Quick Morning Update

I’m leaving for Chicago this morning, so I won’t be able to update PJN for at least a few hours ;D  However the hotel I booked should have WiFi, so no problems there.  Will be there through Saturday.

On the news front we have literally nothing new to talk about really, hopefully Oha Suta will post something one of these days otherwise we’ll be waiting for Pokemon Sunday which may reveal the third legendary.  So stay tuned!

<3 pokejungle

ps- My interview went great, hope to hear back on Friday about it.  Anyone know fun things to do in Chicago?  I feel like I didn’t see enough landmarks while I was there last time.  Pokemon discussion… anyone have hopes for the 3rd legendary?

  1. I kind of hope they reveal more than a legendary 😛

    And have a great time in Chicago!

  2. So do I. And I pray the angel being a Light type rumor is true. We need a Light as an element. You can’t have Dark without Light.

    And PJN, for sightseeing in Chicago, I recomend:

    Shedd Aquarium
    The planetarium
    Navy Pier

    I’m sure there’s more to see, but this was all I managed to see when I went there for my senior ckass trip in 2005. 3 days is never enough time for something lke this

    Enjoy the city 😀

  3. I wonder we will really get the third legendary, and so soon?
    Remember Manaphy?

    I got a list of great attractions/things to do in this city for you, here it is:

    Get a pizza, the fun from those great Chicago stylers goes on and on…
    They have plenty of museums such as the museum of science and industry, the Field Museum, or the Chicago history Museum.
    There’s some interesting buildings, I’m sure you know about the Sears Tower, or the White Sox Stadium.
    Let’s not forget about the NHL Stanley Cup Playoff champions of this year, the Black Hawks, which are from that city.
    If you’re not into sports, try the park area known as the Millennium Park.
    They have a zoo, too, the Lincoln Park Zoo, or just Lincoln park if you like parks.
    They even have Chinatown if you’re feeling in the mood for some exotic fun.
    They have speedboat rides as well.
    They have plenty of theaters, golf areas, and all kinds of unique attractions that I can’t even describe.

    I used to live in that area, and been to quite a few of these places, great, but really, really…
    Try the pizza.

    That’s all for now.

  4. I bet you all we’ve already seen the Legendary Pokemon PS is going to reveal, the one from the preview for Pokemon: Best Wishes! I’m pretty certain that lil’ critter is going to be the one they’ll reveal, because in their description for the episode on the 25th, they called it “Maboroshi no Pokemon”.

    This is the title they give to all the Cute-Legendaries, like Mew, Manaphy and Jirachi. Although they could surprise us with a different mon, I’m pretty sure its going to be V from the preview 😀

  5. What if the third legendary is that yellow dude? That would be sweet, and it has already been revealed, so it would be nothing new… like a Manaphy…

    ‘You can’t have Dark without Light.’ In japan, Dark is not actual darkness, as in no light. Dark is dirty fighting, like ninja style, while fighting is honor fighting, like a Samurai. And Psychic is actually light in japan, so they couldn’t make a light.. I want a new type, but it probably won’t be light…

    I was thinking of Chicago… and there is nothing there that I went to that these people didn’t cover… Just be sure to get the Pizza!

  6. Too bad I’ve never been to Chicago, nor am I a native, I’m a Pittsburghian.

    Just follow what Primal and Sapphire recommended and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

  7. great to hear your interview went well 8D Know nothin bout america though P: Im bloody European, ha XD

    Third legendary… im hoping its in the tred of mew, celebi etc. everyones talking about. Id love to draw it straight after its revealed!

  8. No, Psychic is Esper type in Japan (basically the same thing). We don’t have a light type and we don’t need one.

  9. 3rd legendary as the third one revealed thus far or as in the 3rd in the box trio? It’s probably the fairy thing at the end of the 13th movie.

    Anyway, I’ve never been to Chicago, even though I live in Illinois (albeit in the southern part), but I heard they have legendary pizza there. I’m pretty sure Man vs. Food had an episode there, too. I know that if I were going to any city, I’d check out whatever restaurants that show covers.

  10. I honestly don’t think that the 3rd legendary is that yellow thing from the end of the 13th movie. Since usually they don’t give the 3rd one any coverage until the 3rd version is announced (Except Rayquaza, who didn’t get his own movie at all), since we have a movie to Suicune and Celebi, and one to Giratina and Shaymin. That also could just be me being pessimistic about the entire thing anyways xD I’m expecting the yellow to be more to a Manaphy style pokemon instead. As for a 3rd version, I’m honestly not sure what they could do to bring a 3rd to them.
    Reshiram-White Yang Pokemon
    Zekrom-Black Yin Pokemon
    Reshkrom-Grey inbetweeenyinandyang Pokemon 😀

    As for Chicago, don’t know much about it D: But have a good time while you’re there anyways (b’-‘)b

  11. Didn’t Pokesun say they’d announce a “Maboroshi” Pokemon though?
    In which case it wouldn’t be the third legendary.

    To my recollection the third Legendary in gen 3 and 4 recieved no real coverage until the movie’s they they were featured in debuted either.

  12. Maboroshi is like “Illusion”

    But it refers to a “secret” Pokemon, like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin etc.

  13. Was gonna post what Daigo did. Luvdisc evo is a great thing to have. I’d love for it to be an Uber. Was there anything on the rumours? I want my Dark/Bug type!

  14. Hmm…How did filb know the names? they aren’t written on the game screen atleast

  15. I wish Filb.de would post a video of the footage of them in battle. Because it’d be nice to see their sprites in motion.

  16. Oh yeah, and I really hope they won’t go overboard with new evos and legendaries this generation. I think for legendaries we should a RSE-ish number. And not too many new evolutions and pre-evos, maybe like 5-8 would be okay. Sinnoh had 7 new pre-evos and 20 new evos. On top of the 11 legends, there were only 70 new original Pokemon in Gen IV.

    BTW, wouldn’t it be funny in a cruel way if the remakes this gen were “Pokemon RustlingLeafGreen and Pokemon BlazingFireRed? :p

  17. @Daigo/Andre Oh yeah! I was literally just looking at that before I read your comment with the picture
    It looks Epic

  18. oh and does anybody have ideas of what the spin-off game would be called? ’causeall i can thik is the color grey or sometin’.
    ya pokemon grey…that probably ain’t it. ><

  19. @ozymandis, well thinking of how creative the names “black” and “white” are my guess is that it will be grey

  20. @david ya that’s how i got grey. xDDD i mean, ruby, saphire and emerald made sense. as did diamond,pearl and platinum. so all i can think of is grey. DDX

    @kriffix monochrome sounds cool-ish.
    but i doubt it.

  21. @ozymandis I got grey because black and white mixed together is grey but, that works too 😀

  22. oh god, i just thought of something, what if it’s brown version? D:
    that’d be horrribleee DDX
    ehhh i doubt they’d do that. xD

  23. @ozymandis If it were pink version I would be so frickin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Happy 😀

    No, but seriously that would be pretty funny!

  24. [QUOTE]Originally posted by Professor Zalck

    ‘You can’t have Dark without Light.’ In japan, Dark is not actual darkness, as in no light. Dark is dirty fighting, like ninja style, while fighting is honor fighting, like a Samurai. And Psychic is actually light in japan, so they couldn’t make a light.. I want a new type, but it probably won’t be light…[/QUOTE]

    WHen I said Light, I meant [B]sunlight[/B]. Natural light

  25. As for the 3rd game’s name, I rememebr a post on Gamefaqs where someone said that Nintendo copyrighted a bunch of names a few years back, Black and White included. There was a grey, brown, and lots of different shades of red!

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