BW Pokemon Transfer! (UPD! New pokemon!)

New details have emerged from today’s Oha Suta airing… right now I can bring you information about transferring pokemon to Black and White.  It looks like this is how you get Pokemon from previous DS games (DPPtHGSS) into BW.  It’s called “PokeShifter” and a small minigame will ensue after in which somehow you will have to obtain your pokemon (notice there is a time limit too).  More deets and hopefully Oha Suta vid coming soon!

<3 pokejungle

Alright, here’s the breakdown of the rest of what Oha Suta revealed:


  • 0:01 Nice new cinematic!
  • 0:30 New character named Aloe
  • 0:40 TEAM PLASMA! (Finally confirmed!  They look medieval-ish oO; )
  • 0:55 C-Gear has at least 2 “themes”
  • 1:15 Shows Isshu map 14 Towns or other major landmarks (19 small green dots indicating other smaller areas)
  • 1:25 Shows player being asked if they want to use 2 “Power +” (they have 6 in inventory) to help out the player nearby because they are low on HP.
  • 1:40 High Link.  Talking about Hyperballs new location “Tower of Heaven“.  Giving them “Cheap Power” which allows them 30mins of cheaper prices(?)
  • 2:00 You show up at a delivery man (?) in their game
  • 2:15 New pokemon (swan) + Dress Up game
  • 2:40 New pokemon (deer) + Pokemon Musical (after you dress your pokemon)
  • 2:50 Feeling Check minigame
  • 3:10 IR Battle, Deer pokemon is Shikijika (shika means deer)
  • 3:20 New battle field that moves pokemon (hard to explain, watch video)
  • 3:41 IR Options shown: Battle, Trade, Feeling Check, Friend Code exchange
  • 4:20 Online mode lets you grow berries
  • 4:55 PokeShifter minigame looks entertaining to be honest…
  • 5:09 Changing seasons (!)
  • 5:15 Lots of new trainer types show, including a football player and female baker…
  • 5:22 New pokemon, Minezumi evo: Miruhoggu (wild double battle)
  • 5:26 New “Battle Subway”

Looks like that’s all folks

ps- Please remember to share this on Twitter/Facebook/forums etc so that people can read about the new video and get translated information 8D  I’m going to sleep.  Fighting against the sleeping pills I took so I can write this (I have prescription sleeping pills lol, didn’t think this much news was coming).  ‘night!

  1. That Looks kind of confusing :O Im a bit sad i cant just get my pokemon without the need of a bothersome mini game ];

    On the upside…I usually abandon all my old mons when a new gen comes out P:

  2. That looks awesome! 😀 I’m all for mini-games as long as it doesn’t get tedious trying to transfer the 300+ Pokemon I have ):
    49 days ’til B&W 😀

  3. if ur timed,and if u dont find all ur pokes,i wonder if u loss ur pokes or u hav to re-capture them,if u loss ur pokes,i will be severly pizzed off if i loss my satoshi(ash)pikachu,scizor,and my shiny event dogs,and my many other pokemon and shiny pokes,plz get full info soon,and maybe make a guide on how to do the mini-game,plz do so. 🙂

    1. I’m almost certain it will be like the Pal Park. There’s no way they’d be dumb enough to make you lose your Pokemon. (so say I, having lost a Pokemon due to a glitch on the GTS 🙁 )

  4. Well, hopefully Pokemon Sunday reveals some juicy information. 🙂

    Then next week is going to be a great week for info with the CoroCoro mega special coming out. 😀

    Also does anyone have any idea how early the ROMS for the games might leak?

    1. It depends on how fast the computer-literate get their hands on the games. Generally there’s an early, glitchy, bad graphics errors version out shortly before the game itself hits the stores. For HGSS, there was one available IIRC 2 days before, but it froze about every 2 minutes, so it was annoying as all get out. If you mean one that can actually play, it takes time to come up with anti-piracy patches to ‘fix’ what Nintendo purposely broke. No definite timeline, since the games are new (Not like Platinum, which was basically the same as D & P) and they have new problems to work around.

  5. I’m guessing we won’t be able to send our Pokemon back and forth, then, if it’s like the Pal Park. I hope I’m wrong, though. 🙁

  6. Is this what you can bring us right now because that’s all that’s been posted on 2chan??? Am I right??
    Just coz they don’t speak English doesn’t mean you don’t get to credit the site where you got it from.

    Also deets … lol

    1. Pretty sure he did that since 2chan is technically adult material. But hey, hell if I know.

    2. These pictures are not from 2ch lol, they were uploaded to an anonymous image host. I’d be a bad webmaster if I just got my information from 2ch 🙁 Silly~

  7. I was upset that you had to sit through a video while trading… but now you have to do a minigame.

    I wonder that if you don’t finish the game in time than you lose the pokemon you transfered…

    I LOVE CHEESE!!!!!

  8. I have another suggestion for Pokejungle:

    you should have a pokedex for all generations and a National pokedex.

  9. A minigames, huh? Hmm… I’m alright as long as the game is good. However, if you lose your Pokemon if you lose the Mini-Game I will be seriously pissed off.

  10. Guys, I really don’t think it’s going to be a minigame you can ‘lose’. It’ll probably be like the Pal Park (though mixed with the Poke radar from the Pokewalker)

      1. Those crazy Japanese! 😛

        So I guess I’m training my special Giratina for nuthin’ 🙁

    1. Well, I don’t think they’d show much of the post-national dex stuff yet, so I’m leaning toward being able to do it soon. Maybe after 2-3 badges?

    1. I agree, yet as much as i agree i have to say 8 out of 10 images look like the could be D/P. Hiun city and the special areas managed to wow me, but other aspects of the game i just think should have been held off until the 3ds.


  11. Sorry for the second post but maybe this feature will let you transfer as many Pokemon as you can within the time limit. I can’t wait for a video!

  12. Like mont said, this looks like the pokewalker poke radar, though in color, and with a time limit. Obviously it will have other features as well, and I doubt that you could ever “lose” your pokemon if you lose the game – if you can even lose. Regardless, I’m sure it’s a definite way to get the pokemon transfered, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    Happyface out. 😀

  13. After thinking, I guess this will be like a whack a mole thing…but instead itll be “tap the mon” maybe youll get a cool item or something for being speedy… O.o

    If not that, then who knows what the H-E-double hockey stick they want to do with a mini game >.>

    1. It looks like its being caught in a poke ball, so maybe you have to throw the ball at it when it pops out.

      Happyface out. 😀

  14. Oh stop whinging. Did anyone honestly think that GF were going to let you transfer your entire DPt/HGSS Pokemon collection in one shot with no cost using only one DS?? If you did you haven’t been paying attention.

    Not that I expect anyone to read this comment since it’ll prob be voted down and hidden like my last one. Censorship is the best form of argument after all!!

    1. I think people gave you flack because you criticized me for not sourcing an anonymous image :p I couldn’t give you details because the video wasn’t released yet xD

  15. There is a new Pokemon in the video on!!

    At the 2:09 mark, it shows artwork of Pokemon with accessories, similar to the fashion case and accessories of Gen IV. But one of the Pokemon is brand new!! It appears to be based on a swan! You should update your post to include this.

  16. Nice work on scoring all of this information before the major sites update. 😉 Pokejungle is definitely worth that bookmark. Keep up the effort. I love coming here and reading the rumours, and your blog-style is more accessible and stands out among the other sites.

  17. I wonder if the actual date on the DS will have a factor with the environment, because it translates from summer to fall in the last bit of the video

    1. I had that impression too. It definitely appeared to be a change in season, as opposed to a change in time. That’s something I have ALWAYS wanted to see feature in the Pokemon main series. So if seasons have been implemented, I will throw all of my monies at Gamefreak, and applaud them for making what look to be the best titles yet!

      1. I can hear the riot now: “I missed my chance to catch Shimama, now I’ve got to wait 9 months to catch it!”

        I hope the seasons bit is only environmental, like the Diamond Dust in D & P.

  18. I had the biggest :3 look on my face during that whole video. Everything about this game is either awesome or disgustingly cute. The animated cutscenes, the Pokemon musical (DAWWWW!), the new Pokemon (holy crap, an awesome swan and a fawn *squeals*), EVERYTHING!

    Oh, and anyone who STILL doubts this is NY. American football player! Broadway! Badguys in medieval armor! (wait…)

  19. Wait a minute, what? Pause the VERY FIRST SECOND. The dude with the crown has black and white arms, ahahaha, what the hell, Game Freak?

      1. Nonono, look at the arms of the dude holding the crown. One arm is black and one is white. Two different colored sleeves, too, but it’s all the same guy.

          1. Some sort of really, REALLY bad visual pun? It’s bizarre, I can’t wait to see this dude’s character art.

  20. That trailer was just…oh my god.
    This game isn’t gonna be the greatest Pokemon Game Ever. It’s gonna be the Greatest Thing Ever. Just wow.

  21. This has to be the BEST trailer for BW so far, everything looks so amazing! And reffering to Paul,s comment about the battle move at 3:20, it seems to be the attack Telekinesis

    I seriously was about to fall asleep, I even turned off my computer, but since I always check my iTouch before falling asleep, I definitely can’t sleep now!

      1. Oh, sorry ^^; It was hard telling what time it was in the video on my iTouch (:

  22. WOAH.That Trailer amazed me!!!COME HERE SPRING 2011!.That deer pokemon looked like Bambi!

  23. -Contains self from screaming-

    we finally have a cute deer :3

    1. I really, REALLY hope it isn’t a Stantler prevo. It’s to cute/cool for that. 🙁

  24. Sabonea_Masukippa says that the seasons do, in fact, change.

    It’s not a version difference!
    Oh man!

    1. Oh, thank god. I was worried it was just a version difference, it’s good to hear confirmation.

    1. It’s possible, but I hope not. I want a completely new line of deer. Have Stantler evolve into a reindeer or something.

    1. the swan looks kind of…ugly to be honest..

      I want it to become a typical swan…but prettier

  25. Im gonna point some speculations out x.x

    I think N becomes champion, then somehow gets resh/zek out of its “castle” with a crown. that would explain the weird castles dotted across isshu, since this game kind of has a medieval castle age theme now.

    1. Admins? Plotline characters? Thats a really nice find 🙂

      Good Grapeseeds, im so anxious to see the full game. i hope it keeps its animations

      1. It was a complete accident to be honest :/
        I wanted to see that guy’s white/black arms and stumbled on this. Could be more!

        1. Wow, you weren’t kidding that it was only for a split second. I kept watching the intro over and over again to see where it was, and I didn’t see it, but when I paused it and went frame-by-frame, I saw it. I wonder why they would have that flash by so quickly?

          1. Most likely an accident as well. Even the video editors don’t have superhuman eyes 😉

          2. Maybe that intro scene was a sped up in-game scene?

            Im going for Admins. they have that “feel” to them.

  26. Tsutaja learns Leer and Pokabu Roar – More new Grass e Fire moves – PP: 10

  27. If it’s American that proves it’s in the US because it’s the only country that plays the sport

  28. how do we know seasons really change? looks like a version difference to me. they flashed the other major version difference (black city and white forest) immediately after, in the same manner…

  29. Calling it now, Team Plasma is Chess Based.
    Those guys are pawns. Black/White Chess teams

  30. Oh noes! The video’s gone….. 🙁

    The swan DOES remind me a bit of Pelipper. It looks more like a stork to me to be honest, probs cause of that pointy beak. Meerkat looks, creepy, those eyes. I know this sounds dumb, but anyone else think the deer could possibly a pre-evo of Shimama

  31. pokemon better be able to wear costumes in battle
    top hat rayquaza
    Drag queen probopass
    jynx with a mustache

  32. i think gamefreak liked my idea i sugessted pokemon be able to dress up on several pokemon forums and in serebii chat

  33. I say Shikijika has gotta be a pre-evolution of Stantler. The big black nose and the yellow curl on its head gave it away for me.

  34. i’m sorry, but i’m speechless of how awesome this was.
    i want it even more now. DDDDX

  35. Also a new fire-type attack “Honou no chikai” (vow of fire) and a grass-type attack “Kusa no chikai” (vow of grass) both 10PP

  36. The little rotating platform is probably the Rotation battle, from that one leak we got a while ago.

  37. Where are you people getting this ‘time limit’ thing from on the PokeShifter? There’s no clock on the footage. There’s a point counter (which goes from 0 points to 200 odd points to 400 odd points) which suggests a Pal Park style scoring system, but there’s no sign of a countdown going on.

    As for the rest, Hallelujah on use finally getting a that bird pokemon, be it Stork, Crane or Swan, all are needed. And my dreams are now fulfilled of Minezumi becoming a Meerkat. Minezumi, your name is now ‘Simples’.
    To be honest, I’m somewhat disappointed that Team Plasma exists. I was hoping for the first Team-less pokemon game. But I suppose I’ll live with it. I can’t decide whether the outfits are cool or fail… The smoothness of the hoods make them look a tad odd, and the male grunt lacks a nose… Hopefully the admins will look better.

    P.S: Great job on the new layout PokeJungle! 8D

    1. If you look at the shifter screencap img in my post there’s a time bar :p and thanks <3

      1. Aha, OK, I see it now. Still, it seems like plenty of time, and it’ll likely be a ‘try again’ sort of deal if you don’t manage it. Most of the time, games like these don’t WANT you do lose, so will do as much as they can to help you.

  38. The intro in the video with Reshiram and Zekrom and that crown thing was epic. And Tsutarja knows Grass Oath and Pokabu knows Fire Oath? Hmmmmm….

    Miruhoggu: ROFL it looks like a Dr.Suess creation. But I don’t dislike it or anything.
    Shikijika: I’m thinking Stantler pre-evo. Who’s with me?
    The Swan: I noticed it’s holding a trumpet. Perhaps a reference to a Trumpeter Swan?

    Also someone on SPPf pointed out that the two Miruhoggu have different names?

    1. I don’t think they do. The screen or bit of footage was probably just cut off before it could finish ‘writing’ ‘Miruhoggu’, and ended up with ‘Miruho’. They’re clearly the same pokemon, and it would be truly odd to introduce name differences for different genders of the same species. Plus, we only have the annotation to judge by, since the stat-bars are never shown, so the annotation could well be incorrect, or be making some other point regarding the pokemon that doesn’t translate clearly.
      That does however show that the gender differences introduced in Gen4 are to be carried over into Gen5. The mysterious question for the moment is which is male and which is female?

      1. Also, at 5:21 on the video… Is that a clown on a unicycle on the bridgey thing overhead? 0_o

    2. Never mind, they are the same name, the video just cut before the second name showed up completey

  39. Allright!! More new pokemon!! Shikijika… stantler pre-evo?? They look a bit different… and looks like the lookout pokemon becomes a tower pokemon!!! LOL 😀

  40. On another note, does anyone have the original list of rumours which stated we’d get Triple Battles, N and Team Plasma? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and it would be good to keep a checklist. XP

  41. Og My God this deer pokemon is EXACTLY LIKE BAMBI, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT *——*

    Disney attacks pokemon haha ♥

  42. These Pokemon still look horrible. Maybe they’ll have enough of the old ones in the wild so I can get those and only the cool B/W ones. I love the upgraded visuals, and superior updates, but the Pokemon (which matter the most in the POKEMON game) just aren’t cutting it. We’ll see in March.


    I love most of the new Pokemon, but I’m kinda looking away from the meerkat/warthog for now. They’re hitting the mark with most of the Pokemon though.

  44. ehhh i reall don’t like the guy. ><

    iris is not that bad…but the guy..i don't know why, but i find him strange loooking. xDDD
    oh well, he'll grow on me.

    oh and i guess like in black and white where it's nature compared to modern it's a bit the same with the new characters. iris being like white version and he new boy (does he have a name yet?) being black version. 😀

  45. not trying to spam,but i want chicken SSSOOOO bad,havent eaten all day and iv been up before 7:00 am EST.also,im feeling alot better since monday,and i didnt feel like looking at the charecter pics,too lazy


    Finally, changing seasons!

    Also, this confirms (in my opinoin) that Isshu is in New York.

    My evidence?

    Pokemon Musical = Broadway
    And Grand Subway Station = Grand Central Station

  47. I agree that Isshu seems to be based on New York. I thought that the first time I saw the map.

    Interesting stuff in here. I hope pokemon musical is somewhat fun.

    I am curious what the Grass Oath does. I really want to know if my grass starter has good evolutions.

  48. Chiramii’s stats at LV50
    HP – 120
    Atk – 64
    Def – 40
    SpecAtk – 60
    SpecDef – 51
    Speed – 85

    1. IMO those stats look like it will get an evolution.

      Or maybe not 😡 But they look horrid.

  49. The swan makes me start to think it’s a crossgen evolution of wingull…. maybe with elusive feather item or something…

  50. Mybe, Showing up as a delivery man in someones elses game means your giving them a pokemon instead of having to trade! I’ve been waiting for that feature since red and blue 🙂

    1. Sadly in my new post I clarified that you’re actually HIDING something in their world, kind of a game where you have to get in/get out without being spotted. And you have 3 minutes.

  51. I’m liking the new features 🙂
    Especially the seasons and the musical (those two really look promising)
    As for the pokemon, most of them look like Disney rip-offs.

  52. Hey I Gianna make a list of reasons for why the new deer could and could not be a stantler pre evo

    same species as stanler
    pretty much same color a stantler
    yellow head thing like stantler’s yellow antlers
    same nut like brown noses
    same ears just pointed up and stantler’s are pointed down

    Could not
    completely different head shape and face which is a big deal
    different tail
    yellow head thing doesn’t really lookmuch like stantler’s antlers

    I hope it is a pre evo and that stanler also gets a new evo like roselia did and hope it’s a big king of the forest like deer

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