Lil’bit-o-rumors (UPD2)

Per usual, these are false until proven true.  Allegedly these come from a store employee who got to see the demo that will be rolling out soon in shops (like D/P did) and saw some promotional materials:  (this is highly doubted, even on 2ch… so don’t take it too seriously)

  • Mamepato evolves into Hatoopoo
  • New bug pokemon: Kurogumo which evolves into Denchura (the spider) rumor says it is bug poison.  This would be rather odd as “den” can relate to electricity
  • Pikachu shows up in the wild
  • Other Pokemon he saw: Sandshrew, Wobbuffet, Murkrow, and Stunky

If this turns out to be true I will certainly be disappointed.  I don’t want old pokemon to return.  Srsly >>;

Update1: Just for fun there is a second set of rumors posted (different person) with no source even given.  Today must be “let’s read rumors that most likely aren’t true!” Day.  Sorry :p

  • Shikijika (normal) is a multi-evolution pokemon: Kamuusu (normal/fire), Memashun (normal/grass), Kaributoo (normal/ice), Puzushuu (normal/psychic)
  • Chillarmy evolves into Rushamin (normal)
  • Burokku (Play-Doh leaked name) evolves into Bitamia (grass)
  • Igarosu evolves into the recently named Gigaiasu which is a rock/poison line
  • Marugon evolves into Horurugon which evolves into Shindoshin which is a rock line
  • Luvdisc evolves into Mamanbou (is there any way it couldn’t?)
  • UPD2: Just noticed they did another post —
  • Minezumi -> Miruhoggu -> Jiromiguma (normal line)
  • Hoshibotaro -> Dendooru (bug/electric line)
  • Kosando which is a Sandshrew PREVO (wtf)
  • Karottoru -> Panpusu (grass/ghost line) (I really want this typing)
  • Sagaiya (poison)
  • Koodoru -> Takoodon (electric line)

<3 pokejungle