Luvdisc Evo?

It does look an awful lot like the awful Pokemon ‘Luvdisc’ is going to be shown an awful lot of luv.  </punny> Update: New image, names confirmed!

Luvdisc evo is apparently Mamambo (Mother Sunfish) and the rocky monster is Gigaiasu (Giga Earth).  😀  Information from!

Update: The names “Onokkusu” and “Burokku” have been confirmed via Amazon about the Play-Doh set, still no pictures.  I saw PokeBeach was saying this lends credibility to the pokedex rumors I posted several days BUT they were not by the same 2ch poster so they have nothing to do with each other, keep that in mind please 😀

<3 pokejungle

ps- my sis is so mad I made her stop by our hotel so I could update my site lmfao.  Oh well.

—- Further Discussion

So in that previous rumor there was a gap in the Pokedex for 7 older generation Pokemon.  Otherwise if that is totally false (most likely) it kind of busts the thought that Black and White will begin anew with the Pokemon.  Personally I hope that if there ARE older generation pokemon (which now it is almost certainly confirmed) there won’t be many.  Your thoughts?