2ch Rumors. Again.

Aight, more 2ch rumors.  I was reading through their Pokemon board and found these, but consequently blue skY has also posted them, so perhaps that makes them more believable?   I dunno.  The other rumors ‘skY has posted haven’t turned out legit yet, lets not get our knickers in a bunch (to be honest I just wanted to say “knickers”). Not legit until proven. Apparently these might be new pokemon shown off soon:

  • Yogame – Bipedal turtle, war-like
  • Kanbaneri – Angel Pokemon (note that this is not mentioned, but I’m still hoping for a LIGHT TYPE!)
  • Soraion – Could have an appearance like this
  • Daneira – (still a mystery)
  • Ushikatsu – Fat cow
  • Supaddosu – Evil looking insect

Also, one more thing that blue skY covered was apparently a ‘Play-Doh’ packaging leak that showed an upcoming product with the pokemon.  These were the names that were allegedly revealed: Onokussu and Burokku.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Had to post this before my interview since I love you guys so much :9  The first set of pokemon names seems a lil suspect to me, most because ‘ushikatsu’ literally is cow + cutlets.  As a sidenote I love カツカレー (katsucurry) 😀  Thoughts on these new rumors?!  Wish we had pics.

  1. Sounds pretty cool, but I just hope the new pokemon will look a lot more cooler than the previous ones we saw (I honestly don’t like the new pokemon they have shown so far).

    Anyways, the name Ushikatsu makes me hungry. Will the new pokemon can be a food? Almost every trainers are vegetarians >_>

  2. Kanberani could be the Ice/Fighting and Soraion (is a konaiku) the Fire/Dark.

    Still…they don´t convince me.

  3. The other ones seemed more believable… As for these, they all seem a little strange. And we already have a fat cow… Miltank.

  4. @axl-rose

    I don’t think it’s a Play-Doh Pokemon (which wouldn’t even be possible due to copyright issues) but I think they meant they were leaked via some PLay-Doh toys, like the Green Monkey thing.

  5. Kanbaneri sounds like a Koromori evo…since but start with K and end with I…y’know…ah, never mind…

    Soraion sounds like a cool pokemon 😀

  6. Haha. Onokussu and Burokku? That’s gotta be Onyx and Brock. I realize Iwark and Takeshi are their actual Japanese names, buuuuut… those are just too close to Onyx and Brock when said.

  7. I taught the last batch of rumors where confirmed? Bulbagarden are saying famitusu magazine said there will be a move called hell fire and some other stuff that the rumors had.

    1. To be honest I saw the famitsu information on one site, but with no source at all, so I was just like “whatever”. It was the second batch from blue skY though (NOT the pokedex rumor) and it may have just originated from there and they didn’t source it. oO;

  8. I still dislike the entire ‘light’ type thing. And I’m pretty sure they would have revealed anything like that already.

    I wasn’t against the light type thing at first, but unless they make a Shadow type, then Light type would be totally useless, and they’d have to change other Pokemon’s types (totally would need to change Togekiss’s type) and if they’re doing that, they MIGHT as well make Luxray Dark/Electric, and several other changes. XD

    Nice rumors though. Angel type pokemon FTW.

  9. * Yogame – Bipedal turtle, war-like
    * Kanbaneri – Angel Pokemon (note that this is not mentioned, but I’m still hoping for a LIGHT TYPE!)
    * Soraion – Could have an appearance like this
    * Daneira – (still a mystery)
    * Ushikatsu – Fat cow
    * Supaddosu – Evil looking insect
    LoL a war turtle pokemon,but we already have wartortle maybe a split evo (NO!),could be the kappa-ish pokemon from last rumors i think would be nice a kappa pokemon

    No light types please

    Looks cool

    LoL i dont want miltank to get a evo D: i want just new pokes

    supaddosu,pinsir evo plox

  10. Yay. Rumours. I’m not convinced though, don’t we already have a war turtle (Blastoise)? Suppadosu sounds like Bug/Dark, which eliminates Dark’s common fighting weakness. If these are true though, I’m looking forward to Ushikatsu. Miltank evo anyone?

  11. Wartortle and blastoise are not amused 8U

    And Honchcrow stole too much bird food P:

    cool rumors sound cool anyways 8D thanks for sharing and good luck with your interview pokejungle~

  12. I don’t think these are true, it’s enough to “copy” things like butterflies (butterfree>>beautifly) and birds, but blastoise? I don’t think so. Or atleast just that one, e-vile bug sounds interesting.

  13. lol that loser serebii just wrote in his forum to stop posting rumors rofl at serebii what a boring peace of garbage thats why his site sucks he plays by the rules to much rofl serebii is a pokemon loser

  14. Yogame – Will this be a fighting type kappa?
    Kanbaneri – I expect this to be a flying type pure hopefully. Please!
    Soraion – Another shiisa-ish thing?
    Daneira – Curiosity stirs.
    Ushikatsu – Miltank evo, that would be hard to handle. We had trouble with Rollout, what’s next?
    Supaddosu – A bug with a negated type, hmmmm.

  15. @axl:

    Actually, Serebii just said not to post rumors in the “CONFIRMED INFORMATION” sections. Rumors go in the “Speculation” section.

  16. Lol ya but still his site sucks because rumors arnt allowed there with his losersquad dratiniweenie927 reno tekirai

    1. Let’s be nice :p I enjoy talking to SPP on AIM (he doesn’t really enjoy talking to me though >>; )

  17. @axl:

    …I’m not quite sure what you just said.
    I actually like Serebii, the Pokedex feature is indispensable.

    Could a warlike turtle be a Kappa? I would like to have a Dark/Water Kappa, because they are supposed to cause all sorts of mischief.

  18. Soraion sounds really cool. I wish there were more Pokemon that looked like Japanese/Chinese sculptures of animals (big teeth/nose, little flourishes all over, etc). Digimon has the totally awesome Shiisamon and the Devas, and all Pokemon has is Arcanine, who doesn’t look nearly enough like that.

  19. I have just found something that may prove tsutajas evolutions will be grass/poison! On serebii under new moves there is coil, which is a poison type move that tsutaja has been confirmed to learn! Because of this I’m 99% sure he will be poison. The other 1% is because I’m hoping for something else like grass/dark.

  20. @Montblanc: I couldn’t agree anymore. I wish we had a more Lion-like Pokemon because they’re one of my favorite animals. :p Also it’d be sweet to see some Pokemon based off of the Chinese Zodiac.

    @David: It is a good possibility that Tsutaja’s evolution may indeed be part poison, but let’s not get our hopes high, it could just be a Poison type attack that it learns and for all we know it could end up being any type other than Poison mixed with Grass. But I’m hoping for Dark to be honest.

    I really like the idea of Yogame, and I’m just saying, but isn’t Blastoise already a bi-pedal turtle? But I think Yogame might be based more off a Kappa if the rumor is indeed true.

    Also PJN, how did the work interview go? I’m sure you did great! 🙂

  21. The angel one sounds cool, hopefully it would be a dark type fallen angel 😀

    NO LIGHT TYPE please!

    Excited for Bugs, we have had so few revealed so far 🙁

    what was your interview for PJ?

  22. @Daigo, yeah I know, it’s just another theory, I was just stating something that might get people thinking, and also wanted to see if people agreed. obviously not. I myself am also hoping for grass/dark.

  23. @David: It’s all good. 🙂 I was just saying, what if he ended up being like Grass/Electric or Grass/Psychic or something. 😛

    But to be honest, I want to know what ever happened to the guy who posted those leaked images from the demo, because I want to see if anyone in any way can somehow get some more info out of them. 😛

  24. If these are true Burokku could be the broccoli looking pokemon leaked on the bandai toy and Onokussu could be a pre-evo of Ononokusu or evo?

  25. Might I mention guys, you are acting like this is confirmed info, so remember that this is all unconfirmed.

    Anyways, Suppadosu sounds like a great counter to the common Psychic type in competitive play. I love bug types so I hope that this one has good power and a good design. Also, it is possible that Daneira’s name may be partially derived from the Japanese word “Dame,” which means useless or unacceptable, implying either Dark type or Magikarp-like Pokemon, as their alphabet’s n and m are supposedly similar. Just speculation.

    ~Prof. W.

    1. W is right actually ん can be translated as ‘n’ or ‘m’ under certain stances. The most common occurrence of this is in the word ‘がんばって’ which is written in romaji either as ‘ganbatte’ OR ‘gambatte’.

      btw interview went really well 😀 She said that people who get the jobs will get a call on Friday… really hoping I got it. <3

  26. @prof. w. i don’t get what you mean by “their alphabets “n” and “m” are similar ’cause uh…they aren’t. xDDDD
    ん<—– an "n"

  27. Oh, I wouldn’t mind an angel poke<3 Congrats on the Job Interview Paul, hope you get the call-back! 😀

  28. Daneira? (still a mystery?)

    that sounds a lot like Fushigidane(it’s a mystery) doesn’t it? (aka bulbasaur)

  29. This rumours are a bit boring really….

    Nothing will beat an Umbrella Pokemon 🙁

  30. Don’t really like these at this time… Some cool pics might change my mind!

    Really wanting to know who that yellow dude is, though.

    No light type…. Please….

    From your friendly Neighborhood Professor,

  31. Onokussu sounds like pre-evo for Ononokusu!!

    We already heard about a Tauros evo..and now sounds like Miltank evo too! 😀

  32. Hmm Soraion sounds plausible since the Sora is Japanese for Sky, and then (ion) which could be the ending of lion… so a Sky Lion? Sounds cool to me. I could totally see a fat cow pokemon too, looking less like miltank though

  33. @David: Well shoot, scratch what I said, Oha Suta revealed Luvdisc’s evo Mamanbō, and the Nosepass-Rhyhorn Hybrid is named Gigaiasu.

  34. I translated what Kriffix said earlier on Babelfish. It doesn’t make much sense, it’s probably BF’s fault.

    He said [ushikatsu]!? It is [pokemon] being, it accumulates or!!

    Despite Babelfish’s poor translation, he appears to be trying to tell us that Ushikatsu is a Pokemon that accumulates something that I doubt is actually called or.

  35. Okay, better translation.

    He actually said “A cow cutlet!? There can’t be Ushikatsu as a Pokemon!”

  36. Haha you guys are fun!
    It’s not very textbook Japanese so you done well to translate it! I’m very suprised you got the ”んな”bit.
    It’s imitating spoken language and rarely written like this.

    But yeah, if “Ushikatsu” actually turns out as a real Pokemon…I’d be pretty damn suprised lol.

  37. allthough i kinda wanna see what it would look like now. 😀

    (sorry if this double posts)

  38. Hm, I don’t believe these rumors. Sound too… made-up, I guess. Soraion sounds interesting. The rest are okay.

  39. yogame…kanpaneri…soraion…daneira…ushikatsu…supaddosu i think i know how they look like, after all some of them will be fake

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