New layouts are always fun, right?

Ooka of Poké (I want their layout) gladly volunteered his time to work on a new layout for the site and I just put it up today~  Was done in January or so, but because I was apprehensive to cut the graphics all up and put it into WordPress’s theme engine I waited.  Luckily I … Read more

Like the new layout?

Originally I was going to try and work around a banner that one of you did, but the artist who did those Pokemon wallpapers that I linked to you before previous approached me and we worked together to create a comprehensive minimalist-style WordPress look based on the new “2010” theme.  Tomorrow though I will try … Read more

I’m going to bed. Hmph.

I’m tired and I have a headache.  And I’ll do Goon’s Scizor tomorrow.  Don’t stone me plz. BUT.  The reason I’m updating is that I need a new banner for the layout I’m working on and I’m shit with graphics.  So… anyone want to have a go with it?  I’d like it to have a … Read more

Under Construction…

Anyone who is watching can see me working on this blog haha xD EDIT: It’s beginning to look a lot better.  Right now I really just need to make the header image link back to the index and I’m finished 😀  Now to add news to the site hehe~  Waiting for CoroCoro to leak. Comments … Read more