FAKE Pokemon (UPD)

Serebii apparently says these are fake (probably because its too early for CoroCoro leaks) but here’s the translated info anyways~

Aparuka (sheep)

  • Cotton Camel Pokemon
  • Type: Grass/Flying
  • Ability: Thick Fat / [second ability has to do with cotton, but the screenshot is showing this ability come into play]

Naoie (samurai thing)

  • Tyrant Pokemon [?]
  • Type: Dark/Steel
  • Ability: Shadow Tag

Gotta go to airport now though!

<3 pokejungle

  1. woooaawww!!yay,more new pokemon,but these scans look like their from corocoro,which came out earlier?i wonder if this is real,but a few weeks ago their were rumors about a cotton legendary as the 5th gen. trio

  2. Looks really legit, The Japanese is correct so even if it is fake it was made by a Japanese.

    New special abilities too! There’s alot gone into this if it IS a fake, making me think this is real.

    Still, its REALLY early for a CoroCoro leak.

    But yeah, overall i’m thinking its real.

  3. Aparuka’s 2nd ability is “cotton dust” and it lowers’s opponents critical hit ratio.

  4. I think this is awesome and real! I can’t wait to rub it in serebii’s face (That is if it is real!)

  5. I already posted these on my forums when they first came, and on GameFAQs and then I found the evidence that they were fake. They.Are.Not.Real. Not possible to rub things in my face. I fact check

  6. My bad not critical hit ratio, I meant accuracy!
    I haven’t played the English games since RSE! ;__; my roots are dissapearing!

    1. Guys lets be nice to Serebii AND my post does say they are fake after joe talked to me. I did check his fake pokemon page before updating though xD

  7. P.S. how is it too early for coro coro leaks? They can come whenever they want! 😀

  8. Naoie has a new attack which means “Misgoverning” or “tyrannical ruling”. It has the ability to lower all of the opponents stats.

    He must be based on a corrupt Shogun/samurai warlord.

    This weeks Corocoro is supposed to have an extra booklet right? Is it not possible that that part went astray and got photoed?

    Aside from the timing these seem so legit

  9. Hm… I want to say that they are real, but I can’t say that I thouroughly believe so. There isn’t a large amount of evidence in existence, but I think that there is solid change of legitimacy. BTW, Naoie looks more like Dark/Bug than Dark/Steel, judging by the abdomen and face. I like Aparuka, but it doesn’t look like it will be used competitively. But I don’t care, I use all UU and NU. Naoie looks like it may be the new Heracross, but I can’t tell for sure. If it’s real, though, it’s probably going on my team!

    P.S. They are nowhere on Serebii’s fakes page…

  10. I know is fake the ninja pokemon have shadow tag


    it’s the number 1 in overpowered abilities

  11. @Serebii
    Because they’re well-designed fakes. I like this site even if none of the rumors are true just because rumors are fun. Incidentally, thanks for sharing that info on the 2chan thread.

  12. And Serebii, everyone still needs a place to talk about current events, plus you have not shown any legitamite evidence that they are fake. If you show some evidence, then I’ll believe you. BTW, what part of your site has the Moveset Generator in which you make a list of moves, and then it shows which Pokemon can learn this set, I lost it.

  13. Aw, not really. He proved that they were fake before we got too hyped up about it.

  14. this is all bogus,saying their fake ir real,we must what for pokemon sunday and august corocoro,unless comfirmation comes,i dont care if their fake or real(hope their real),but instead of all this debuting,we should what for pokemon sunday and corocoro in august.today,their is to be a new phantom pokemon(thx serebii for that news)on pokemon sunday,who knows if they will reveal these badboys on pokemon sunday,so lets all wait.i hope i helped:)

  15. It’s a shame they’re fake. The cotton thing is pretty good. And that bug looks like the designer was going for an evolution of Kricketune.

    But still, I want to see some new ones that are real. Pokemon Sunday should fulfill that with the new pokemon they are showing tonight.

  16. @serebii Sime people just like fantasizing about what could be. That’s the whole point of rumors. It’s all in good fun here. If he wants to keep them up, he can. He called them fake, so we can leave them be.

    1. In my posts on gfaqs and here i was quite open about not knowing their aunthenticity.

  17. Yeah, I was convinced til I did some investigating. I was skeptical as the battle stats matched those seen in other screenshots though which is why I investigated and didnt post

  18. and the dark steel samurai bug one isn’t bad either.
    GAHHHHHH why must these be fake?! ; A ;

  19. Thanks for the link. Indeed these guys were mapping it out big time. Well done on coming across the thread. (I tend to avoid 2ch, those guys seriously give me a headache!) Instead I wait for sites such as this and your’s to compile the info for me~ *lazy*

    I like this different sites have different ways of doing things.

    Serebii-almost always fact

    Pokebeach-In the middle

    Pokejungle-Rumour central

    If they all had the same way of doing things, then there’d be no need to visit all three! Each have their own aspects.
    Something you all tend to have in common though is that you post scans and finds before translating though (naturally since you wanna get it up fast) Which means I get to put my amateur translators cap on!

    I can’t be bothered to sift through 2ch for info, but I sure as hec don’t mind translating consolidated info/the cream of the crop that you guys have so kindly picked out for us~ kukuku

  20. Well, I’m a Serebii fan and the evidence’s strong, so, I believe it’s fake. And indeed. Too late/early for CoroCoro scan… The next issue should reveal sooo many Pokemon, because it’s a “Master Document” …. Why did they only take two??? And if they were revealed in the last issue, it should be revealed before or when the issue’s out. So that’s my opinion… sorry if it’s offensive…

  21. Well on the image names they’re numbered 2 and 3. Where is image #1? (Out of pure curiosity.)

  22. The Master Document will most likely reveal 7-10 Pokemon, including pretty much all the ones we’ve seen already. That means Denchura, Desukan, Moguryuu, Doryuzuu, Ononokusu, and Mamanboo. Now they could surprise us and have a few more new ones, I’m expecting the pre-evo of Denchura, but I doubt we’ll get really “Massive” amounts.

    I heard people saying we’re going to get the entire Isshu Dex, which is complete and utter BS.

  23. oh ya, the pictures say image 2 and 3 wheres the fir- oh nevermind daigo allready asked. xD

    well i’d like to see it just for fun if ya have it. :3

  24. Oh and probably Gigaiasu as well. No matter what anyone says, that thing is not a fricking Nosepass evo – -“

  25. I realized it was fake before the evidence even came up, because the person used the same chiramii/munna and hp bars from the earlier pictures.



    The chiramii is from the wargle pic, which is why the camel is level 58 and chirammi is 55, just a replaced background and added ability thing (which was pretty smart), and the munna is from the kibago and munna battle, the person just put the sprite over kibago and replaced his name.

    Serebii I suggest you put these into your fake section just because of how close the people were.

  26. Hahaha!! found this interesting! If Aparuka is basen on a sheep, why its species is listed as Cotton CAMEL?? If it’s a camel, it should have a hump or something a camel has… correct me if i’m wrong.

  27. They look interesting. I think these are probably real but….

    there’s something about the cotton sheep’s face that makes me think it looks fake though :/

  28. It’s hard to know though……the Dark/Steel type looks more real than the cotton sheep.

    Does anyone else think the cotton sheep’s face looks really strange in the sprite? Like it was done badly?

  29. It’s a shame these are fake, they were pretty epic! Thx for clearing this up serebii!

  30. P.S. I think since the master doc is the last corocoro before the demo starts, that it will reveal the sugimori starter evolutions, anyway that’s what I hope! 🙂 (come on gamefreak! Make it so!)

  31. Serebii : “If they’re fake, which they are, then why keep the newspost up”

    I appreciate all the awesome info and confirmations and site features your site offers, and use it all the time. But as a Pokemon fan totally riding the hype train, I see absolutely no problem indulging in rumours or fakes – especially when the news post clearly labels them as such as soon as confirmation is available. It’s fun too imagine and does no more harm to anyone than looking up Fakemon on DeviantArt or Google images – those who take everything they read at face-value have other issues. I get that you’re the poster boy for the whole “Pokémon is serious business!!” ideal, but it’s not. It’s a game and it’s meant to be fun and lighthearted – if another website like PokeJungle wants to revel in the excitement and post some well-intentioned rumours, they should be able to without another webmaster preaching his gospel all over their comments and suggesting how to run their site. And I’m not just talking about here, but all over the Internet – it shouldn’t be so hard for a fan to read about Pokémon on the web without having to constantly read your Poké-police posts everywhere. The information and services you and your website provide are invaluable to hundreds of people – me included – but you don’t own the Internet or any part of the Pokémon franchise, so please just stop.

    PokeJungle, I know you’re not personally on bad terms with Serebii but I really love your website and hate to it being raped by his holier-than-though comments and attitude. Keep up the good work and keep doing what you do! 😀

  32. @Fazkool: I thought it was weird that it said Camel aswell. But looking at the name “Aparuka” it looks/sounds slightly similar to Alpaca, which is a relative of Camels and Llamas. And they are renowned for their fluffly wool, so that would make more sense. But I can’t translate Japanese, so anyone who tells me the name does not translate into that/has nothing to do with Alpaca I don’t care, I was going off it’s spelling and phonetics.

    It looks more like a Sheep/Goat with Rabbit ears than an Alpaca/Camel if that was the basis for it anyway.

  33. @david yes! i’m hoping for the starters evos to be in the “master document”! :DDDDDDDDDD
    hopefully it will happen~

  34. amd ya, the s[rites were quite cool huh?
    they’d probably look even better in motion!

  35. Oh my. That sheep is so cute! Too bad it’s most likely fake, they would make good pokemon.

  36. Awwww. the sheep looked pretty cool 🙁 its a shame these aren’t real.

    and eew @serebii if hes trying to ruin the only good news site

  37. These are [i]really[/i] well done fakes (and probably is because CoroCoro has never ever leaked this early),
    The art matches the style of Sugimori, the scans actually look like scans and not poor photoshops, the layout matches something CoroCoro would do, and there’s even battle screens with stuff happening.


  38. I’m not trying to ruin anything. I’m just trying to stop the spread of inaccurate news. Before I spoke to PokeJungle, this wasn’t marked as fake

  39. like others said.. i dont want them to be fake D: steel dark is a horrible beastly typing which owns >D

    bout serebii.. well he has his own business to mind(like the forum lag yesterday), he should stop bitching about others.

  40. I’m the first person to defend serebii and he’s still the best for Poke-news.

    But how dare he come on to another persons site and ask them to change they’re posts?
    That’s just rude and arrogant. =/

  41. Oh lord. That was not my intent. When I first posted, it was not listed as a fake. It was listed as possible. I provided evidence that it was fake. If that makes me a bad person, then fine. I’m sorry to have spoken the truth.

  42. I think Serebii is being very responsible. It’s nice to speculate. But it’s important to provide accurate information, including signalling clearly when information is inaccurate or speculative. For the most part Pokejungle is doing this. If only more the community didn’t take the rumours seriously prior to confirmation.

  43. Jeez Joe, how dare you come on here and tell people the truth!? I mean what the hell? I have half a mind to jump through this computer screen and feed you to the caniballistic Nosepass evolution obsessed Noobs.


  44. Also, Serebii how do you know that there will be a legendary revealed? all tv tokyo said was phantom pokemon. That could mean anything

  45. [align=center][color=#37AA7C]David’s[/color] [url=http://pokejungle.net/?id=other/pokepet][color=#37AA7C][u]PokePet[/u][/color][/url]
    [img]http://pokejungle.net/other/pokepet/trainers/red.png[/img] [img]http://pokejungle.net/other/pokepet/Celebi.gif[/img]
    [color=#37AA7C]Celeb the level 43 Celebi![/color][/align]

    David’s [url=http://pokejungle.net/?id=other/pokepet][u]PokePet[/u][/url]
    [img]http://pokejungle.net/other/pokepet/trainers/red.png[/img] [img]http://pokejungle.net/other/pokepet/Celebi.gif[/img]
    Celeb the level 43 Celebi!

    [color=#37AA7C][center]David’s [url=http://pokejungle.net/?id=other/pokepet][color=#37AA7C][u]PokePet[/u][/color][/url]
    [img]http://pokejungle.net/other/pokepet/trainers/red.png[/img] [img]http://pokejungle.net/other/pokepet/Celebi.gif[/img]
    Celeb the level 43 Celebi![/center][/color]

  46. You guys must be kidding right now? You guys are really mad at Serebii because he told the truth? You guys, Serebii only posts facts. He was telling you guys that these Pokemon aren’t real. And you’re mad…?

  47. Why must we fight over pokemon that dont even exist? We all know they are fake and Serebii just wanted to let people know they are fake. Serebii didn’t do anything wrong telling people that these where fake pokemon. In fact, I think serebii helped us from a dissapointment. When the game comes out ane we relize the pokemon here arent there we will be upset. I thank Serebii for telling us that these pokemon are fake and we should stop hating serebii for telling someone to change their post.

    I LOVE CHEESE!!!!!

  48. hi people! i just woke up from a 2 hour nap and was wondering about the debut about the possebly real-possebly fake pokemon today,and if their real or fake?i need to know

  49. @tsutaja fan have you even read a post on this page? They’re FAKE. Paul has it titled as fake in the headline, Serebii has confirmed them as fake, I don’t know how it could be clearer for you.

    Now even though those are fake, we are getting a brand new Legendary Pokemon this afternoon on Pokemon Sunday. We should have its identity in about 3 hours.


  50. well Soren,not trying to be a big meaner,but i can check only so much on my DSIXL,im lucky i can comment on this.but ur post kinda tells me there fake,so,thanks for the help(i guess) 🙁

  51. excuse the serebii comment — i took it that he was ranting at PJn for posting a rumor. now its cleared up

    Apologies ~ <3

    1. The first line of both my news post AND the GameFAQs post Serebii sourced was “I don’t know where this leak is from and I can’t verify its authenticity 100%, but here goes!“. There should have been no question I was being upfront about the issue. :3

  52. Alright, that’s it Everyone stop picking on eachother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know they’re fake, so now that everyone gets that we can stop posting it! K? seriously, I’m not trying to be mean or anything but you guys were seriously bullying tsutaja fan! He asked a simple question and was asleep for the 2 hours we were discussing it!


  53. for me,pokemon sunday comes on at 7:00 pm(i live in florida)so,in about 2 hours,i will see the new legendary phantom pokemon(thx again serebii.net for posting that last week)also,here in florida where i live,its raining.

  54. Hey guys, Since I didn’t see this at Serebii,here,and pokebeach, so I thought I’d enlight you with the news that I think a lot of us have been waiting for.


    In these 2 pics it states that you CAN bring pokemon from HGSS AND Platinum, but it doesn’t say anything about diamond an pearl,And it still doesn’t state how it will be done.

    Sorry if it’s a little off-topic from the disscusion right now, just wanted to Tell you guys.

  55. Def looks fake too me, the actual scans of CoroCoro are actually crowded and filled with stuff. There’s lots of blank space in this.

  56. The reason I feel these are fake is because of the similarities between battles we’ve already seen.

    Here’s the alpaca/llama/camel (the species says camel, but it looks nothing like it) image.


    Look at the battle.

    Compare it to this one: http://serebii.net/blackwhite/wooguruchira.png

    It’s not the same battle, but things can easily be photoshopped.

    Now the next Pokemon.

    Compare this:

    to this:

    There are a lot more similarities between these.

  57. @cheesologist Texas is cool!

    Pokefans from the deepest corners of the us come together form………….

    The Awesome Forum Thingy!!! 😀

    Or: TAFT for short 😀

  58. Posting my opinion is spamming? While you posting telling me that I am spamming is not spam? Interesting.

    No, I was completely open to doubting the actual “fake” capabilities of this because anything could probably be possible. Then I saw those similarities and decided to throw it out there.

  59. @waz Sorry about that, I was just tired that people kept saying it was fake when we decided it was fake after about 30 posts :/

  60. bahahahahahaha i love the conversation on here. xDDD
    it’s fake guys, so let it go~

  61. @megan i also thought of that post when i saw the picture, but those WERE RUMOURs so they can easily be fake.
    i know it sucks since the sheep thing isn’t that bad. :/

  62. @MNTD29 i think the samurai bug thing is ugly (but it would be a good pokemon i’m sure)
    but i think the sheep looks adorable!
    i mean look at it!
    how could someone say no to that? :3

  63. I love the sheep! Why does it have to be fake? The bug is just weird looking.

    And is it just me or are people going crazy for a sheep pokemon? I’d like one, too, though.

  64. And it seems like we’re aren’t getting that many fakes this time around. It seems like we got more last gen.

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