Chiramii romanized to Chillarmy

I feel like even talking about this is a bit confusing as it is not the English name.  But as some of you have found out throughout the course of Pokemon names leaking… there are a LOT of different ways you can potentially romanize the names (which are in katakana).  So now it looks like Nintendo has registered “Chillarmy” as a trademark.  Munna will apparently stay the same. [SPP]  Now I’m just hoping we get to find out about the official “Mushaana” spelling.  “Musharna” pisses me off.

Yeah just thought I’d update about that~ not as good as getting an English name, but from now on just remember we’ll be using “Chillarmy” until we know what it’ll be called for the rest of the English-speaking world.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m tired.  That has nothing to do with the fact that if you post RUMORS in the comments they MUST be sourced with a URL or picture… or else I will edit your comment to say “Fake” on the bottom :3

pps- I had a dream ‘N’ was actually a Mew.  LOL.  Do you guys ever dream about Pokemon?

  1. Well, go rest my friend. Hopefully Oha Suta updates us with some tidbit of information.

  2. to be honest,i just wish black and white would come out already,and we find all the stuff as we play through,so we dont have to deal with all the waiting,P.S. the reason i didnt post any comments yesterday was because i went to the E.R(plz dont be too concered)this will probably be my only post today,and i may not post anything tomarrow,im in alot of pain,im lucky im posting this

  3. i’m hoping for “mushaana”. :DD
    whenever i read musharna i always wanna rant/shoot myself. D:<

    dudee a few nights ago i hadda dream about the black and white storyline where N was zoroark in the past and the leader of "team plasma" was actually the current N. it was actualy quite good. xDD
    but it played in my head like a movie. xDDD

    since i brought up N i hafta say he is my favorite pokemon trainer design EVER.
    i wanna play as him! DDX

    get a good rest~
    and thanks for posting so early :DD

  4. i hav no idea what i did,but yesterday morning,i felt like i was going to throw up,i did 7 times,one after another,then i got to the E.R,sat in the waiting room for about 10 mins,they drew blood,put an IV in my arm,got a CAT scam,and then got the IV taken out,and left around 5:00 EST time,wanted everyone to know yesterday,but fell asleep when i got home(sry if i grossed u out with the vommiting and blood and stuff,its just i thought i would let u all know)dont be worried,it will probably be over in a day or 2.u all stay well ok

    1. sorry to hear about it, but like paul said, good thing you’ll get better! 😀

      1. Oh man, Pokemon based on the Tall Tales would make this game for me. Holy crap that would rule.

        1. That WOULD be awesome, but more appropriate for a more Western Pokemon take of America, not Pokemon New York.

  5. I had a dream where we actually got some more revelaed info/pokeymanz.

    Gaahh, I can’t take it anymore. ._________________.

  6. I dreamed I was playing tag with Koromori and somebody else in a field of flowers ^.^

  7. I dReamed they were 3 evos of past pokemon but they was a link to them on pokejungle but before I could click on it I woke up

  8. I’m surprised I haven’t had any other dreams. I bet I’ll have a lot in the months before release.

  9. What’s wrong with “Musharna”? It sounds very Indian to me :3 Very Hindu, and I can see some Hindu inspiration in parts of Munna and Mushaa/rna’s designs.

    I can’t wait for the English names, though. 😀 I want to be able to pronounce some of these!


    1. Agreed, the -arna pronunciation is my choice for that very reason. Sounds more appropriate. Also, I read that the end of Chillarmy is representing “army”, but is there any reason to think it isn’t a play on “alarm”-y?

      1. “Chinchilla” and “alarm” fit together better in my mind. Have you ever startled one of those little puffballs? They can make quite a racket! I wonder if he’ll learn uproar…?

  10. I had a dream that the Pokemon White ROM was leaked last night, and I did like a triple backflip in my desk chair and went to put it on my R4 and then I woke up. 🙁

    I was hoping my dream would fabricate some new Pokemon for me too..

  11. today,when i toke a nap(its what most people do when they are not feeling well),i had a dream where i saw a orange eyeball pokemon with red spiky tentacules and it shot a beam of energy,and i saw a ice dragon with 2 mouths,and ice wings,and its tail had ice spikes on it,it makes me wonder(also,im feeling alot better,i ate some food,so im getting my appitite back,and im not so achey,so i should be better by tommarow or thursday)i hope im right about both things,also saw a clock pokemon with eyes,a top hat,hands,feet,and a cape,so weird,but so cool.

    1. i think there’s only one zoroark….right?

      but at the same time it wouldn’t make sense since zoroark is a event pokemon.

  12. Hey, what if N was Latios/Latias? Just throwing that out there. I really think N is human. How did people even start to home in on N? Just cause he’s mysterious?

  13. Oh, and PokeJungle, why don’t you make a Fake Pokemon section? Confirmed fakes could go there and give us more things to speculate about. 😀

    1. there actually haven’t been that much fake pokemon this time around, and he has posted most of the fake pokemonnthat have been made.
      besides the delibird evo and farfetched evo…but those wee just incredibly fake. ><

    2. I’ve actually seen a few more floating around. But they’re so obviously fake, that they aren’t spread around too far on the internet.

  14. Wishful thinking, but what if it was a half-ice Pokemon? Coming from the “Chill” part of the name, of course…

    1. That would be cool! It has been confirmed as normal, but with evolutions, you never know…

    2. The ‘chill’ part comes from ‘chinchilla’, though. Hopefully they’ll change it for America, because I can see that becoming quite confusing.

      1. I hope they change it, but I don’t know if they will. It sounds silly. Chill army. 😛

  15. Chillarmy – Chinchilla of death, seeking revenge for years of being turned into fur coats.
    I like it >:]

    On the side note of pokemon dreams, I dreamt I was playing the new games and there was a cool silver/black/white snake looking pokemon :O If only Gamefreak made such cool monsters

  16. Does anyone else think that Chillarmy might carry over as an English name? I think there’s a good chance.

    1. maybe, but the only problem i have with chillarmy is that is sounds like it’s part ice type because of the “chill”.
      even though it’s from chinchilla.
      i could see a very similar name, maybe if they take off one “l”. xD

  17. does anyone want a smergal evolution(possibly having two tails)because that sounds awesome

  18. Pardon me, but what’s so horrible abour Musharna? Doesn’t “aa” romanize as “ar” sometimes? I know the official spelling for Tsutaaja is actually Tsutarja.

    1. it somtimes can, but it really is a personal preference, i speak japanese pretty fluently and when i read the corocoro scans i always go by what it says and usually hate romanizing ’cause it sounds strange.
      thus,why i hate musharna. xD

    1. Yes. redirects to Melbourne IT DBS, which is the Pokemon Company’s trademark registrar. and do not. I don’t get why people won’t acknowledge the correct spelling of Tsutarja, but do it for Victini and Chillarmy.

      1. probably ’cause tsutaja was one of the first pokemon and didn’t get it’s trademark for a while, so people just go with what they’ve been calling it.
        (or at least i think)

        but i guess it goes back to personal preference, i hate the “ar” romanization like in musharna so if i’m talking about tsutaja i’ll type it as “tsutaja” just ’cause i like how it sounds. 😀

  19. Great point, Hejiru. People think Musharna is odd… Well, like you pointed out, Tsutarja is the actual romanization of ‘Tsutaaja.’ And I even think that Chiramii had the same thing done, what with the “ar” sound. (Though, to be fair, there wasn’t the double ‘a’ sound like Tsutarja and Musharna had.)

    Anyway, my interpretation to the name Chillarmy is Chill (originating from chinchilla, of course) + charm. The ‘y’ added to charm just makes it sound like an adjective, though charmy isn’t actually a word. Army really has no relation to it, I believe.

  20. and since we’re all talking about dreams…..I had a dream where Desukan the sarcophagus pokemon had the face of a duck.

    Obviously this waiting for it’s front to be revealed is taking it’s toll on me. :S

  21. Anyone else here gonna struggle with English names when they come out? I get so used to the Japanese ones.

    1. Yeah, I still find myself referring to Bellossom as Kireihana mentally first before correcting myself, or Gonbe, or Otachi. Lol. And now it starts again… 🙂

  22. Chillarmy was the only true proper possible romanisation. As soon as I heard “Chiraami’ I couldn’t see any other possible direction. I always assumed this was a given!

    Pokebeach, I’ve noticed in when you personally romanise names, in some Pokemon you cut out the long vowels, and in others you don’t. I’m just curious as to why?

    From a Japanese point of view, words are more often than not unrecognisable if you take out their long vowels. It’s like suggesting that 高校 and ここ are the same word!
    Things like Death-khan(Desukaan) for example, even if you don’t wanna risk being wrong with a romanisation, then I think at least its worth literally doing the katakana letter for letter (“Desukaan” as opposed to “Desukan”)

    1. I’m going to have to think about how to take being called pokebeach hahaha. You’re right though, I should be more consistent in my spelling conventions. I think I will begin writing out the long consonants in each word because I don’t know how to do the line over the vowels like it should be written lol (sans copying/pasting each letter from the Wikipedia page about it). I am however well aware of the long/short aspect of Japanese pronunciation 🙂 I did live in Osaka for a year (Oosaka haha).

      1. Haha, Sounds good. You sure deliver to your people Pokejungle! Much appreciated!

        Again apologies for the mistyping, major tiredness occurred!

        Wow, A year in Oosaka! Must have been fun!
        Few people would have made you try nattou, plus plenty of takoyaki! *drool*
        Kansaiben is a must for watching and understanding Owarai!

  23. Pokejungle*
    Woops I said Pokebeach! It’s 1:03 in the morning here in England and I just got back from my recently found part-time job (fancy Japanese restaurant! Score leftovers!) so please forgive me!

  24. I´ve dreamt about pokemon a lot of times, well It´s either that I´m playing or that I´m inside the game. When that happens I dont wanna wake up!

  25. I had a dream where there was a shoggoth pokemon. I was sad when I woke up 🙁
    inb4 ditto, ditto=/=shoggoth, ditto=baldanders or a doppelganger.

  26. i want something like more pokemon news,its been a dull almost 3 days,except for the charamii/chillarmy thing today(also,i think N is zoroark,after u beat him for the last time,he dissapper,and u can do 4th gen tradeing,then u get zoroark

  27. The only time I’ve ever had a Pokemon dream was about 8 years ago (before R/S). I dreamed that Pokemon somehow came to our world, so they let out school early. On the way home, Ho-Oh and Lugia tried to attack my bus, but wound up attacking each other.

    I started writing a fan fic about this, but I lost the original. ;_;

  28. I’ve had a lot of pokemon dreams in the past. I once had a dream that a Lugia was flying around my house. howelllawson reminded me of it.

  29. I dreamt about Deoxys crashing my house, and I suddenly had Lucario to fight it!! too bad after that it was blurry….

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