Lil’bit-o-rumors (UPD2)

Per usual, these are false until proven true.  Allegedly these come from a store employee who got to see the demo that will be rolling out soon in shops (like D/P did) and saw some promotional materials:  (this is highly doubted, even on 2ch… so don’t take it too seriously)

  • Mamepato evolves into Hatoopoo
  • New bug pokemon: Kurogumo which evolves into Denchura (the spider) rumor says it is bug poison.  This would be rather odd as “den” can relate to electricity
  • Pikachu shows up in the wild
  • Other Pokemon he saw: Sandshrew, Wobbuffet, Murkrow, and Stunky

If this turns out to be true I will certainly be disappointed.  I don’t want old pokemon to return.  Srsly >>;

Update1: Just for fun there is a second set of rumors posted (different person) with no source even given.  Today must be “let’s read rumors that most likely aren’t true!” Day.  Sorry :p

  • Shikijika (normal) is a multi-evolution pokemon: Kamuusu (normal/fire), Memashun (normal/grass), Kaributoo (normal/ice), Puzushuu (normal/psychic)
  • Chillarmy evolves into Rushamin (normal)
  • Burokku (Play-Doh leaked name) evolves into Bitamia (grass)
  • Igarosu evolves into the recently named Gigaiasu which is a rock/poison line
  • Marugon evolves into Horurugon which evolves into Shindoshin which is a rock line
  • Luvdisc evolves into Mamanbou (is there any way it couldn’t?)
  • UPD2: Just noticed they did another post —
  • Minezumi -> Miruhoggu -> Jiromiguma (normal line)
  • Hoshibotaro -> Dendooru (bug/electric line)
  • Kosando which is a Sandshrew PREVO (wtf)
  • Karottoru -> Panpusu (grass/ghost line) (I really want this typing)
  • Sagaiya (poison)
  • Koodoru -> Takoodon (electric line)

<3 pokejungle

  1. Personally I feel Mamepato -> Hatopoo and wild Pika and other old ones is really obviously going to happen anyway, maybe not these particular old ones but why not. Not sure what to think about the spider though.

  2. I find the Pikachu part of the rumor hard to believe. I thought the whole point of the dream world was to catch Pokemon not normally available in the wild? I wouldn’t complain about Murkrow and Stunky returning, though. They rule.

    The Shikijika rumor seems unbelievable as well, though I would not complain about a bunch of evolutions for the adorable fawn running around. <3

    1. Actually Serebii and I were talking about this… Shikijika is probably a pokemon with a seasonal gimmick so it could have evolutions based on seasons or something? Psychic doesn’t really fit there though

      1. Hmmmm, that would actually be really, really cool. As for the psychic type one, maybe it’s for spring? So the list would go summer > fall > winter > spring? Still wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

        1. The Psychic would be for Fall. Grass > Spring. Fire > Summer. Ice > Winter. Psychic is left to Fall. Dunno what else it could be.

          But I really, really like the idea of split evolutions for Shikijika. I imagine four different stags each to its own season. I’d fall in love with Shikijika if so.

          1. Well, I was just basing it on the order of the names. Of course, the order could have no significance whatsoever. ^^;

          2. I absolutely love this idea and hope it is true! 😀 (I want the psychic one, and fire one, and the…)

      2. I’d disagree with this, I don’t think Autumn is a season that can really be associated with a type (except grass maybe but it would be taken by Spring) at least not as much as Summer (Fire), Spring (Grass) or Winter (Ice)

        So whatever type Autumn does get is bound to seem like it doesn’t really fit as well as the others.

      3. Well since shiki=4 seasons and Jika/Shika= deer then it does sound crazily possible.
        Is that what you guys are basing this possibility on?

        It would be awesome if it did, I may actually come to like this pokemon if so.

    2. Pikachu has since its existence been in EVERY main stream pokemon game :I since its the mascot of the whole franchise i can be 100% certain its in Black and White as well c:

  3. I really think this is true, cuz hattooboo is almost sure the evolution of mamepato, also I think that in all pokemon games there is gonna be pikachu and pokemon from many regions. One rumor said there will be 157 new pokemon, and like in d/p/pt many pokemon were introduced until national dex. However I beleive and hope that old gen pokemon will be the cool ones ;D

  4. No! Make Pikachu Global Link-exclusive! I would’ve loved to finally have a Pokemon game without Pikachu, Zubat, or Geodude in it.

    I say this is false, anyway. There’s no way this guy could have got all of this information from a -demo-. It wouldn’t be like Nintendo to reveal so many Pokemon in their demo; they have never shown off that many new Pokemon in a demo before.

  5. My thoughts:

    Mamepato to Hatooboo I think can’t really be called a rumour, like Luvdisc to Mamanbo – it’s pretty obvious imo that those are true regardless.
    Denchura and it’s pre-evo… I’m thinking no cos, as you said, electric much? Maybe this got confused with the othe rpart about the Dendooro electibug?
    Happy with Pika, Sand, Wobbu, Murk and Stunk in it – I’m actually quite excited to see all the old ones in with the new ones, especially after seeing Pika animated the other day – I just died.
    Multi-evos for the wee deer – I hope so, but, as you said, seasonal gimmick makes most sense – hope it’s not limited to this one Pokémon and they make full use of it – fall Oddish anyone?
    Sandshrew pre-evo is ok with may – I love the Babies, they’re usually beyond adorable ^.^
    Rock/Poison typing and Grass/Ghost typing = O. M. G. I want these so bad!!!

  6. Denchura surely will end up having electric in it. Seriously, the way it looks plus its name, it’s got to.

    It’s possible that burokko is the pokemon that looked like Broccoli (In Japanese Burokkorii) from the leaked toys. Name-wise theres a major connection at least.

  7. The first one is false because the Oha Suta video haevily implied that older gen Pokemon can be found ONLY in the dream world. He was showing a Pikachu. So yeah, VERY unlikely.

    The second one I hope is real: Sandshrew pre-evo? Count me in!

  8. Interesting rumours…..I think the first set of rumours are fake….

    The second set is probably fake too but it would definitely be interesting if it were true. Sandshrew Pre-evo? :S They’ll be tiny!

  9. Just thought of something…
    Those Shikijika evo rumours could possibly tie in with the Seasons in the game.

    Normal/Fire – Summer
    Normal/Grass – Spring
    Normal/Ice – Winter
    Normal/Psychic – Autumn

    Autumn doesn’t have as obvious a typing attachment as the others….so Psychic could be possible.

    1. Autumn could be Flying? It’s usually windy in Autumn which helps the leaves fall off the trees. But seen as Flying isn’t mentioned in the rumours, my point si redundant 😛

  10. I like the multi evolution pokemon… maybe depending on season?

    Or maybe that’s the new Eevee evolution method!
    Sandshrew Prevo FTW!
    I want a wild Wobbeffet….
    Grass ghost? SWEET!

  11. To be fair to the Denchura preevo, Kurogumo doesn’t related to electricity. Could be another Surskit>Masqurain deal.

  12. If this: Sandshrew Prevo FTW! is true, then this: Other Pokemon he saw: Sandshrew, Wobbuffet, Murkrow, and Stunky is true. Why would Sandshrew be in the game either? Also, if those are true it is high likely that all of those get an evo, even if Murkrow already has one (or preevo) and Wobbuffet is OP

  13. Pikachu has since its existence been in EVERY main stream pokemon game :I since its the mascot of the whole franchise we can be 100% certain its in Black and White as well c:

  14. If Pikachu is in the games, I’m either going to shoot my DS, or shoot myself. Probably the latter. If I had the choice though, I’d shoot Pikachu.

  15. Did you find these on 2ch or 2chan? There is a huge difference between the two and I don’t like it when they confuse them.

  16. I highly doubt that the Denchura is a bug/poison type rumor is true, because not only Den means electric, but also its yellow-&-blue body color.

  17. sandlash evo?
    uhhh nooo please~
    as much as it would be cute i’d rather have a mawile pre evo 😀
    *still crossing fingers that gamefreak will steal that fake pokemon design.*

  18. Grass/Ghost…. some kind of dead plant?? I imagine a plant Pokemon hovering with its pot attached and a hollow face….

    And Shikijika will be a new Eevee…

  19. Well the first set of rumors has been proven fake, now that we know there won’t be any old Pokemon pre-Nat. Dex

  20. is there any way mamepato couldnt evolve into hatooboo? but yeah think denchura may be electric but i really hope past pokemon dont come back please please please

  21. oh yeah i really want a grass ghost too its an interesting typing but i think the shijika rumor is pretty cool but they have normal/grass and normal/fire i dont see anyway there couldnt be normal/water but maybe its true

  22. It would be cool to see the antlers change. For instance, if it became part grass type, it could have branch-like antlers w/ little leaves growing off of them. 🙂

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