BW Pokemon Transfer! (UPD! New pokemon!)

New details have emerged from today’s Oha Suta airing… right now I can bring you information about transferring pokemon to Black and White.  It looks like this is how you get Pokemon from previous DS games (DPPtHGSS) into BW.  It’s called “PokeShifter” and a small minigame will ensue after in which somehow you will have to obtain your pokemon (notice there is a time limit too).  More deets and hopefully Oha Suta vid coming soon!

<3 pokejungle

Alright, here’s the breakdown of the rest of what Oha Suta revealed:


  • 0:01 Nice new cinematic!
  • 0:30 New character named Aloe
  • 0:40 TEAM PLASMA! (Finally confirmed!  They look medieval-ish oO; )
  • 0:55 C-Gear has at least 2 “themes”
  • 1:15 Shows Isshu map 14 Towns or other major landmarks (19 small green dots indicating other smaller areas)
  • 1:25 Shows player being asked if they want to use 2 “Power +” (they have 6 in inventory) to help out the player nearby because they are low on HP.
  • 1:40 High Link.  Talking about Hyperballs new location “Tower of Heaven“.  Giving them “Cheap Power” which allows them 30mins of cheaper prices(?)
  • 2:00 You show up at a delivery man (?) in their game
  • 2:15 New pokemon (swan) + Dress Up game
  • 2:40 New pokemon (deer) + Pokemon Musical (after you dress your pokemon)
  • 2:50 Feeling Check minigame
  • 3:10 IR Battle, Deer pokemon is Shikijika (shika means deer)
  • 3:20 New battle field that moves pokemon (hard to explain, watch video)
  • 3:41 IR Options shown: Battle, Trade, Feeling Check, Friend Code exchange
  • 4:20 Online mode lets you grow berries
  • 4:55 PokeShifter minigame looks entertaining to be honest…
  • 5:09 Changing seasons (!)
  • 5:15 Lots of new trainer types show, including a football player and female baker…
  • 5:22 New pokemon, Minezumi evo: Miruhoggu (wild double battle)
  • 5:26 New “Battle Subway”

Looks like that’s all folks

ps- Please remember to share this on Twitter/Facebook/forums etc so that people can read about the new video and get translated information 8D  I’m going to sleep.  Fighting against the sleeping pills I took so I can write this (I have prescription sleeping pills lol, didn’t think this much news was coming).  ‘night!