I am returning from Chicago tomorrow!  Aaaaaaand somehow I screwed up the sound on my netbook (ugh) because I was trying to set up the mic drivers which didn’t work (which requires mucking around with ALSA) and now nothing is working.  In the end I got an working on Android that could make phone calls with skype so I could talk to my bf 🙂  Yay.  So Ubuntu Netbook Remix is OUT and I will be installing Jolicloud when I get home.  I regularly switch through OS’s on this thing.  I do regret uninstalling Fedora though as that worked the best and I had my Japanese IME set up perfectly 🙁  </you didn’t need to know any of that>

Apologies if I miss any information tonight (I’m going to bed, early flight).  I’ll try to do what I can before I leave tomorrow if there is any updating to be done.

AND.  Tomorrow night I will finally announce the Scizor winner when Pokemon Sunday airs the NEW POKEMON!  So be suuuuuuuure to at least check the site tomorrow night ;D

<3 pokejungle

ps- If you were a pokemon, what ability and nature would you have?  (Have to work with existing ones!)

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Paul studied journalism just to write better articles about Pokémon. He still resides in Tokyo, Japan.