Holy hell, wish this was real. It’s not.

But what if?  What if?  Except for the fact I think most everyone would agree mawhile needs an EVOLUTION… not a PRE-EVOLUTION.

<3 pokejungle

ps- It just looked too adorable not to show you guys frankly.  Now go read the news post before this one.  I’ll even link it for you.

  1. this is very cute,hope its real,if not,i will be sad,plz be real(i am a teenage boy,even though im sounding a girl

  2. my bad about the repeats,every time i press ‘post comment’,it would say theres a error

  3. ok people,i need to know,if i only get one version(i may get both),what version should i get,black version or white version?i dont know what one i want the most(iv already desided my starter,tsutaja of course)

    1. Id get White Version cuz White Forest looks so much more epic than black city but I also like zekrom more than reshiram but besides rankurusu exclusive to white and gochiruzeru exclusive to black I don’t know any other differences than thr ones I listed besides white has that city and it looks more ancient looking and black has that city but it looks technologic in black

      1. ya it depends what you lie more, a more nature ancient feel, or a futuristic modern feel. 😀

  4. DAMMIT.
    this thing i sososososoooo cute!
    a mawhile pre-evo and an evo would’ve been awesome!!!

  5. @tsutaajafan dude, it’s up to you, i mean look at all the exclusives, i’m personall gettin’ both ’cause i can’t decide. ><
    i mean blac has black city and emogirl and white has white forest and greenblobbers an you know the legendaries.
    sorry, i wasn't much help was i? xD

  6. oh!
    you could combine the banner thingy and the pokachu contest~
    the best banner get

  7. oh!
    you could combine the banner thingy and the pokachu contest~
    the best banner gets the pikachu?

    or maybe an art contest?

  8. That thing is awesome! I don’t care what people think about the mawile liine! if this is real screw an evo!

  9. @ozymandis when they come out I know i’m getting Black version. THat’s what I decided when they first released the names, and so far I’ve liked it from there. my only setback is that rankurusu is exclusive to white version 🙁

  10. This is really cute, I think Mawile deserves a baby form and an evo….same for Sableye too

  11. @david ya i’m gettin’ black in japnese and white in english.
    i mena at first i was a total blackversion fan but with more and more stuff being revealed i keep leaning towardw hite sometimes.
    but so far, i still like black version. 😛

  12. i want black version for reshiram,and black city,,and the goth poke,but i want white vertion for zekrom,white forest,and the green blob.if only i had contach with someone who had white(i think i will get black if i only get one)

  13. P.S.,im talking about the japanise version(im not japanise,and i got soulsilver in japanise,so i know what to expect)thats why im not sure i can get both in japanise,when i got soulsilver,it costed 60.00 dollars,and right now i have 120.00 dollars.so(just to note,im a young teenager,and the reason i hav that money is because my birthday was a few months ago)and i want to be able to get all the new pokemon,if only someone could help 🙁

  14. my opinion on fake mawhile pre-evo,i like it,the thing on its(the chomper)looks like a chain chomp from mario games,but it makes it better

  15. @tsutaajafan i’ll be glad to trade with you if i get both!
    anyhting for a fellow tsutaja lover~ 😀

  16. @david i’m hoping some evos for the starters but i can see them revealing some entirley new pokemon (3 at most) idk really. :/
    what do you think?

  17. @ozy Well, i hope it does, but they might save that for the “master document” So I think it will either be more in depth with the story (gymleaders, towns, cities, etc) or just some random wild pokemon ;/

  18. @david actually…looking at past episodes…they usually get the info AFTER the corocoro leak. so i could see the starter evos being in the MD and then later (maybe a week after or so) they will show the evos on PS. but the towns, gymleader story etc. also sounds really good!
    they really haven’t touched on that at all (besides hiun city) so i hink it’s about time they do. :/
    i especially want to know about the story!
    and some gym leader sprites!!
    during the pokemon DP lauch they showed the first gym leader at about this time of the pre-release so who know, we might get somethin’ 😀

  19. @ozymandis, yeah!

    Also, I noticed the past two regions have also had their grass starters name start with “T”

    Treecko, Turtwig, and now Tsutaja!

  20. Hey Tsutaja Fan! You made the top 5 for comments! Great job! You’re a commenting prodigy 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  21. I would help too! Because we’re…………… The Tsutaja fan peoples, or something…! 😀

    No not really, but I would help! 😀

  22. thx david,and if i get black,i will trade some exclusive pokemon to people with pokemon white who could trade white exclusives(like the green blob,rankurusu)

  23. thank god there’re many fellow tsutaja fans…. BTW, I’m waiting for the master doc… it’ll come out in 10th-15th August right?? well, I’m still waiting..

  24. Hey pokejungle can u name one or both of ur rivals in this game or r their names set in stone like in r/s/e?

      1. Actually N isn’t the rival but the main villain. Like Cyrus, Archie, and Maxie, Archer, and Giovanni before him. As he has his own goal to accomplish in game. To separate Pokemon from humans and make everything Black & White.

  25. I would prefer a Mawile evo…but not in this generation.

    Im still traumatized by gen 4 -crys-

    On a side note, I wanna Design a banner :O

    Side note 2: I want to get black so badly now…but zekrom >_> its…just…so…cool

  26. Mawile definitely deserves a prevo and an evolution. This thing is adorable.

    And come on people. You’re all congratulating each other for getting into the “Top 5” for comments? Most of your comments aren’t exactly relative to PJ’s updates. =/ Not a big deal to me, it’s just usually I like reading all of the comments, but some of these updates have hundreds of posts that are half spam.

  27. Gyee, he looks like a baby Kappa! :3 I love Kappas!

    I miss the long lists of rumors we used to get left and right. 🙁 You would think that people would be taking advantage of all of the information and get some rumors out there…

    What is Victini’s type?
    Does Wargle have a pre/evolution?
    Any other starter-evolution rumors?
    Gym and Elite Four rumors?
    What types of Pokemon will “N” use?

    There have got to be some rumors somewhere! I miss them! D:

    1. My day has been awesome! I just got back from the best fair ever with my friends! my favorite ride was the zipper!

  28. Mawile could use an evolution, but I can’t see it happening this gen. Maybe the next one? Pre-evo is cute!

  29. @tsutaja my days been goo!
    allthough i just woke up, and not to sound rude but keep the comments about the topic. 😀

  30. Mawhile sorely needs an evolution, but I think there are a lot of other pokemon that need evolutions just as badly, if not more so. Taurus, anyone? How bout Miltank? Skarmory evo would be awesome. Sablye is begging for an evolution, or he’ll melt totally out of any sort of competitive play, which would be such a shame, I love his zero type weakness. There’re loads of others I could name, but I’d be here all night. Although *any* evo for *any* decent already existing pokemon would be welcome, I hope it won’t be completely useless, like Dusknoir – the attack boost was helpful, but he essentially serves the – exact – same – role – as – Dusclops – did – in – the – previous – generation. Truly. Though I do love him, you know it’s the truth. Evolutions, evolutions, evolutions, whatever will they do this time…

    Happyface out. 🙂

  31. my bad david,i had a bad day,and maybe if i heard about other peoples days,maybe i would feel better

  32. *cough hack path*

    Dont choose a banner yet…im still hard at work on it … *passes out*

  33. Hope you regain consciousness before a banner is chosen, lello!

    *dumps bucket of ice over lello’s head*

    Happyface out. 😀

  34. Yep, we’re probably going to have to wait for most evolutions next gen. Thanks for posting this, PokeJungle. The speculation always makes the wait better!

  35. So, anyone want to speculate on how many evolutions of older pokes we’ll get? I think around 5 or less.

  36. Oh, and hopefully 0 pre-evolutions. Mawile one is cute, but the last generations left a bad taste in my mouth.

  37. last gen gave too many cross-evos and pre-evos for me… maybe they should hold many cross-evo ideas because we’ve had enough for cross-evos…

  38. Evolutions are cool, because they can be used in battle. Pre-evolutions just seem to be fillers.

  39. Pre-evos sometimes add certain moves that can only be learnt by them. Sometimes. But yes, evolutions are way more welcome. I’d like to see an evo for torkoal, I always liked him.

    Happyface out 😀

  40. Good point. I wouldn’t mind so many pre-evos if they brought new attacks into play. I’d personally want a Girafarig evo. And Carnivine, too.

  41. Carnivine deserves an evolution, it would be AWESOME. Girafarig, hmm, good typing, and with a boost in stats and a wider movepool, it could be more than decent. There are sooo many others too.

    Happyface out 😀

  42. Torkoal evolution would be cool, too! What would it look like? A giant tortoise sounds cool, but probably too similiar to Torterra.
    There’s just too many pokemon that are cool, but could use evolutions. Oh well, at least the 5th gen is looking good so far with the new ones.

  43. I really like the typing of Koromori, it’s like a non-legendary Lugia! Looks like there are gonna be a lot more psychics this generation. Yesssss, more OU psychics hopefully, we severely lack in those.

  44. We’re actually getting an overflow of psychics! But it’s all good, because psychic types are awesome!

  45. Definitely. I feared they were having a fall-out because of tyranitar and such, but it looks like they’re back!

    Happyface out. 😀

  46. Well shimama looks really cool, I can’t wait to see it’s evolution(s). However, it looks like it will only have one evolution, it kinda reminds me of ponyta.

    Happyface out. 😀

  47. Yeah, it does. Kinda odd that it’s the only electric type (besides Zekrom and the tarantula(?)) to have made an appearance.

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