Small rumor for Midnight

Aight, I’m posting this more because I think it’s an interesting concept rather than its plausibility.  I don’t really believe this information to be true and it comes from 2ch just like most crazy half-assed rumors usually do 😉

  • Golduck will get an evolution named “Bossduck” (Bosudakku) if its traded with the item “Aqua Booster” (just like Magma Booster/Elec Booster).
  • Jynx will evolve in a similar manner, evolution named Rachiirudo if its traded holding the item “Chilled Booster”.

Please keep in mind that I do not expect this to be real information.  But IF more “Booster” items appear who do YOU want to see get an evolution?  I think in this case Golduck is kind of an arbitrary choice and doesn’t fit in with Magmar/Electabuzz/Jynx.

<3 pokejungle