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This was a short 30sec clip on Oha Suta as well, for those of you who weren’t aware of its existence.  Nothing of real importance goes on, but I know that PokeFans love to see everything they possibly can :3  White Forest looks AWESOME.  Black City looks… like there are a lot of buildings you can’t interact with .-.

To tie this in with some other stuff, Pokabu DOES have more HP than Tsutaja… I wanna find out if those stat rumors were true :p (which also contained typing/names).  If you didn’t read that post it is here.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Although we won some recent recognition for the site as a BulbaNews citation… there are some other things afoot.  Please don’t mention my site on PokeBeach’s forums because they take out the URL (even just for an image) and people may be getting banned for it.  Kinda sad after I heartily stood behind WPM through the “Movie” fiasco, but it is what it is.  I was already banned there.  I strive for peace, so just don’t mention my site <3

  1. Yeah I was warned and my warning level went up by 40 %.:( One more and I think I’ll be banned there.I guess they don’t want Pokejungle to be famous like their site or something.

  2. Yeah I was warned and my warning level went up by 40%.One more and I think I’ll be banned from their forums.I guess they don’t want pokejungle to be famous like their site or something.

    1. Sorry for the double post and double names(Saying this would make it triple V(^_^) )

  3. Sorry to hear that PJ.

    It saddens me that PB has resorted to something so mean like that, as I remember seeing you defend him.

    Oh well though, keep up the good work with the interesting rumors/news! I believe your site keeps things more interesting as you post new information so often! I visit your site often because of that!

    – Filthy Paw

  4. I think it’s ridiculous, somebody posted a picture which was clearly not “advertising” it was just a weak excuse to take a dig at pokejungle. They really need to take every situation into consideration before they start punishing people for such laughable offences.

  5. Many pokemon websites are run by very uptight people though I find. Serebii will chop the heads off anyone who doesn’t speak complete fact and Pokebeach will probably end up locking over half the threads ever created at the rate they’re going. I like how pokejungle is so relaxed and it’s much better for it (even though serebii and pokebeach are still good for news too)

  6. Maybe if you didn’t SPAM your site throughout their forum, they wouldn’t have banned you or put your site’s URL as a filter (at least that what it looks like to me – I’m a member on their forums). I like your site, but I don’t like how you only tell only one side of the story in this situation. I also don’t like how you think you deserve so much attention when you have only been around for a month or so now – I lol’d when one of your posts originally was asking others to make a Bulbapedia page for your site (which you changed later). I respect sites like Pokebeach and Serebii because they’ve been around forever and have some professionalism to them, but a lot of the time you come across as extremely arrogant and act like you deserve everything.

    1. You honestly have NO idea what you’re talking about if you say this site has been around for a month. I can remember when I was 13 years old coming to Pokejungle. Here I am, almost 19 and I’m still visiting.

  7. @Pokejungle:The rumors can’t be true =/. I read somewhere that one of the starters would have at least one unique type combination and all of the rumor’s have been done before (Houndoom, Poliwrath, Torterra).

    1. Where did you read this? I’ve heard nothing of the sort. You cannot just debunk a rumor by saying you ‘read something somewhere’. Link us up!

  8. I used to go on Pokebeach on a regular basis, but now I ‘m going to Pokejungle more and more. For starts, everyone here is a lot nicer on the forums, and I feel like it’s an amazing community. Whenever I posted on Pokebeach, I felt like they wanted me to leave as soon as I got here. So in conclusion Pokejungle > Pokebeach, always and forever.

  9. Well just to let you know Pokejungle, I’ve been visiting this site alongside Serebii and Pokebeach since Diamond and Pearl were first teased. Even though this site has never had (or needed) the content you find on other sites, its has always been the opinion which I come for. I remember when the site was seemingly abondoned for a year or so, what was that about though? Because it made me feel as if I lost something important. All in the past now (and the spam! 🙂 ) though. Don’t stop with the site, I enjoy reading the rumours and your words. YAY!

    1. Aw thanks <3 And yeah, I closed it for awhile because of work/college/etc. But I can't resist writing about a new Gen of pokemon ;D

  10. A few things:

    1) PokeBeach doesn’t stand for external links to other sites; it’s a hidden/unwritten rule that no one ever tells anyone until they get banned because of it.
    2) It’s not BulbaNews, it’s Bulbanews. Just like it’s Bulbapedia, not BulbaPedia. Or Wikipedia, not WikiPedia.

    1. Apologies~ x3 And I was just reading your profile yesterday. Weeeeeeeird coincidence.

    1. Actually, they changed it. The first one you showed (against Cheren) was replaced. If you watch the video with the first minutes of the game, it is the second VS Sprite that appears when you battle Cheren and Bel.

      And… I’m glad they changed it, the second one is waaaay better…

  11. Awwww…that’s just messed up. Sometimes pokejungle actually gets news quite faster than Pokebeach and Serebii (an example of this is the Oha Suta vid yesterday) while they post it the next day or so. I guess WPM and Serebii don’t like competition…? Since in my opinion, pokejungle’s a great site! 😀

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