Oha Suta Vid: What I missed


*Note: Please watch the video from yesterday if you have not already.

I’m not going to bother re-translating stuff that has already been covered, so this is mostly from Serebii at the moment:

  • New attacks called “Grass Vow” (tsutaja), “Fire Vow” (pokabu), and “Soak” (Mamanbou)
  • The “Tower of Heaven” bit is a mission in which you need to hide a hyper ball in 180 but cannot be talked to by the trainer whose game you are in.

For being essentially asleep I didn’t miss much at least.  Now we may have Iris and the mystery boy’s picture from the upcoming season of Pokemon Anime ‘Best Wishes’: [thanks MA and Maganon] This is unconfirmed!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Alright, guess we have to share our thoughts on the new Pokemon.  I am not really liking… any of these three?  They’re not terrible though.

  1. well im liking the swan :/ dunno XD somehow i saw it and was like: OMG PELIPPER GETS AN EVO, then i was bricked to death by angry pelippers. end of story XP

  2. I like the deer pokemon and the swan one, but that meerkat…It looks like it’s wearing a sweatervest.

  3. They look way young, obviously the anime’s not following the video game very closely with the whole “older protagonist” bit. :/ I could easily accept those 2 being 10.

  4. Well, I like how they don’t follow the original story, so we can’t speculate the story easily…

  5. I bet the boy does contests and girls like Brock cause apparently dark skinned people can’t do anything in pokemon

    1. And what do you base that one? One character? Honestly, it’s far too early to tell.

  6. Also I think the grass starter will do contests cause in a trailer it looked very elegant and was spinning upside down while using razor leaf

    1. I’m pretty sure that move was most likely Grass Mixer. It had similar animation in the games. And I personally think they’ll keep tradition of Ash getting grass starter. The anime isn’t known to change up stuff.

          1. that’s just speculation. :/
            i’ve heard that he gets mijumaru but i’ve also heard that he gets tsutaaja.:/
            guess we won’t know until a poster comes out or until the first episode. DX

  7. I based it on his close and face expression he just doesn’t look like a fighter Its just my speculation besides we will probably on Sunday cause there will a bw trailer

  8. I like the swan, but the other two kind of have that ‘eh’ feeling with me.

    OMG, THE BOY HAZ A BOWTIE!!!!!1111 :O

  9. I accept any pokemon the designers make… because I know how designers’ think and I know it’s hard to make a pokemon that is loved by all….

  10. Maybe brock won’t join Ash this series except for cameos… because there hasn’t been any info that Brock will reprise his role….

  11. I want to like those characters for the anime… but… I don’t :c Please be fake… at least right now I don’t like them.. XD

  12. Eww, Iris looks even younger than 10. And already Ash looks/seems like 14 as he should be. People shouldn’t ship those two, it’s pedophilia D=
    Liking the dude though, he’s outfit = WIN!

  13. Maybe this bowtie guy will tie in with new Pokemon Musicals…..maybe he’ll have a special troupe of performer pokemon for competing/taking part in the musicals.

  14. “The “Tower of Heaven” bit is a mission in which you need to hide a hyper ball in 180 but cannot be talked to by the trainer whose game you are in.”

    So does this mean there will be random people popping into our games hiding items for us to find? 😮 Sounds exciting.

    1. I’m guessing yeah, if you’re wirelessly communicating with someone. XD They did say you could ‘help’ other people, so maybe that’s part of it?

  15. Pokemon:
    Dislike the swan. Maybe it’s because of the pose it is in but… Just not cutting it.
    I like the new evo! It is so cool! Like, Minezumi looks so high alert and stressed, while this evo looks nice and calm…
    Maybe the deer is a pre-evo? Anyone? Anyone? Huh? Huh? *Jabs you repeatedly with elbow*

    Pokemon Musicals: Ewe… Looks worse than the dance feature they added to contests in P/D/Pt. But, I do like how the accessories have a position and attach to their animations. Like Tsujara’s roll! That looks cool!
    Pokeshifter: I just hope it is quick and efficient.. Not like the pokepark. Some of those pokemon took a long time to catch…
    High-Link: Looks sweet! I know a couple of pokemon players around here… all a couple years younger than me… *sigh* But could still be fun!
    Team Plasma: OMG! WHO CALLED IT! Well, it definitely wasn’t me… I like the medieval theme though! Sweetness!
    Cinematic: Looking sweet! Reshiram and Zeckrom exploding with their respective types? EPIC! Also looks as though the crown has something to do with Team Plasma to me… but that is just me…

    Anime Characters:
    Iris looks cute… and young.
    The bow tie guy is super cute! I love guys in dressy clothes…
    Anyhow, I wonder if we will see ash at all? I know he is a staple, but I would like to see him gone… Stupid kid…
    But Team Rocket can return! And Wobbefet!

  16. By the way: (Forgot to add these!)

    1: Is the Smeargle Canvas the ‘fan art’ section of Pokejungle?
    2: Can I join said Smeargle Canvas?
    3: Your Bio bothers me because the caps are wrong…

    1. 1) Yes it’s an oekaki :3
      2) Yuuuup feel free to! It’s actually quite busy (moreso than our forums)
      3) Sorry :3 Sometimes I like to play with lowercase

    1. 0_0 Umm… want to take my gamesprite course? The concepts are good… but… the artwork… um… isn’t superb. I lol’d at the angry ketchup squirting weiner, though.

      ~Prof. W.

  17. Hmm. The girl doesn’t look nearly as old as Ash. She looks like… 8. I hope she has a Max-like role (future trainer) and Dawn and Brock stay. I don’t want Brock to leave! Also, in the singing link picture, isn’t it creepy that the girl on the right looks 14 and the others look… like… 7. Maybe a *new word* Lesbophile.

    ~Prof. W.

    1. Why would Dawn stay? O_O
      Brock is still up in the air, but he needs to go if he’s going to be treated like he was in the Sinnoh saga. If they make him a good character again, I would love for him to stay, but I doubt it.

      1. They have specifically stated before that they purposely rotate females to ‘give males more eye candy.’ Dawn’s 99% gone.

        I for one am happy about that. No Need To Worry had become the new Believe It.

  18. Pokejungle, If your looking for rumors, From what I got on 2ch with the link of the pictures, the boy’s name would be
    ‘lame’ when used in context. When taken out of context, it wants to translate to ‘Raim’

    1. that was the rumour that some guy started on serebii forums (that he actually admitted to) he sent it to PJN and it actually spread quite far.
      so at the moment no one is really believing thta his name is reimu.

      1. Really? Cause I went to 2ch, and my browser translates sites that are in different languages. I found the link, untranslated, and just translated the sentence above it and it said ‘Iris and Lame’ Then, when I shortened it, it translated to ‘Raim’ So… would that be a rumor? That would be the 2ch rumor… not started by anyone other than the same guy who leaked the photos.

  19. Personally i think the girl looks terrible. But the guy looks cool as hes wearing a bowtie.

    I really like the swan and that deer think looks like it could evolve into that cotton camel rumor pic from before

  20. I hope Brock returns too… and if he really leaves we need someone which does what Brock usually does which is important… giving advice, training partner and cook the meals…

    1. i think/hope he will. 😀

      i mean back when the DP anime was annouced brock wasn’tin any of the advertisments and posters it was only paul, dawn and ash and everybody thought paul was onna replace brock. but obviously that wasn’t the case.

      so this new guy might just be ash’s new rival but we won’t knoe until someting official comes out. DX

  21. I dont know if anyone has said this yet, but in the video it shows the first black character in the games

    1. Although I am still working on it…
      If you have any details you could share, or want on the page, PM them to me on serebiiforums, or wait… use the Email I have here. Either or.
      I am Zalck on Serebiiforums

    2. Did you write that? x3 Only thing that is incorrect is that I own Smeargle’s Canvas and created it :p

      1. Yea. I made that from what I remember about you saying and from your Bio!

  22. i hafta say, in a matter of like two days, dento has totally grown on me and i like him. xD

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