Friday Night Update

I am returning from Chicago tomorrow!  Aaaaaaand somehow I screwed up the sound on my netbook (ugh) because I was trying to set up the mic drivers which didn’t work (which requires mucking around with ALSA) and now nothing is working.  In the end I got an working on Android that could make phone calls with skype so I could talk to my bf 🙂  Yay.  So Ubuntu Netbook Remix is OUT and I will be installing Jolicloud when I get home.  I regularly switch through OS’s on this thing.  I do regret uninstalling Fedora though as that worked the best and I had my Japanese IME set up perfectly 🙁  </you didn’t need to know any of that>

Apologies if I miss any information tonight (I’m going to bed, early flight).  I’ll try to do what I can before I leave tomorrow if there is any updating to be done.

AND.  Tomorrow night I will finally announce the Scizor winner when Pokemon Sunday airs the NEW POKEMON!  So be suuuuuuuure to at least check the site tomorrow night ;D

<3 pokejungle

ps- If you were a pokemon, what ability and nature would you have?  (Have to work with existing ones!)

  1. My ability would be Levitate, because it kicks major ass.
    I would be a Ghost type, thy name would be Rotom.
    However I would have the way of a pencil/brush that Smeargle does.

  2. The new pokemon is classified as the”phantom pokemon”,it gets me wondering if we get a 5th gen. darkrai?(i am watching matt hoffman and tony hawk skate in chicken suits and johnny knoxville mess with snakes on “jackass”(can i say that?)on MTV2!!!

  3. ♪Mamma mia,Pappa pia♪Baby got the diarea♪(P.S. u can get high on bannana pells,dont worry,i dont do that,im a young teenager)also,texting is gay.and u can never walk away from a heater

  4. in las vagas,there is a place called “The Golden Boner”its so weird,dont ask how i know that 🙁

  5. i already hav the goon’s scizor,and ash’s pikachu,the movie celebi,and all 3 of the shiny movie beast,so i will be able to get zoroark and zorua and hav all of the zoroark movie events,so,pokejungle,plz dont offer me the goon’s scizor,offer it to someone who needs it

  6. Tsutaja Fan, take a chill pill for real. Or you’re going to get the ban hammer dropped on you.

  7. Okay, I’ll play along. I’d probably be Modest with the Quick Feet ability.

    Hope I get that Scizor. *crosses fingers*

  8. I would be ghost/dark with the Wonder Gaurd ability. My name would be: Zekrom and I would have a ‘badass’ nature. Too much? 😛 Also, I don’t appreciate ‘Tsutaja Fan’ s excessive spam and offensive slang. But I suppose this is the internet, where we can have a sense of animity and have little or no repercutions for our words, however ignorant. But I hope you had a great time in Chicago, Pokebeach. Have a safe flight home today.

  9. Either a Naughty Lopunny or a Sassy Furret ^.^

    Hope you had a good time in Chicago *mwah*

  10. P: impish nature ‘somewhat of a clown’ XD yeah that specifies it, my abillity would be unaware 8U
    if you really wanna know what kind of pokemon i am ill just pick dusknoir or banette (i know they dont have the abillity unaware but i dont care haaa)

  11. Pokejungle, I think we should have a vote to ban tsutaja fans spam once and for all!


  12. im VERY sorry for what i said last night,i was a little hyper,i know thats no excuse,but bare with me here.i feel very bad about it and in the future,plz feel free to remind me not to be a meanie,i got carried away with my comments and im deeply sry to everyone who read them,this is the first time i have ever left a comment for anything…..i get lonley because my mom leaves me at home for a few hours almost each day:(so plz,find it in your heart to forgive me,and feel free to remind me not to do it again(i do forget easily)

  13. its what happens to a person when thay have 1 parent and that parent goes to work almost every day..also,if anybody wants to know,the new pokemon is to be classified as the phantom pokemon,it was on about a week ago,and plz forgive me and remind me not to do it,or i will take myself out of commenting on this site forever as my punishment.

  14. Vote thing is over he can stay I think, I can get hyper a lot too…

    I’ll just leave it at that.

    Also, Serebii claims we’re going to get a new legendary tonight! 😀

    I forgive tsutaja fan, because he wrote this awesome paragraph of how he was sorry, and because he FLIPPING LIKES TSUTAJA! 😀 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  15. also,it was around 1:30 am or something when i posted all that,when i stay up too late i get hyper and irritating,so plz accept my appoligy(dont know if i spelled that right).:(

  16. Thx for the reply david,it means a lot,and i was a pokemon or if i had to have any non 5th gen. pokemon,it would be a pikachu with modust nature(because of high sp.atk)

  17. P.S. Tsutaja fan: apology. I don’t know I just am real keen on spelling for some reason :/

  18. My ability would be Intimidate because such a fierce person. My nature would be bold for the same reason.

  19. you werent a jerk david,i think you just mad with my spamming,also it occured to me,why do some people call tsutaja smugleaf?i dont get it

  20. wait,i would rather be a raichu with the modust nature,have the ‘likes to run’characteristic,and have the levetate or speed boost ability

  21. @tsutaja fan I will answer your question! 😀

    Story time with David! (Little child) Yay!!!!

    Smugleaf started when he was first revealed, a lot of people thought he looked really smug. So some “genious” realized that if he’s a grass type then leaf could go with and presto! Smugleaf was born! Anyway the name caught on and suddenly everyone was using it, The End

    Wasn’t that a nice story?! XD

  22. wonderful story david! xDDDDDDD
    children will tell that for generations~ xDDD

    ahahah i’m sorry that i called you names tsutajafan. xDD
    idkl if i did actually…oh well!
    i’ll forgive any tsutaja lovers. 😛

  23. @ozymandis I will forgive any tsutaja lover also! and Thank you! I spent a long 30 seconds writing it! XD

  24. OK I can forgive tsutaja fan. I suppose he was just trying to have fun and quote a funny movie. Also, i called you “Pokebeach” not pokejungle. Fail.

  25. P.S. David=want smugleaf evo be part psychic! 😀

    Or in the advanced english language past that of cavemen:
    I hope smugleaf will evolve into a grass/psychic type! 😀

  26. but alas, theyh showed bikutini, which isn’t BAD, just that i’ve seen it before. xD

  27. @david and dude yessss i sooo want tsutaaja to be a grass/psychic in the the final evo!!!
    it’d be sooo cool *-*

  28. Ah…
    I would be of the quiet nature, with a own tempo…NOT!

    I would probably Naughty nature, with OBLIVIOUS as the ability! 😛
    Yay for oblivious people!

  29. Run away with a gentle nature. Gentle seems to be the only thing that describes me most of the time.

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