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Pokémon TM Trainers get ready to unlock the secrets of the Enigma Stone as The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo of America Inc. introduce a limited distribution via the Nintendo ® Wi-Fi Connection service. Beginning this Saturday, July 31, through Friday, August 27, players of Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilverVersions who have wireless broadband Internet access can receive the Enigma Stone for a chance to catch the amazing, yet elusive, Legendary Pokémon Latias TM or Latios TM .

Similar to the other half of the Legendary pair that can be caught normally during gameplay, the Pokémon encountered with the Enigma Stone will be at Level 40. In exchange for the Enigma Stone, Pokémon fans will also get the Soul Dew, a held item that powers up the Special Attack and Special Defense of Latios and Latias. Only Pokémon players who have beaten the Elite Four, claimed the National Pokédex, and have two or fewer Wonder Cards can solve the riddle of the Enigma Stone to capture Latios for Pokémon HeartGold Version or Latias for Pokémon SoulSilver Version.

This special distribution event is only available for a limited time. For more information, players should visit

I’ll have to grab it for my HeartGold game :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone here still playing HGSS?   Personally it has gotten kind of stale for me… too much grinding to get up to the gym levels.  I’m on the 8th gym in Johto.

pps- I am going to work now for the next 4 hourssss.  And last night I had a dream that PJN had a Bulbapedia article.  ;_;  *sigh*

  1. Niiice, all these fellow HeartGold players.

    Yeah, the grind is tough, which is why it’s best to only ever train 6 Pokemon in GS. It sucks, ‘cuz there’s not a lot of room for experimentation. :/

    I’ve still completely beaten the game, however, barring the E4 rematch and catching all the Pokemon. The secret boss (in case anyone doesn’t want to have a 10+ year old game spoiled for them) never knew what hit him.

    Oh, which starter did you choose, Pokejungle? If you’ve got Totodile, Ice Fang will crush Claire.

    1. Chikorita of course! I have a horsea in my arsenal to take down the dragon types. 😉 If anyone has an extra dragon scale (?) to help it evolve I could use one xD

        1. I might take you up on that offer xD Otherwise I’ll look through my Ru/Em/LG/D/P/Pt games to see if I have one there. Too many games @@;

        1. Oh, and adding to the “I can give you a Dragon Scale” posts. Plus a baby Totodile, if you want.

      1. I guess you might not have seen it, but I can also offer you a Dragon Scale (and a Totodile if you want) if the other trade doesn’t work out. 🙂

    2. I chose Chikorita. I got a Slowpoke (who evolved to a Slowbro) to learn Avalanche, which PWND the dragons, too.

      1. This for my second playthrough, only with Slowking instead. Holy crap is Slowking a beast. Curse+Avalanche KILLED Lance by himself, even though he was underleveled.

  2. i hav soulsilver in japanise,and heartgold in english,and i obtained ALL 493 pokemon in heartgold,trade some of them,a good amount are shinys

  3. i think i hav a dragon scale,probably do,and i got a raichu i asked someone to make for me with special moves like zap cannon(one of my favorite attacks),sheer cold,lock-on,and minimize,and it has the speed boost ability,and its modust natured(for high sp.atk)also,i am not a hacker,i asked someone to get me the raichu with my OT and ID number(also,if ur all wondering,im feeling alot better)

    1. You might not be a hacker, but it’s still a hacked Pokemon. :\
      That does sound like a particularly brutal combination of moves/abilities, though. Lock-On + Sheer Cold? Ouch. Just ouch.

  4. I’m still playing =3 I’m a level grinding fanatic, though. I’ve replayed Soul Silver a few times, and now I’m about to play Heart Gold~ With just my favorite, cute normal types~

  5. I have completed 16 gyms in Soul Silver and just beat the E4 in Heart Gold. Pokemon never gets old for me. I can grind while doing many other things.

    I have many dragon scales from the Pokewalker. I am sure I can pass one along. I also have a few strong Ice types for that pesky dragon gym, if you need. Since I am an Ice Gym leader. 🙂

    1. Oh fun, so you run an all-ice team? Which Pokemon do you have on your team?

      I’m running an all-poison team on FireRed right now. I’ve never done a gimmick team before, so it’s pretty fun. 🙂

      1. It is part of a gym challenge. When I accept a challenge, I try to change up which Pokemon battle.

        So far, the team that has the most wins consists of:

        I also have Lapras, Weavile and Froslass that get subbed in too.

        1. Wow, I would have thought Weavile and Froslass would have gotten more kills. Nice team.

  6. O_o i feel kinda odd for completing SS in like… 24 hours (including red)

    anyways…. never too tired to take on that pesky battle frontier >:3 and ev training some pokemon around…
    randomly getting into shiny pokemon….. like a shiny hoppip. I hate it so much XD WHY A HOPPIP?! WHYYY T-T

    i shouldnt complain with my shiny electivire…..

  7. I tried to complete my pokedex for DP, but I never did finish. I’m still working on it, very slowly.

  8. PS, how can Bulbapedia not have an article on this website??? It’s a crime! Who needs Bulbapedia anyway? 😉

  9. What grinding?! I agree the wild level pokemon suck, but I haven’t grinded once. O_o
    Then again I’ve swept most of the game, 8 Johto Gyms, E4, 5 Kanto Gyms, with only one Pokemon (Feraligatr), and I haven’t had a single Pokemon. I crushed the E4 with Feraligatr too. It was sorta pathetic. I think the gym leaders are severely underleveled personally.

    But yeah..I stopped playing HGSS, because Platinum is far superior to the game. I’ll go back to eventually, but meh. I’m still playing Platinum. I decided to IV breed/EV train a team of Pokemon, and I actually had fun planning out the strategy (I love strategy-esque games) so I ended up re-doing all my Pokemon, so I’m still doing that at the moment.

    1. The gym levels are much higher leveled than the wild pokemon, so I have to keep battling wild pokemon in order to get up to the next gym leader’s level range :<

  10. Nothing to do in HG but breed Pokemon to death and train for the VGC next year 😀


  11. I have SoulSilver…quite frankly i barely liked it at all.

    Platinum and HG/SS didnt entertain me for some reason…Platinum due to the god awful storyline and HG/SS because of the small region (i actually enjoyed it for the first half…but kanto ruined it for me)

    heck i probably wont even download the [email protected] P:

    on the bright-side im pumped for b/w though xD

    Ps- Guy who said hoppip is bad, I am a proud hoppip master X3

  12. My Latios needs his partner!! I’ll download this ASAP. Now I’m trainin for a battle with Red. Probably will take a long time…..

  13. I have SoulSilver. Personally, I loved it; it made me fall in love with the Pokemon series all over again after, after I hated the fourth gen so much. The point in which it gets stale though is after you beat the gym leaders in Kanto. It’s too much work to train 20+ levels to challenge Red. 😛 Still a huge improvement from D/P, I thought.

  14. Finally getting a Latios! I had Sapphire, which only gets Latias, and in Emerald I accidentally chose Latias again -.-

  15. I’ve had it for only a few days now and I’ve already pwnt Johto, Kanto and I’m leveling my Pokemon for Red now…

    Either I have too much time on my hand (29 hours in four days is nerdy, isn’t it?), or other people get bored of Pokemon WAY TOO EASILY. Then again, I’m the type of person who only trains their Starter and just catches and uses high level Wildies and Legends.

    Personally, I enjoyed Platinum so much more – the Battleground and Underground have kept me coming back whenever I get though an HG session.

    1. Right now I’m training for the 8th gym (battled all trainers along the way) and my pokemon are lv 31-33. Clair’s are 38-41. Alright, no biggie… besides the fact the wild pokemon in the ice cave and surrounding routes are lvl 23. I have 5 more levels to go on each of my pokemon and I’m battling wild ones that are almost 10 levels below me for exp. Great @@;

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