Luvdisc Evo?

It does look an awful lot like the awful Pokemon ‘Luvdisc’ is going to be shown an awful lot of luv.  </punny> Update: New image, names confirmed!

Luvdisc evo is apparently Mamambo (Mother Sunfish) and the rocky monster is Gigaiasu (Giga Earth).  😀  Information from!

Update: The names “Onokkusu” and “Burokku” have been confirmed via Amazon about the Play-Doh set, still no pictures.  I saw PokeBeach was saying this lends credibility to the pokedex rumors I posted several days BUT they were not by the same 2ch poster so they have nothing to do with each other, keep that in mind please 😀

<3 pokejungle

ps- my sis is so mad I made her stop by our hotel so I could update my site lmfao.  Oh well.

—- Further Discussion

So in that previous rumor there was a gap in the Pokedex for 7 older generation Pokemon.  Otherwise if that is totally false (most likely) it kind of busts the thought that Black and White will begin anew with the Pokemon.  Personally I hope that if there ARE older generation pokemon (which now it is almost certainly confirmed) there won’t be many.  Your thoughts?

  1. can you translate the name please so we can be 100% sure if it is luvdisk evo

    IMO i don’t think is luvdisk evo

    1:jewel on his head
    2:the eyes ARE VERY DIFFERENT and mamanbo have eyebrows
    3:luvdisk is useless

    huh? is the far left pokemon on the enemy team ?,isn’t the jelly thing

  2. That has to be a Luvdisc evo!

    A. Luvdisc is rare but useless.
    B. What OTHER Pokemon is heart-shaped
    C. OMFG! IT’S A FREAKIN’ LUVDISC EVO! *foams at mouth in happiness*

  3. @Twide: I saw your post on Pokebeach’s forums, and you do realize that evolution does mean growth, and this looks like a matured Luvdic. Also, some of the Pokemon last generation were deemed useless by some, and they were given evolutions. Think about it a bit, it’s blatantly obvious that this guy is an evolution of Luvdisc, because like Gold Starz said, there is no other Pokemon that is heart shaped, and I would honestly facepalm if this guy wasn’t an evo of Luvdisc, but it is.

    Also can anyone find a video of them being revealed? I kind of want to see the new Pokemon’s sprites in motion. 🙂

  4. I think that there is way to much in common for it to not be a Luvdisc evo. It’s resemblance to Luvdisc is much larger than that of Shellos to Lapras, or Burmy to Pineco.

    And Twide, an evolution shouldn’t look EXACTLY like the original Pokemon. It should be more of a resemblance, albeit more powerful.

  5. Also, although this isn’t truly relevant, I have made some attempts at name origins.

    Possible Word Origins

    Water down- mizudeusumeru
    (Mizu to Miju, Meru to Maru)
    Swimming- mizugokoro
    (Mizu to Miju again)
    Inexperienced- mijuku
    (This seems to make sense, where Miju comes from)
    Zero, Cycle- maru
    (May be zero because of it’s low stage, as with cycle)

    That’s all I have for now.

  6. Okay, I discovered more origins (already)


    Pigeon, Dove- Hato
    (Origin of the “Hato,” very obvious)
    Memory, Experience, Sense, etc.- Oboe
    (May make sense to to Hatooboo supposedly being Mamepato’s evolution)

  7. @Prof. W. I thought Hatopo was Mamepatos Evolution as son as I saw it, because it has the same type of wings and the head thing.

  8. @David- As did I. Besides, how many pigeon Pokemon can you have in one generation, anyways.

  9. For anyone who’s curious, its name basically means, “Mother Ocean Sunfish.” Not sure if you can post links here, so look up Ocean Sunfish on Wikipedia if you want to see the resemblance.

  10. And just to elaborate, it’s a pun of “mama” and “manbou,” which mean “Mama” and “Ocean Sunfish,” respectively. So technically it’s Mama instead of Mother, just in case the two words have different connotations in Japanese culture.

  11. Woah that is sure a pink Pokemon *u*
    Anyways I would like Luvdisc to evolve that would be neat

  12. @steph it is a bit much…but at least it’s not ugly, allthough you’d think they’d put another color besides shades of pink. -__-‘

  13. Gigaiasu is a good name. Giga+gaia. Cool…. I like.

    Also, so happy Luvdisc gets an evo, and it looks great!

  14. @vsz: No other new pokemon on the other side. 😀 Munshaana, Wooguru, and Rankurusu are on the opposing team.

  15. Why did you bring up Serebii? He didn’t even post this first. That joke has no relevence whatsoever.

    1. Wiz: It’s almost an in-joke I was referring to a gameFAQs post awhile back to which Serebii was going back and forth with a poster about that issue and how it never gets forgotten. :p But if you feel it’s offensive I’ll remove it~ It wasn’t a malicious dig. His site is amazing.

  16. Gigaia sounds like a fantastic English name for the Rock Guy!
    So a Discus fish to a Sunfish, interesting.

  17. I think you just assumed and got math wrong. 154 new pokemon doesnt mean that is the whole dex. The dex will probably be around 250.

    Oh and I noticed that in the unlisted part of that previous rumor there was a spot for a Water (Luvdisc Evo), Fire and Steel. I hope that Torkoal and Mawile get evolutions. I also hope that Dunsparce turns into a Normal/Ghost.

    Also I would just like to point out that Luvdisc’s evo will probably be named Valentide.

    1. @boar: The rumor specified dex #s which were referring to pre-National dex. Could be Mamambou is unlisted water one though assuming its true

  18. i dont think the far left pokemon is the blob,if you look closely i dont want any parts alike to the blob

  19. The far left pokemon is definitely Rankurusu. Even ignoring looks, the three HP bars in this pic actually belong to the enemy pokemon, and the bottom one is Rankurusu.

  20. yup, the opposing team are Rankurusu, Wooguru, and Musharna, just 1 new pokemon and 2 revealed names… I think Gigaiasu makes a resemblance with Nosepass and Probopass…… And the luvdisc evo is too complicated, but I like it though….

  21. Not related to Mama here, but have you seen this rumor?

    Supposed base stats, types, and names for the starters & their evos. Also the box legends.

    I doubt it, since base stats are absurdly specific thing to leak, and the names don’t match from what we can tell from the anime sketches.

  22. F yea!! I got a shiny luvdisc!! If it does turn out to be the evo then imma have a shiny… THAT THING!!! All that aside… I think they coulda been a little more creative with the thing… I mean they just threw on some little wings and make its eyes angry. Like… I woulda turned it face up and put the face on one side of the heart or something… but I’m happy regardless.

  23. Also, I’m pretty sure every single starter line so far has kept the same basic stat spread throughout its evo line. Just for an example with these supposed stats, Mijumaru’s defense goes from base 65 – 65 – 70 in its evo line, starting as its most prominent stat to becoming one of its worst.

    To be fair though, about the names, I think even Pokabu and Tsutaja had different names on said anime sketch.

  24. A couple of the name origin theories are pretty interesting lol.

    Just remember, to Japanese people sometimes things just ‘Sound good’ or have a ‘nice rhythm’(語呂が良い) which makes it reason enough to name something.For things like Mamanbou it’s more likely that the two “ma’s” make it have ‘nice rhythm’ rather than coming from the word “mama”. (while its still possible otherwise of course)

  25. Also there’s no way that “Gigaiasu’s” second name is coming from the English word “Earth”!

    Even though it seems correct to call it “Gigaiath’, if anything this is “Giga” “Gaia” and possible “Goliath” (or something similar).

    But anything, the Morae don’t match the Japanese interpretation of “Earth” so it’s just not gonna happen. Even if say so! xD

  26. Lol Tweenybopper Pokemon XD
    Game Freak must be granting GameFaqs users’ wishes one by one. Unless if this is an uber.

  27. Just love the luvdisc evo, sure gonna use it on my team.
    Was searching for a good water pokemon to come out :D.
    They listen to me XD.

  28. Okay, the Play-Doh rumour was confirmed. This also possibly confirms the Pokedex numbers and new Pokemon names. Maybe I will get my Bug/Dark type!

  29. Luvdisc getting an evo 🙂 I always had a soft spot for that guy….although I never used him because…for one thing he was pretty rare and another I usually like to see my pokemon evolve….I feel like they’re really growing if they evolve at some point. :p

    I’d love to see Dunsparce, Spinda, Seviper, Zangoose, Mawile and Sableye get evos….although the all probably won’t get one I’d like to see one or two of them get an evo.

    I think it would also be interesting if Solrock and Lunatone got a prevo that evolves into either of them depending on whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

  30. Onokkusu, will it be the pre-evo of Ononokusu?? Their names sound similar IMO… maybe they’ll be a pseudo-legendary or have Aron-family-like stats….. And burokku… doesn’t it sounds similar with Brock?? LOL

  31. @snowyarticuno can you list the translated version of that page? Sorry, I don’t speak japanese.

  32. So one of the new names we got is Burokko… Brokko… Brocco…. as in Broccoli? Anyone else think it might be that broccoli-head thing we saw a doll of a while back?

  33. @David: Learn the language or make do with an auto translator, it’s not snowy’s job to do everything for you.

    @axl rose
    It means Block.

    On the Amazon page that confirms this Pikachu and Pokabu are both spelled wrong – as ピカチュー and ホカプ respectively instead of ピカチュウ and ポカブ so it’s possible the two new names contain some sort of typo or something I guess.

  34. @Duh well you’re just plain mean, it’s not my fault that my translator doesn’t work well with japanese! Besides, I know it’s not his/her job to do everything for me, when else have I ever asked someone to do something on here, also Snowy posted that link, so that request does have something to do with that. The End, Good bye, David is out PEACE! 😛

  35. @Duh: no need to be rude, he only asked, it’s not like he was demanding they translated it. And besides, they weren’t even talking to you, so why you’re getting your knickers in a twist is quite frankly beyond me.

    Anyway, on topic: I don’t really like the evo, but I was never a fan of Luvdisc, so my feelings are indifferent. I’m just hoping if there are more evolutions for previous gen stuff, that they aren’t as badly done as this…
    But please, make Stantler evolve into a big moose! 😀

  36. @dude I completely agree with everything you said! 😀 Especially the Stantler evo!!!!!

  37. Naw, it looks really fake, lots of pixelation around it. Plus that new Pokemon is apparently named Pikachu.

    @HikaruAyume Yeah, I think it must be broccoli head. Now I wonder if there will be more health-food themed Pokemon!

  38. @axl rose that would be freaking epic! @ Wally, yeah it’s fake for the good reasons Montblanc gave, but it does look really cool! And it kind of looks like it could be (if it were real) an angel pokemon as rumored in the pokedex rumor thing

  39. So apparently Burokko could be a block or some kind of cube OR a Mr. Mime evo. Block as in repel, of course.
    I really want to see these Play-doh toys! To see what we’re expecting.
    So apparently Serebii hasn’t put this news on the site yet, I think Joe puts up just image info I guess. Which is why we need that image!

  40. @david your welcome. you should become a comdeian. ;D

    so apparently oha suta didn’t show the possible luvdisc evo in the triple battle footage huh?

  41. @ozymandis well then oha suta lame (evil face) they need to reveal something or I’ll throw a fit! 😀

  42. @david well we’ll get something from pokemon sunday right?
    well hopefully. xDDD
    it’ll probably be the possible luvdisc evo. just watch. DDX

  43. @ozymandis That’s what I’m hoping for 🙂 I think GameFreak owes us to show the sugimori drawings of the starter evolutions! Even though they don’t owe us anything!

    Tsutaja gets a thumbs up! (b^-^)b

  44. @david ya seriously! i really REALLYREALLYREALLY wanna see the starter evos!
    i mean back in the ruby saphire days they showed blaziken!
    so give me some tsutaja evos please gamefreak? 😀
    allthough i wanna see mijumaru’s as well. :DDD’ll turn uglyy DDX

    tsutaja is the best!
    it gets 2 thumbs up! xD


  45. and couldn’t resist since i’m at 99 comments…WOOT!
    FIRST ONE TO BREAK 100!! 😀

  46. @Ozymandis 2nd to break 100 😀 Let’s shoot for 200!

    Tsutaja gets 4 thumbs up! (b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b

    mijumaru gets 1 and 1/2
    (b^O^)o <My thumb!!!!

    Pokabu gets none
    (o^O^)o My thumbs!!!!!

  47. tsutaaja gets…idk how many thumbs up. xDDD

    b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)bb^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b(b^-^)b <—–bahahahah i winn!!

  48. Definitely a Luvdisc evo. That or a rip-off. 😉 But I really, really want to know more about Gigaiasu. Looks cool, but we only know his name!

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