PokeBeach Vids

Here for your viewing pleasure.  First one is the battle you have right after getting your starter, other is battle footage.  These from a DVD in the next issue of Dengeki.  All we really learn is that Cheren takes the pokemon strong against yours, while Belle takes the weak one.  And what I personally always assumed was that the ransacked room involved Team Plasma somehow… it is actually your wild pokemon battles that mess it up.  Guess that makes sense :p



BTW- When you watch the second battle you’ll see Mijumaru try to use Tail Whip on Mamepato BUT its “Pidgeon Heart” ability makes it unaffected by defense lowering attacks.  If you’re wondering what that was 😀  And the note that goes over Meguroko I believe relates also to his ability, raising his power because he knocked out Tsutaja. </helpful sidenote>

Wow battle camera has ADHD…

<3 pokejungle