Friday Night Update

I am returning from Chicago tomorrow!  Aaaaaaand somehow I screwed up the sound on my netbook (ugh) because I was trying to set up the mic drivers which didn’t work (which requires mucking around with ALSA) and now nothing is working.  In the end I got an working on Android that could make phone calls with skype so I could talk to my bf 🙂  Yay.  So Ubuntu Netbook Remix is OUT and I will be installing Jolicloud when I get home.  I regularly switch through OS’s on this thing.  I do regret uninstalling Fedora though as that worked the best and I had my Japanese IME set up perfectly 🙁  </you didn’t need to know any of that>

Apologies if I miss any information tonight (I’m going to bed, early flight).  I’ll try to do what I can before I leave tomorrow if there is any updating to be done.

AND.  Tomorrow night I will finally announce the Scizor winner when Pokemon Sunday airs the NEW POKEMON!  So be suuuuuuuure to at least check the site tomorrow night ;D

<3 pokejungle

ps- If you were a pokemon, what ability and nature would you have?  (Have to work with existing ones!)

  • My ability would be Levitate, because it kicks major ass.
    I would be a Ghost type, thy name would be Rotom.
    However I would have the way of a pencil/brush that Smeargle does.

  • The new pokemon is classified as the”phantom pokemon”,it gets me wondering if we get a 5th gen. darkrai?(i am watching matt hoffman and tony hawk skate in chicken suits and johnny knoxville mess with snakes on “jackass”(can i say that?)on MTV2!!!

  • ♪Mamma mia,Pappa pia♪Baby got the diarea♪(P.S. u can get high on bannana pells,dont worry,i dont do that,im a young teenager)also,texting is gay.and u can never walk away from a heater

  • in las vagas,there is a place called “The Golden Boner”its so weird,dont ask how i know that 🙁

  • i already hav the goon’s scizor,and ash’s pikachu,the movie celebi,and all 3 of the shiny movie beast,so i will be able to get zoroark and zorua and hav all of the zoroark movie events,so,pokejungle,plz dont offer me the goon’s scizor,offer it to someone who needs it

  • Tsutaja Fan, take a chill pill for real. Or you’re going to get the ban hammer dropped on you.

  • Okay, I’ll play along. I’d probably be Modest with the Quick Feet ability.

    Hope I get that Scizor. *crosses fingers*

  • I would be ghost/dark with the Wonder Gaurd ability. My name would be: Zekrom and I would have a ‘badass’ nature. Too much? 😛 Also, I don’t appreciate ‘Tsutaja Fan’ s excessive spam and offensive slang. But I suppose this is the internet, where we can have a sense of animity and have little or no repercutions for our words, however ignorant. But I hope you had a great time in Chicago, Pokebeach. Have a safe flight home today.

  • P: impish nature ‘somewhat of a clown’ XD yeah that specifies it, my abillity would be unaware 8U
    if you really wanna know what kind of pokemon i am ill just pick dusknoir or banette (i know they dont have the abillity unaware but i dont care haaa)

  • Pokejungle, I think we should have a vote to ban tsutaja fans spam once and for all!


  • im VERY sorry for what i said last night,i was a little hyper,i know thats no excuse,but bare with me here.i feel very bad about it and in the future,plz feel free to remind me not to be a meanie,i got carried away with my comments and im deeply sry to everyone who read them,this is the first time i have ever left a comment for anything…..i get lonley because my mom leaves me at home for a few hours almost each day:(so plz,find it in your heart to forgive me,and feel free to remind me not to do it again(i do forget easily)

  • its what happens to a person when thay have 1 parent and that parent goes to work almost every day..also,if anybody wants to know,the new pokemon is to be classified as the phantom pokemon,it was on about a week ago,and plz forgive me and remind me not to do it,or i will take myself out of commenting on this site forever as my punishment.

  • Vote thing is over he can stay I think, I can get hyper a lot too…

    I’ll just leave it at that.

    Also, Serebii claims we’re going to get a new legendary tonight! 😀

    I forgive tsutaja fan, because he wrote this awesome paragraph of how he was sorry, and because he FLIPPING LIKES TSUTAJA! 😀 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • also,it was around 1:30 am or something when i posted all that,when i stay up too late i get hyper and irritating,so plz accept my appoligy(dont know if i spelled that right).:(

  • Thx for the reply david,it means a lot,and i was a pokemon or if i had to have any non 5th gen. pokemon,it would be a pikachu with modust nature(because of high sp.atk)

  • P.S. Tsutaja fan: apology. I don’t know I just am real keen on spelling for some reason :/

  • My ability would be Intimidate because such a fierce person. My nature would be bold for the same reason.

  • you werent a jerk david,i think you just mad with my spamming,also it occured to me,why do some people call tsutaja smugleaf?i dont get it

  • wait,i would rather be a raichu with the modust nature,have the ‘likes to run’characteristic,and have the levetate or speed boost ability

  • @tsutaja fan I will answer your question! 😀

    Story time with David! (Little child) Yay!!!!

    Smugleaf started when he was first revealed, a lot of people thought he looked really smug. So some “genious” realized that if he’s a grass type then leaf could go with and presto! Smugleaf was born! Anyway the name caught on and suddenly everyone was using it, The End

    Wasn’t that a nice story?! XD

  • wonderful story david! xDDDDDDD
    children will tell that for generations~ xDDD

    ahahah i’m sorry that i called you names tsutajafan. xDD
    idkl if i did actually…oh well!
    i’ll forgive any tsutaja lovers. 😛

  • @ozymandis I will forgive any tsutaja lover also! and Thank you! I spent a long 30 seconds writing it! XD

  • OK I can forgive tsutaja fan. I suppose he was just trying to have fun and quote a funny movie. Also, i called you “Pokebeach” not pokejungle. Fail.

  • P.S. David=want smugleaf evo be part psychic! 😀

    Or in the advanced english language past that of cavemen:
    I hope smugleaf will evolve into a grass/psychic type! 😀

  • @david and dude yessss i sooo want tsutaaja to be a grass/psychic in the the final evo!!!
    it’d be sooo cool *-*

  • Ah…
    I would be of the quiet nature, with a own tempo…NOT!

    I would probably Naughty nature, with OBLIVIOUS as the ability! 😛
    Yay for oblivious people!

  • Run away with a gentle nature. Gentle seems to be the only thing that describes me most of the time.

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