BW Demo Bus starting soon!

Some locations and dates were given out… and the first stop is August 8th… so like a week and a half (if not a little more) before we are going to get some new info!  And hopefully it’ll be the same demo as we saw the Hatooboo pics from so we’ll know if it is Mamepato’s evolution or not.  The press release did specifically mention it was aimed at elementary students, so dunno if they have an age restriction going on or not…  And if there are elementary students reading this… I consider my site 16+ soooooo… you’re gonna have to scoot.

The subtitle under it is “Find the Legendary Pokemon!” so we’ll have to wait and see what that is supposed to mean!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Going to bed soon.  And after some people pointed out the Indian-ness of “Musharna” and the possible connection with hookah smoke.  Alice in Wonderland-esque.

  1. Ohh boy Ohh boy, guess who has two thumbs and is extremely excited?! THIS GUY.

    I’m sorry but it’s just been so long since we’ve gotten a major news scoop that I have high hopes for the BW Demo Bus. xD

  2. This site has an age limit? aww damn. lol Elementary only? Ok, Who here looks really young for their age? Maybe we can tape a camera to your head and fly you to Japan.

    1. lol if you guys want to raise money for something let’s work to get me a new laptop xD *shot*

      I don’t have an age limit for the site in seriousness, but I do write with the assumption that people visiting can handle a lil bit of language or mature topics :p

  3. Oooh, wouldn’t CoroCoro be leaking around then? (Was it supposed to come out early next month?) We should get a flood of info, then!

    1. I’m sure August will be the peak of leaks and information. LONG LIVE LEAKS!!!! 😀

  4. I hope one of the student will post what they saw in the bus and give information of new pokemon + images, although it won’t likely to happen…

    opinion about Musharna: I think it’s based on the mosquito repellent case which Japanese people usually use in summer…. well, at least close..

    1. Edit about Musharna origin, it’s based on an incense burner called “koro”, they are usually made in a form of a pig whose smoke comes from the nose. They are usually used in Summer.

        1. Thanks for the link, that was a good read! I’ve always been facinated by the origins of things, especially Pokémon! There are probably a few that I don’t yet know the full story on, but for the most part I try to learn as much as I can about every monster as I’m playing the games. Running into a wild Munna or Drowzee now will be that much more interesting than if I didn’t know… Just like Bronzor/Bronzong, Nincada/Ninjask/Shedinja, and countless more inspired by things in the real world and our culture.

          I’ve been kind of obsessive the last few years about researching stuff. Any time any word, place, event, animal, phrase or anything else comes up in my regular life that I’m not familiar with, I immediately whip out my phone and Wiki/Google the shit out of it. I’d say something about getting old, but I don’t think 23 counts, lol.

          It’s weird, but I think Pokémon & Star Trek impacted my life in the most positive way possible. They inspired me to learn more about our planet, all the different animals, the universe, and life in general. :).

          It’s crazy, I know… But true!

  5. dudeee that’s awesome that’s about the same time that the corocoro MD will leakkk :DDDD

    *counting down the days*
    week and a half leftt :DDDD

  6. Just because it is made FOR something doesn’t mean another thing can’t do it.

    Example: A game is FOR ages 5-10, but a kid is fourteen or so, he can still play the game!


  7. @ozymandis: Could be Victini, could be Reshiram/Zekrom, could be some legendary we don’t know about yet. It’s not specific. (Hatooboo the legendary pigeon????)

    I wonder if the ‘age limit/suggestion’ is to cut down on leaks, I heard some people were pretty miffed with how fast leaks got out of the HGSS demos.

      1. O.O No wai! I totally thought it was a split evolution of Magikarp! /sarcasm.

        I know it’s 99% Mamepato’s evolution. I was just being sarcastic/pointing out that ‘legendary’ doesn’t have to be legendary. I mean, they could have you meet the LEGENDARY golden Charmander for all we know.

    1. You’d think that if they didn’t want leaks, they’d not put them in the demo. But then again, that is a weird restriction.

  8. I assume that, by “it is for elementary students,” this means that we won’t be getting any info unless there are specific stops where everyone can go (unless the whole thing is for kids, which is what it sounds like).

    Regardless, we’ll get the Mastery Document in a matter of days, and I can assume that most of the Pokemon in the demos will be in there. Otherwise, everyone can wait for when the game comes out in Japan and all the Pokemon are leaked.

  9. Maybe some older sibling/parents can set up a younger person to tell the world about the demo. Hopefully.

      1. bahahahahaah kid ninjas! ><

        but if they do do that, i can see our images being pretty crappy. DX

        1. On the bright side, the Nintendo ninjas wouldn’t kill kids for leaking info, right?

  10. I swear, if I’m 9 or something and knew Japanese, I could have taken pics of the demo, laughed evilly, and gave pokejungle all the pictures and CELEBRATE! 😀

    Unfortunately, I’m only learning Japanese 🙁 WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PUT AN AGE LIMIT ON THE BUS, WHAI!?!? ME WANTZ NEW INFO NOW. NOW. NOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!1111

    1. Right? 🙁 I dunno if the age limit is going to be actually enforced, but I think it is to stop high schoolers and older from playing it. D/P demo was better because it was actually in stores. I got to play it :3

  11. I’m guessing that it will be a legendary like Heatran. One that has it’s own small, unimportant plot.

  12. yaminokame says:

    “It’s basically just saying that they’re targeting elementary school students, I don’t think that specifically means “if you’re not an elementary school student you can’t join.” It should just mean that the event was created primarily with elementary school children in mind (which could just mean something like, it’s so easy even an elementary school student can do it) ”

    So maybe we CAN get in after all…

      1. Yes, you are correct sir. I will actually update my post to reflect that because people are apparently getting the wrong message.

    1. Or maybe theys bein’ crafty >.> <.<

      No small child would know the value of taking pictures of a game demo. plus they're all wimps.

      1. Mm, it depends on how small you call small. a 6th grader could probably understand everyone else wanting to see the demo enough to wear a camera somewhere.

        Not to mention, this is Japan we’re talking about. I’ve met Japanese high schoolers who could pass for elementary schoolers. ^^ I doubt they’ll require ID at the bus. So we just need to find a really short, babyfaced japanese kid who can leak for us.

  13. Then how are we gonna get news if it’s enforced? It’s like Japan hates us xD

  14. Well, since I’ll have started my Pokemon hiatus by then, I won’t know any of what’s revealed till I play the game.

    (I’m importing Black, and since I want the game to be a surprise, from August 1st till I get the game in the mail, I won’t be going on any Pokemon site.)

  15. @lawson good luck finding the surprises!!!

    Can you imagine how the bus look inside?? are they playing the demo on a ds or just a dual screen??

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