2ch Rumors. Again.

Aight, more 2ch rumors.  I was reading through their Pokemon board and found these, but consequently blue skY has also posted them, so perhaps that makes them more believable?   I dunno.  The other rumors ‘skY has posted haven’t turned out legit yet, lets not get our knickers in a bunch (to be honest I just wanted to say “knickers”). Not legit until proven. Apparently these might be new pokemon shown off soon:

  • Yogame – Bipedal turtle, war-like
  • Kanbaneri – Angel Pokemon (note that this is not mentioned, but I’m still hoping for a LIGHT TYPE!)
  • Soraion – Could have an appearance like this
  • Daneira – (still a mystery)
  • Ushikatsu – Fat cow
  • Supaddosu – Evil looking insect

Also, one more thing that blue skY covered was apparently a ‘Play-Doh’ packaging leak that showed an upcoming product with the pokemon.  These were the names that were allegedly revealed: Onokussu and Burokku.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Had to post this before my interview since I love you guys so much :9  The first set of pokemon names seems a lil suspect to me, most because ‘ushikatsu’ literally is cow + cutlets.  As a sidenote I love カツカレー (katsucurry) 😀  Thoughts on these new rumors?!  Wish we had pics.