Like the new layout?

Originally I was going to try and work around a banner that one of you did, but the artist who did those Pokemon wallpapers that I linked to you before previous approached me and we worked together to create a comprehensive minimalist-style WordPress look based on the new “2010” theme.  Tomorrow though I will try to get up the “Fanart” page because I will NOT let your hard work go to waste <3  I want to proudly show off everyone’s work in a gallery on the site!!

Comments anyone?  I know it might turn some people off because of how “plain” or “simple” it might look, but this is how I like stuff x3

Big thanks to Top Hat of PLDH!!

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m going to bed.  Hopefully there’ll be news tomorrow.  Ugh.  I hate slow news weeks.  I also put up a ‘bio’ page about me.  Feel free to read that.

  1. Read your bio, “Real Life” what is that? I really like the new banner. Can’t wait until you implement more new changes to the site. Didn’t realize you were 20, I’m 23 and a “secret Pokemon lover”(shh don’t tell anybody 😛 ) It would be awesome to have a live stream chat and fan art page. I also like when you randomly ask questions, pertaining to Pokemon, like “If you were a Pokemon what ability would you have?”. It would be awesome if that would be a common thing. This site is great as is, so try not to lose the fundamentals of what makes it great, when trying to continuously improve. I really enjoy the rumors you post here, provided they have atleast come from some sort of valued source and not just randomly contrived. 50 days 9 hours 19 mins 47 secs until Pokemon Black and White lol

  2. Its Cute :3

    Although im not a fan of beige, i can survive [;

    fanart-fanfic-chat-page plz? O.O

  3. ahh i love it~
    so refreshing :DD

    exceptttt OMGGG my comment count! D:
    back down to 35… DDX
    here we go again… 😛

    1. Instead of expanding it to 10 people I made it reset on a weekly basis so that more people have a shot at being top commenter :p

      1. narghhh DX

        oh well, gives people many chances to shine 😀
        i actually like this more than the top 10 idea 😀

        you always come up with such good ideas paul! 😛

  4. also on your bio the shirt you’re wearing is the same shirt that kurt form glee was wearing in the first episode. ><

  5. Oh dear… I hate doing this…

    I have to be honest – personally, I hate the new banner and layout. Yeah, it has some good points:

    ~more room for text, ie your posts.
    ~plain, simple, modern even.
    ~very tidy, very sleek.

    But, for me, the bad points just are too much for me personally to ignore – my biggest “ugh” is because of what the old banner was in relation to the site and I don’t think this ones does the same job – this is meant to be a personal bloggy place in relation to news and stuff and that worked really well with the old banner because it had personality and heart. This new banner, in my opinion, does not have that same heart and I think it detracts from the type of site you are hoping to have, with respect to it being more of a personal blog space that covers news too.

    That and I can barely see the yellow on the green – but that’s just my eyes being faulty, but it puts me off as it makes it more of a personal strain for me to look at it.

    Regardless, it is your choice and so long as you’re happy cos, after all, it is your site ^.^

  6. I think I did prefer it a bit the way it was before…….it just seemed cozier and more welcoming. :/
    This layout is still alright though.

  7. If it makes anyone feel better I ran through the design with PJ every step of the way. I have about 6 or so images of different eye-positions, colors and types that I ran through with him, even. :V If the slightest change went down, he knew about it. Likewise I always made sure I squeezed any kind of criticisms he had and made sure it was exactly what he was looking for.

    1. It is reassuring in some sense to know that both were heavily involved in the design process and it wasn’t just left up to one or the other. As said though, my only real criticisms are the strong yellow in comparison to the greens – it hurts my eyes – and, to me, it lacks heart and personality – it is too dry and generic, which I feel goes against the nature of the site and Paul himself.

      I am sorry to say those things, but i can’t help how I feel.

      In saying that, it isn’t a bad piece of work, I just don’t think it suits the theme of the place as said above.

      1. Never a problem- my philosophy has always been that you can’t call yourself an artist if no one ever finds your work lacking. Criticism like yours just makes me think that even those who aren’t fond of it aren’t afraid to express opinions like this because they know it can be better/ has potential. So long as it’s legitimate criticism, I’ll always look at it that way. Can’t take offense to that.

        Since this was a pokejungle thing and not a project for PLDH, I kept a .ai and .psd of everything so I can always go back and revise it if PJ or his community decides they don’t like it down the road.

        1. Well that’s good and thanks for being so understanding – I’m doing an art degree myself and I know how hard it can be to both give and receive criticisms.

          Also, this isn’t so much a criticism of your work, more-so a criticism of how it fits with the site itself. Your work – taking the site out of the equation – is more-or-less flawless (except the yellow, imo) and I do love a lot of the wallpapers that you did. As a side-note to that, do you think you could repost the link to where I can see them again?

          1. Thanks for the links ^.^

            Are you in America by chance? I’m in Scotland, so we don’t have things like Majors and that here as far as I know:
            1st year is general intro.
            2nd year expands on all that.
            3rd specialist subjects.
            4th is optional, but it finalises all that was specialised in and a dissertation.
            I’ve seen the work of some of the 4th year students and the standard ain’t high so it looks like it’s gonna be pretty smooth sailing these four years.

            I’m sorry that you’re not enjoying yours as much – at least, it sounds like that – just be glad when it’s all over and you can just get out there and make munneh – the alternate evo for Munna XD

          2. Yeah, I’m American. Oh and trust me I’m enjoying it- pretty awesome to have classes where I’m told “Pretend your client is x, now make a y. No limitations.” It’s just not the “art because art” kinda deal like I thought it would be.

  8. Scary eyeless tsutaja is scary. 😛
    Although I like the design, could you add some eyes?

  9. I love the new look. <3
    Very simplistic. 😀

    I think a forum skin should be made to match this though. :3

    1. I totally agree and love this idea actually – I think this would work better on the forums actually.

      Maybe one featuring all three of the Isshu Starters?

  10. I love the very minimal feel of the new banner. I think it really is striking and different, and more attention grabbing than the more complicated banners that other sites have. Love it. I am all for more clean sites, that are easy to read and get a bunch of the garbage out of the way.

  11. Cool new theme, I like this simple style, always have.

    On to Black/White theories for a second, I think Mijumaru’s final evolution may end up being Water/Ice.
    1.It’s based on a sea otter which are found in Hokkaido. The word “rakko” (sea otter) is originally from the Ainu language, which again connects it to the cold and icy hokkaido.
    2.when I first saw the Pokemon I thought it was supposed to be a snowman anyway!

    Just a theory, but I wanted to give my 5 cents.

    1. Sound theory, but I have to admit I’d be unhappy if it were true – I’d rather it were part Fighting in its later stages as the rumours are saying, it would make it a lot more useful and likable for me cos I usually go for Blaziken and Infernape – I just find Fighting types more useful.

  12. Was just thinking about things to add to the site – maybe, like Facebook, the option to like other people’s comments?

  13. I just Noticed Tsutaaja was eyeless O.O
    *shivers in fear*

    Also just another odd suggestion from me — Pokeyman of the day? :3

  14. I have a rumour for everyone.
    The third Pokemon in the legendary dragon trio (the mascot for the third game) is Ice/Dragon.
    It stands on four legs and has a see through body. You are able to see its hearts and veins. It has 3 icy spikes on its head
    Enjoy 😛

      1. WOW Graphic much dude?

        Gamefreak would never do something that raunchy. Not even Kirby does that anymore.

          1. Indeed. Although (obviously) anyone above middle school could handle it, it would probably scare the dora the explorer lunch boxes off of little kids.

            A.K.A – Our beautiful elementary school target audience -.-

            BTW, is rating pending on B/w? Im kind of hoping for an edgy 10+ game

  15. Honestly, I’m not loving the new layout… but that’s because it kinda smacked me in the face… I was up late last night and thought “Hmm… I Wonder if there’s any more Pokémon news…” and I checked, and I was surprised. I like that it isn’t as squished, but the coloring is a bit different from what I was expecting. I’ll get used to it (I already am way more used to it than I was last night…)

  16. This has been the slowest week ever. There has only been on rumor and one new pokemon (that we kind of already know)

    1. I think we could all use a new pokemon/rumor by now…

      Just make it Realistic this time fakers [;

  17. No, I didn’t like this new layout. It’s nostalgic and awful. You should try a layout as good as serebii’s, pokebeach’s or poketerra’s.

  18. It is okay… I would prefer some jungle-y texture on the green to the left and right of the text. Just to add to the site…

    I WANT LIVE CHAT! DO IT!!!!!!1!!!!!!111!!!!!11!!ll1ll!!!ll!!!LL!!!ll!!!LL!!Ll!!!!!1111!!lll!!!

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