Pre-sleep Post

httpv:// This was a short 30sec clip on Oha Suta as well, for those of you who weren’t aware of its existence.  Nothing of real importance goes on, but I know that PokeFans love to see everything they possibly can :3  White Forest looks AWESOME.  Black City looks… like there are a lot of buildings … Read more

Oha Suta Vid: What I missed

httpv:// *Note: Please watch the video from yesterday if you have not already. I’m not going to bother re-translating stuff that has already been covered, so this is mostly from Serebii at the moment: New attacks called “Grass Vow” (tsutaja), “Fire Vow” (pokabu), and “Soak” (Mamanbou) The “Tower of Heaven” bit is a mission in which you … Read more

BW Pokemon Transfer! (UPD! New pokemon!)

New details have emerged from today’s Oha Suta airing… right now I can bring you information about transferring pokemon to Black and White.  It looks like this is how you get Pokemon from previous DS games (DPPtHGSS) into BW.  It’s called “PokeShifter” and a small minigame will ensue after in which somehow you will have … Read more

Small rumor for Midnight

Aight, I’m posting this more because I think it’s an interesting concept rather than its plausibility.  I don’t really believe this information to be true and it comes from 2ch just like most crazy half-assed rumors usually do 😉 Golduck will get an evolution named “Bossduck” (Bosudakku) if its traded with the item “Aqua Booster” … Read more

Holy hell, wish this was real. It’s not.

But what if?  What if?  Except for the fact I think most everyone would agree mawhile needs an EVOLUTION… not a PRE-EVOLUTION. <3 pokejungle ps- It just looked too adorable not to show you guys frankly.  Now go read the news post before this one.  I’ll even link it for you.

Pokemon Sunday: Bikutini Revealed (UPD2)

UPD: Added images :3 Cut out a nice Bikutini pic and added a transparent background in case anyone wants to use it for gfx~ <3 UPD2: Added a compiled image by mirai_iro of the triple battle screenshots + a cute picture of mijumaru.  Just because I felt like it.  That’s how I roll foo. Some … Read more