Ongoing Banner Project

So far Keanno’s banner is the top choice, both for me personally and by popular opinion it seems in the comments.  That being said, I feel bad even having to choose.  There were SO many great banners created by all of you (many, many more than I expected) and I wish I had a giant ‘PJN Fridge’ to hang them on.  After I put up the new layout I can begin creating some pages (this layout is too squished to add stuff like that) and I promise to have a “Fanart” page where ALL banners created in this contest and any other art people do for me will appear.  I’m amazed at how many talented people visit my site *_*

The banner creation period has not ended yet so I would still love to see any other banners you guys can cook up!  Just comment here on this article!  I tried to comment on every artist who submitted work so flag me down if you didn’t get a comment and make sure I saw your banner!

Slow news day though.  I dunno about you guys but I want to read some rumors.  Gotta wait for some to surface though…  Keep checking back, hopefully something will break tonight :3  Also I have time to finish Gun’s Scizor contest today.  My friend ended up coming over last night so I didn’t drive him home until like 1:30am.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’ve heard at least one request for a real time chat on the site.  Anyone else want this?  I could build something into the next layout.

Image not mine, and this has been around for a bit… but interesting nonetheless.  The previous pokedex rumor DID end at 150 and since Victini is #000 that would be 151 total pokemon in the dex… ? UPD: Img uploaded to PJN.