Small rumor for Midnight

Aight, I’m posting this more because I think it’s an interesting concept rather than its plausibility.  I don’t really believe this information to be true and it comes from 2ch just like most crazy half-assed rumors usually do 😉

  • Golduck will get an evolution named “Bossduck” (Bosudakku) if its traded with the item “Aqua Booster” (just like Magma Booster/Elec Booster).
  • Jynx will evolve in a similar manner, evolution named Rachiirudo if its traded holding the item “Chilled Booster”.

Please keep in mind that I do not expect this to be real information.  But IF more “Booster” items appear who do YOU want to see get an evolution?  I think in this case Golduck is kind of an arbitrary choice and doesn’t fit in with Magmar/Electabuzz/Jynx.

<3 pokejungle

  1. a golduck evo..uhhh no thanks. ><

    i'm hoping for all of magmar's and electrabuzz's poker buddies to get an evo.
    i.e. mr.mime, jynx etc. :DD

    so a mimic booster and a chilled booster or something like that. 😀

  2. I think jinx deserved an evo last gen, to be on par with his so called brothers… however, golduck also deserves an evolution, why not? it always seemed like a cool pokemon to me, but it is missing that little something to be used in OU or Standard format… so if there a GDuck evo, im gladly accepting it…

  3. I always wanted something like a golduck evo,and a jinx evo(hope theres a sudowodo,wobbefet,smergal(real much,always liked smergal),and a torkal evo.those woukd be cool.

    1. Smeargle is a novelty Pokemon. There’s no way it needs an evolution. It can learn every move, simply because of its one special move. With a Speed stat that will suffice, Smeargle is OU material. I mean, I wouldn’t like an evolution. He’s cool enough and has a great design as is. 😛

        1. I love you, regardless! And it’s safe to say that it’s mostly my fault. I mean, I live three hours away from Chicago. In a town of… 1400 people. Haha. Suuuuper small.

          1. Sorry, was readying this and had to comment.

            I live in a town of not even 40. Now THAT is small.

      1. Wobbuffet is also classified under ‘novelty.’ and considering it’s ALREADY in Ubers, I doubt it’ll get an evo. Then again, a lot of people though Luvdisc couldn’t get an evo because it’s a novelty, too. (But in battle they’re completely different.)

        I would like Golduck to get an evolution. However, I wouldn’t put it in the ‘Booster’ category. Like others said, Jynx, Magmar, Electabuzz, and Mr. Mime are all kind of the same group. Of them, 2 have evolutions, and 2 have babies. I think they’re fine the way they are.

        1. Uh.. all four of those have babies. Magby, Smoochum, Elekid, and Mime Jr.
          So, all need evos!

          And GF doesn’t care what is and isn’t considered uber. other then legendaries, there is no reason they can’t evolve a pokemon!

          1. *facepalm* I can’t believe I forgot Magby and Elekid…. they’ve only been around for a decade or so….

            But GF does care about game balance. They have been careful since Gen II not to make something so ridiculously powered it broke the game. I mean, even Uber Legendaries have drawbacks, and are never on an NPC’s team (Pseudo-legendaries are, though).

            Giving Wobbuffet an evolution would be like giving Smeargle an evolution. It’s already good, all that holds it back is bad stats. You fix that, you get broken game.

  4. i hope we get near NO evos :O this is gen V, not gen I-IV continued.

    although, jynxie poo could use one :3

  5. it’d be cool for golduck i think..would it be water/psy?? and also totally random but golduck and pauly d from jersey shore look alot alike to me..haha

  6. Just a small note, ‘boss’ (like the team leader’s titles) is normally ‘bosu.’ WWWJDIC suggest bath, bus or bass instead. That would be a very… bizarre path for Golduck to take, lol.

      1. Oh, well that explains it. XD
        Bathduck just doesn’t have the same ring to it that Bossduck has.

  7. Definitely Marowak. Maybe with a bone booster? haha I’d seriously love to see a ground/ghost marowak evo though.

  8. Oh, and thanks for keeping an eye out for all these crazy rumors. Even if 90% of them are unbelievable, they’re always fun to read about.

    1. np :3 You guys have all said you wanna hear this stuff so I always keep my eyes peeled xD

  9. Jynx evo would be nice! But please, no more than five evolutions of older pokemon. And while we’re all dreaming, I’d like a steelix evolution. Very, very unlikely.

  10. I don’t mind seeing evolutions of past pokemon, just as long as it doesn’t eat into the amount of completely new pokemon.

    These types of pokemon shouldn’t be considered part of the isshu dex and shouldn’t effect how many pokemon are in the isshu dex either.

  11. It’d be nice if they did something similiar to last gen. Have 150 new pokemon in the dex, and then have about 5-10 evolutions with the National dex.

  12. Am I the only one who was not pissed when Gen IV gave us like 15 evolutions!?!?
    Golduck & Jynx evo YES! So hope this comes true!(but Bossduck sounds weird to me)

      1. As long as they’re post-regional dex and you can catch old pokemon AFTER the story. I want all new Pokemon this time :3

  13. Jynx needs an evo! She got ripped off last time. (Both Magmar and Electabuzz evolved.)

  14. Jynx should evolve into a muscular woman or suddenly becomes beautiful…. And golduck evo should become a big mafia kappa (hence the name “Boss”duck :D). And I want Mr. Mime to become Mime Sr. or Dr. Mime 😀

  15. I’m hoping for a Banette evo, purely because Dusclops got one, so why can’t Banette have one? ;-;
    And tbh, I think It’s likely.
    Dusclops shiny form is red, whilst Banette’s is blue.
    But when Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir, It’s shiny form is blue.
    So, things are kinda uneven there.

    So, I’m going to call a Banette evolution, with a red shiny form.

  16. I want the following:

    Mr. Mime -> trade while holding Psychic Booster -> Sr. Mime (from sr. (senior) and mime)
    Jynx -> trade while holding Frost Booster -> Coolam (from cool and kulam (Filipino word for hex/curse))
    Pinsir -> trade while holding Swarm Booster -> Tweesir

  17. I’m not okay with messing with the Kanto Pokemon anymore while a Jynx evolution would be nice (make it even with magmar etc.) a Golduck evo is pushing my patience there are Pokemon in other generations that need evo’s more (I’m looking at you Steelix)

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