I’m going to bed. Hmph.

I’m tired and I have a headache.  And I’ll do Goon’s Scizor tomorrow.  Don’t stone me plz.

BUT.  The reason I’m updating is that I need a new banner for the layout I’m working on and I’m shit with graphics.  So… anyone want to have a go with it?  I’d like it to have a green/black scheme, but really anything with green works and either focus on Tsutaja OR Chikorita.  :3  It needs to be 940px wide by 198px tall.  Anyone up for it!?  I know someone originally offered me gfx services and linked to their dA but I forgot to get in touch with them D:  To them I offer a sincere apology.  I would love to see if my visitors could come up with something!  Plus what would be cooler than getting your banner featured on PJN (answer: a hell of a lot of things)?  If there are enough good ones I may put in a rotation script!

So if you do make a banner please upload it to a free image hosting site (Image Shack, Imgur, Photobucket, etc) and link it in the comments!  <3 <3 <3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Also post comments about ideas on a contest to win Satoshi’s Pikachu.  I have it downloaded now.  I will never be compiling lists of names again in order to decide a winner… MUCH too long.  So give me some food for thought if you’ve got it <3  Good time to through in site suggests as well as I’m working on the next version of the blog 😉