Ongoing Banner Project

So far Keanno’s banner is the top choice, both for me personally and by popular opinion it seems in the comments.  That being said, I feel bad even having to choose.  There were SO many great banners created by all of you (many, many more than I expected) and I wish I had a giant ‘PJN Fridge’ to hang them on.  After I put up the new layout I can begin creating some pages (this layout is too squished to add stuff like that) and I promise to have a “Fanart” page where ALL banners created in this contest and any other art people do for me will appear.  I’m amazed at how many talented people visit my site *_*

The banner creation period has not ended yet so I would still love to see any other banners you guys can cook up!  Just comment here on this article!  I tried to comment on every artist who submitted work so flag me down if you didn’t get a comment and make sure I saw your banner!

Slow news day though.  I dunno about you guys but I want to read some rumors.  Gotta wait for some to surface though…  Keep checking back, hopefully something will break tonight :3  Also I have time to finish Gun’s Scizor contest today.  My friend ended up coming over last night so I didn’t drive him home until like 1:30am.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’ve heard at least one request for a real time chat on the site.  Anyone else want this?  I could build something into the next layout.

Image not mine, and this has been around for a bit… but interesting nonetheless.  The previous pokedex rumor DID end at 150 and since Victini is #000 that would be 151 total pokemon in the dex… ? UPD: Img uploaded to PJN.

  1. that banner will be hard to beat <.<" *continues piecing together images*

    when is the deadline o.o?

    Anywho…when do you think the slow news time will end? 🙁 its been a dull past 2 days xD

    1. i don’t think anything major will come up until the corocoro leaks pop up. TT A TT
      it’s suppossed to be a earlier release which means an earlier leak, but still…

      but who knows, we might get somehting HUGE. :DD

      but form the looks of it i just predict some really awesome rumours of the MD that will make us all giddy inside. :DD

    2. Hopefully we’ll get some more rumors before Corocoro. But either way, we’re going to get info very soon!

  2. Did you know that the art of Tsutarja in the banner is made by Xous, a forum member on Pokebeach? I don’t think the banner should be used without the Xous’ permission, since that would be stealing. Did the user who made the banner know the art belonged to Xous? I hope they didn’t borrow it without permission…

    The original picture is here:

        1. Well, in defense of the awful fake, it looks like they’re using old sprites as the basis of the new ones, to cut down on the budget of animating all 500+ Pokemon, I think. But yeah, very fake.

    1. That picture looks like an Eevee that woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and then became badly experimented on by some scientist who got kicked out of college.

        1. Thanks! 🙂 I was curious if it would match up to another pokemon’s name (like some really, really bad fakes do).

  3. A really nice banner, I especially like the patches of color:)
    One question: Will both sides be our partner?
    Excuse me my English is getting used xD “

  4. someone should make a banner of two male smugleafs kissing to represent pokejungles homosexuality

    1. And how exactly do we represent two MALE Tsutarja when we don’t even know if they will have gender differences? =/

  5. 1. the ‘new pogeyman’ is fake ;P it uses alarias old cut off backsprite.

    2. i would love a chat area! other site’s chats are just too..unorganized ;P

    Fanart area = good idea 😀 id love to do doodles lol

  6. BTW, the picture is not loading for me. It is just me? Anyone else having that problem?

  7. I guess it’s safe to assume that there will probably be at least 120 new pokemon

  8. Today, while surfing the internet I stumbled across some rumours regarding black and white on a Japanese fan site.
    They went as follows:
    Tsutaja evolves at lvl 16. Its evolve is Grass/Flying type
    Pokabu evolves at lvl 18. Its evolve is Fire/Dark type
    Mijimaru evolves at lvl 14. Its evolve is Water/Fighting type
    There is 150 pokemon in the dex as previously stated
    There is 6 version exclusive areas in the game
    Ononokusu is Dragon/Rock type
    Moguryu is Ground type
    Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel type
    The first four gyms are Normal, Bug, Ground and Psychic
    There is a Dark gym
    N is Zoroark
    This may not be accurate but it is the best google translate can do

      1. Let me see if I can find it 😛 It was one of those random finds, couldn’t really understand the japanese address. They sound beleivable though. I would have emailed them to you but I couldn’t find your email address.

    1. N is Zoroark??
      I think it is not. Because Zoroark is an event Pokémon and it may even then do not just show up again in the game…

        1. N being Zoroark is not that far fetched.
          It would explain why he wants to seperate humans from Pokemon but calls Pokemon his friends… because he IS a Pokemon?
          Also, N turned sideways….is Z.

        2. It’s always possible. I just have a gut feeling that he’s not. But I could be wrong. 😀

    2. “N is a Zoroark”

      It all sounded cool until that one phrase ruined it 😛

      I think they would have given him red hair if they wanted to give off that whole Zoroark vibe…Me not buying it 😛

        1. That makes it waaay more believable.

          N seems like the type to use Dark types 😛

        2. I heard a rumour that the whole Zoroark is an event pokemon was used to hide the fact that it played a MAJOR part in the story. i.e being N

        3. Hmmmm…thats crazy talk right there :O

          thats like saying Cyrus is really an Arceus or Manaphy

        4. Sorry for spamming, but also:

          Tsutaja’s middle stage dosent appear to have any flying aspects to it.

        5. Tsutaja’s middle form has no flying elements and it is not a bird. Does not look flying to me.

      1. Pokejungle, you sure you typed it right. I don’t use it unless I”m signing up for something tho

    3. Hope the Gym types are true and the evolutions – I’d rather the Starters became original type match-ups though, but for Starters I mean – no more Fire // Fighting types plz!!!

      I doubt the whole N = Zoroark thing is true and hope it isn’t – for me, it’s too easy and too obvious a plot device. It would be such an easy way out for the whole Zoroark // transform story and, in all honesty, after the movie and such, a tad unoriginal, and wouldn’t work especially in the grand design of the Reshiram and Zekrom story – it wouldn’t really fit in that respect either, you know?

      Anyhums, no more banners from me. I’m all bannered out. Mine are all in the previous one, all neatly compiled into the one post except for one (which you missed PJ – not that it’s vital).

      Also, just while I’m here – I love the idea of a FanArt place – I have loads and am always eager to get them out there. Also, to save me going to the other news story – Ash’s ‘Chu – I do agree that you can’t do the whole names thing again, but I honestly cannot thing of another fair way of doing it that gives everyone the opportunity. Why not just lot all those names in for ‘Chu too and give other people the opportunity to enter – that way, you’ve already collated all the names and only have to add in any new players and just do it the same way basically.


      1. Gamefreak: And we bring you! *Pulls down curtain*

        BLAZIKEN, 3.0!

        Crowd: *claps madly for expie pokabu evolution*

        1. Lol! Everyone here is assuming that the starters will be dual types. I’d rather see fire than fire/fighting. 🙂

        1. *ring ring* Clair would Like to chat.

          Dark is heavily needed, as is ground. forget rock types ;P

  9. Eh, scroll wheels always have a way of being off, so I could see there being a few more Pokemon in there.

    1. I for one thing at least it will be 150.

      The rest of the rumors were true that went along with the 150 new mons. so most of them would have to be in the isshu dex

  10. The scroll thing on the side could overlap its self (going down by half its length each time). But we can assume that there will be a lot of new pokesmon (over 100 most likely).

  11. PokeJungle, post them on the site under the the sub-section, unconfirmed rumours just for fun.

  12. hey guys, just found some stuff on poke community, seems believable:

    There is 150 pokemon in the reigon pokedex.
    Tsutaja evolves at lvl 16 to become is Grass/Flying type
    Pokabu evolves at lvl 18 to become Fire/Dark type
    Mijimaru evolves at lvl 14 to become Water/Fighting type
    There is 150 pokemon in the reigon pokedex, 143 of these will be new.
    The game will feature 3 touch screen mini games plus 1 DSi camera game.
    The first 3 gym types will be normal, bug and ground.
    The game will be compatible with Pokepark Wii in some way.

    That’s all I could find for now, I’m going to keep looking. This STUFF is not confirmed, but it’s froma reliable regular poster on the forum, so its probably legit.

    1. lmfao, those were posted here in the comments and then someone posted them on PC and now you’ve posted them back in our comments but sourced them to PC.

      1. yeah i got some of those from the rumors thread on PC 🙂

        The others were from a thread in the black and white discussion and the guy said they’d been translated from 2chan, so unsure of their authenticity (Most likely made up!)

        The rest seem plausible though, I’ll look around a bit more.

  13. 7×29 is 203. minus 000Victini, this leaves 202 which is the same as Hoenn. Why would such a large region only have 151 Pokemon?

  14. That 151.2 rumor seems like someone was reading too far into that image. While I believe 151 new Pokemon is a plausible concept, I don’t think Nintendo would go through all that trouble to fabricate a hint into a paragraph.

    1. lol I don’t think they really gave away anything since we don’t know for sure any of these estimates are correct.

  15. I have played a demo of B/W at a secret location. I have decided to share this info with you
    – there is 7 old pokemon in the isshu dex, pichu, pikachu, riachu, luvdisc, tauros, miltank, delibird
    – hihidaruma evolves into a fire/ground gorilla
    – shinamama evolves, it stays electric type
    – Tsutaja evolves into a grass/dragon not
    – there is 16 towns/cities in the isshu region
    – Hihidaruma has a new move called flaming smash

    PJ’s note: This is not true

        1. Isn’t it suposed to be a demo, not full game.
          How do you know the full pokedex, or at least those old pokemon are in.

  16. Alright I admit that was a joke. I wanted to see if I could get my theories to appear as believable rumours. Today’s rumours look good though, I hope they are true.
    P.S I ‘m not from London

    1. Your IP is coming from there though 😉 I’m just hoping we get some new information soon.

  17. Oh! I see it now! They’re looking at the green squares on the Pokedex scroll bar. How did this person get 21.6, though? Is it because that last square is misaligned? Otherwise, that makes sense now.

  18. Dont Worry.I asked for his permission. He said it is okay.Just give credit somewhere on the site 😉

  19. first i thought it made sense, but then i played emerald version, and you cant tell by the same method how many are… i dont know.. it makes sense, but…

  20. Okay well, good problem solved. 🙂

    But I support real time chat 110%, maybe that way the latest news posts won’t be so cluttered with comments. xD

    Also, that way we can communicate with one another a lot faster.

  21. I have new rumors of an anonymous source:
    -There will be 150 new Pokemon in the Dex. Victini is the 151st. But is listed as 000. Because it only gets one entry in the national dex.
    -Mamanbō is the development of luvdisc.
    -Haōobō is the development of Mamepato
    -Taurus and Miltank receive the same pre-evo
    -Victini not is the only Maboroshi no Pokémon.

    I guarantee for nothing!

    PJ’s Note: No source

        1. Well until your source contacts ME we’re not really gonna be able to believe any of the rumors :p lol

    1. Well it could be possible that these rumor *could* be true..
      I mean he/she somehow luckily called that Chillarmy before the great Pokemon website God Serebii. That and their English isn’t the greatest so he/she could be possibly a Japanese fan leaking some possible info.

      This is all in theory of course. xD I’m not sure where his IP address maps out to, but I’m just giving my 2 cents.

  22. Why would N be zoroark?
    Zoroark transforms itself into someone that is real.
    So if N would be zoroark, there will also be the real N person.

  23. chatwould be really cool, just don’t kill the comment! :DD

    @D*N i think we put that stupid rumour to rest.. xDD

    @B1ackS0ul uhhhh milktank and tarous have the same evo? @@”
    that’s a bit strange. xDD

    1. They have the same Prevo. That means that a little calf pokemon can evolve into Tauros if its a boy or Miltank if its a girl.

  24. I have some crucial info regarding the Opposite Gender Character.

    -Who you don’t choose, Male/Female, is the League Champion of Isshu.
    -You met when you were younger but they had to move to Hoenn.
    -They become a strong Trainer and come back to win the Isshu League. You’ll have to beat them to become Champion.
    -They use 4 New Pokemon which are evolved forms of Hoenn Pokemon.

    That is all I got. Sorry.

    PJ’s Note: Lacking source.

      1. This is just an example that lots of other things on here are fake “/

        Anyway, it’s a nice concept though. No? I was thinking like you were friends with N or the Opposite Character (if Female) is in a relationship with N and you need their help to stop it. If Male, could be best friend. But, hey.

      1. Thank you! 🙂 I’m hoping it didn’t get lost & go unnoticed in the sea of comments, haha. There are so many talented artists here; I love seeing all kinds of interpretations of this kind of graphic work. C:

        1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I also like seeing all of the different designs. Everyone is so creative.

  25. The rumor is confirmed of Chiramii’s official english name is Chillarmy and Munna may keep it’s name.Check Serebii!

    1. Did Serebii post Chillarmy before or after B1ackS0ul’s comment? The time on Serebii is after his/her comment.

      1. B1ackS0uls’ comment was posted before serebii updated.
        but that doesn’t mean much, serebii is a bit slow and they said that it was updated on the japanese trademark website so he probably just saw it before serebii did. :/

        1. Okay. Chillarmy sounds nothing like Chiramii. XD But I guess it makes sense (r=l).

  26. sorry i’m 1t 199 comments and i can’t resist myself…WOOT!! first one to 200~ :DDD

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