberty”

    From an Article from Wikipedia about the Statue of Liberty

    “During World War II, the statue remained open to the public, although the statue was not illuminated at night. The statue was lit briefly on December 31, 1943 and on “D-Day”, June 6, 1944, when the statue’s lights flashed dot-dot-dot-dash, the Morse code for V, for victory.”

    1. dude you are super awesome for looking that up. 😀
      i think you deserve a pokejungle award..if there was such a thing. xDD

    Seriously dude, that one really deserves a medal!!

    Pokejungle, I want you and your site to get bigger and popular, you totally have my support. Let me know if my still-budding translation skills can ever be of help!

  33. if the liberty ticket takes me to a island where i battle and capture a 20 foot tall rock statue of liberty looking pokemon this will be awesome

  34. Seriously guys, OnlyEndsOnce’s comment needs more praise!
    He must of gone out of his way to find such cool info!
    Don’t you guys realise what else this links to?
    This means that Isshu is almost definitely New York based!

    1. Yeah, that is a good find OEO! :3 The facts keep adding up that Isshu is based on New York! Anyone remember that GTA’s “Liberty City” is based on New York as well?

  35. Thanks Kriffax

    But still, I’m waiting for someone to go “Hey! There’s also a Liberty Sandwich Shop in northern Shanghai! FYI!”

  36. OMG!!!i found out on pokecommunity,that bikutini is electric(like i said),but also has the static ability,is 4.4m tall and 2.0 kg in weight(if someone other then pokecommunity can prove this,plz do,i never known pokecommunity,so i want truthful sites(serebii.net,pokebeach,and pokejungle)to prove it

    1. @tsutaja: There is no official confirmation about its type yet, everything right now is simply speculation ^^

  37. victini.com redirects to Melbourne IT DBS, the Pokemon registrar.



    1. @Hejiru: Although Melbourne IT does hold domains for Nintendo (or the Pokemon Company) if it IS the English name usually it redirects to the US BW site (like zoroark.com…) rather than that MIT parked page. So it may not be the English name 😉

  38. I didn’t mean it was the English name. I meant the Japanese name is spelled Victini, not Bikutini.

    (Incidently, the grass starter’s name is officially spelled Tsutarja by the same logic)

    1. @Hejiru: Yeah, one never really knows. Although I was thinking that a proper romanization would probably be Viktini.

  39. If victini.com takes you to Melbourne IT DBS, it is the trademarked romaji, the correct Japanese name.

    1. @David: He’s talking about when there IS one available

      @D-Wheel&Hejiru: I guess I’ll have to start saying ‘Victini’ lol.

  40. @Axl Rose That comment just made my day! Night! Whatever! I think that would be ridiculous!

    The Liberty ticket gets you a boat ride to Liberty Island with a giant statue, you climb to the top, catch Victini and then as you exit the giant statue comes to life and you battle a Lvl 70 Statue of Liberty! The first ever copper type pokemon! (Take that steel types!) XD

  41. Another great find. The English name will no doubt be too far from this and possibly even the same. (Sheimi->Shaymin)

    There rarely every is such a thing as a “proper” romanisation as such for made up words, a lot of the time its guesswork, sense and such. And in the case of Pokemon its the choice of whoever has the final say in the big PokeCompany.

  42. i dont really like the name Bikutini because I can’t say it right (i don’t think I can at least). I can say victini so i hope victini is the American name for it.

  43. and i don’t think he should be a legendary either, but oh well…i mean he’s this generations shaymin right?
    so you guys think he’ll get another form or somethin’?

  44. @Ozy: No more formes this gen… please Nintendo, please! >>;

    But yeah, Sugi art made it look much more palatable.

  45. xDDDD i totally just noticed that when they’re revealing bikutini, michael jackson’s black and white is playing. xDDDDD

  46. @daid i’m hoping they’re aren’t, but i htink the only reason they made the forms was so poeple would have new pokemon to play with in platinum. :/

  47. ok well with the exception of r/s/e u hv been able to name your rival in every game. Is this like r/s/e or do u actually get to name one or both of your rivals? Ps the rival battle music is awesome!

  48. I know this is VERY random but i have this strange idea that Gochiruzeru is the evolved form of Jynx? I mean All of her poker buddies, except Mr.Mime have an evo now…. Im just stating my opinion….

  49. I kindda see what you mean, cheeseologist, but ralts already has male and female branches.

  50. i hav a very bad headach people,so i may not post a comment for the rest of the night,so everyone,goodnight(and read my comment of bikutini’s type and ability,remember it could be wrong

  51. I dont know what i said up there i ment to say

    they could use a dusk stone or something

  52. Yea maybe, since that stone is associated with the dark types… maybe could be the dark gardevoir

  53. Though it’s probably not for nuthin, but I totally love Mijumaru tons more when I found out he had fangs back when they introduced the Dream Smoke Dreamland thing. It sealed the deal that is Mijumaru = My starter. Even though I was going to pick him anyway. Maybe her if I’m lucky.

  54. It is 000 because it is shy and secretive. Clearly 😛

    AWWW the Mijumaru Pic made my heart melt. I LUUURV IT :3

  55. @ Giuseppe

    Mijumaru appreciates your love and support 😛

    I seriously want to make a fan club for that thing <3

  56. hey pokejungle,what about the goon’s scizor winner,and this is my final post tonight(i hav all the movie 13 events,the shiny dogs,pika,celebi,and scizor,so, dont offer it to me).

    1. @tsutaja: Ergh >>; Don’t remind me lol. I’m so lazy. I’ll do it after work tomorrow, I have a headache. And I’m tired. bleh.

  57. uhh…. well, i’m kinda late this time… but lol, victini has a 000 pokedex number?? what will the national pokedex say?? Missingno. replaced. I kinda like the Black or White BGM. I feel like it’s a matching song!!

  58. oh and is there any info at all about how viktini is #000??
    ’cause doesn’t that throw off any logic the pokedex had? xD

    1. maybe because it’s a “secret pokemon” or whatsoever… well, i’m sure there’s a story behind that..

      1. i hope so, surley they’ll explain it!
        maybe i should turn that “surely” to a “hopefuly” xDD

    1. the reply to your other post was an accident
      what if it is ??? type…

      1. That would awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts praying for it* XD

        1. xDDDDD
          isn’t there some gameshark or action replay cheat that gets you a pokemon with a ??? typing? xDDDDD

  59. @fazkool well hopefully, we’ll see
    and ya, i also think it’s the normal/ghost type. :/

  60. @david nahhh not an electric type.
    i could see it being the rumoured normal/ghost or possibly flying. ’cause of it’s wings.

  61. Here’s my speculations: Normal/Ghost, just Normal, Normal/Flying, or maybe a pure Flying anyone?

    1. fazzy, (sorry i just gave you a nickname xDD) i could see it being any of those except pure flying or pure normal.
      it just doesn’t look like a pure flying type,allthough i could be wrong since tropius for example doesn’t look like it’s part flying type.
      and a pure normal doesn’t seem very legendary-ish ya know?

      i could see it being normal/flying but normal/ghost would be awesome!
      excpe ti’m not seeing the ghost aspect of the pokemon. :/

      only time will tell… 😉

      1. lol I love that nickname xD. Well yeah the pure flying thing doesn’t make sense for a pokemon that doesn’t look like a bird (because “flying” makes us think about birds first)… And normal is just too… normal.. the point is, my strongest speculation is Normal/Ghost…

        Well, Arceus is Normal, but it’s not just normal… it has all 17 types (single type each)!!

      1. you mean first pure flying legendary…right? xD

        i think i’d be a bit dissapointed if it was pure flying to be honest.

        if it is, it better have a kick ass legendary move. 😀

  62. @pokejungle’s update of video, You’re welcome! anything to help my favorite fan site 😀

    1. Yeah it is for some reason, when I put the link up the video worked perfectly! I could see the entire anime preview clearly! I have no idea what happened 😛

    2. just for information, pokebeach has some very clear videos of this. Only if you want to see it without problem… once again, just for information… 🙂

  63. #000?

    “…And so it was that MissingNo. came to be reborn. And this time, it would not fail.

    This time, the Pokemon world would belong to it, in disturbing, morbid, glitchy glory.”


  64. i think that since it is called the “phantom” pokemon it would be ghost.
    but it doesn’t look so ghosty.
    so, this is probably where the normal/ghost rumor came from.

  65. it’s most likely part flying because of it’s wings-tail
    and it’s called the phantom pokemon (part ghost, anyone?)

    so, ghost/flying, maybe

  66. @maple i was thinking the same thing! because it’s the phantom pokemon whole thing, but like youj said it doesn’t look ghostly at all and the wings make it seen it would atleast be part flying.

    ghost/flying….that sounds good!
    and actually i’m suprised no one thought of that yet. ><

  67. @maple yeah I missed that!! so it can be another Drifloon/Drifblim type… but like you said, no ghostly part and it’s too “Normal” to have a type without Normal in it….

  68. don’t care what the typing is…
    how it fits into the story or what’s the legend behind it is what intrigues me..
    i like legends haha..
    and i love pokejungle…

  69. Also, isn’t curse still ??? type? because if it is that raises the chance of that happening 😀

    1. Well, but it’s the same as creating a new type. Curse is a status move, so it won’t need type matchups. If a pokemon has ??? type, how will the matchup change??

      1. so then what type of attack would be super effective/not very effective to a ??? type?

  70. Looks normal with or without flying as a second possible type. Won’t this be the first normal legendary?
    What’ll happen with the National dex? What number will it be then?

    1. i was thinking the same thing about the nationial dex as well, i’m just assuming it’ll be after arceus as #494 (arceus is #393…right?)

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