PokeBeach Vids

Here for your viewing pleasure.  First one is the battle you have right after getting your starter, other is battle footage.  These from a DVD in the next issue of Dengeki.  All we really learn is that Cheren takes the pokemon strong against yours, while Belle takes the weak one.  And what I personally always assumed was that the ransacked room involved Team Plasma somehow… it is actually your wild pokemon battles that mess it up.  Guess that makes sense :p



BTW- When you watch the second battle you’ll see Mijumaru try to use Tail Whip on Mamepato BUT its “Pidgeon Heart” ability makes it unaffected by defense lowering attacks.  If you’re wondering what that was 😀  And the note that goes over Meguroko I believe relates also to his ability, raising his power because he knocked out Tsutaja. </helpful sidenote>

Wow battle camera has ADHD…

<3 pokejungle

  1. IFLY PJN I was trying to watch these on pokebeach for like half an hour and they wouldn’t Load thank you soooo much

  2. @axl rose: Welp, now I’m going to be disappointed when that doesn’t happen. 🙁

    Watching these videos made me wonder if you perhaps control the camera in battle. That would be cool, but unlikely, I guess.

    Oh, can anyone translate the dialog?

  3. I think the only thing that’s gonna tick me off is that freaking battle camera! Unless you get to control the camera, I mind as well get dizzy from watching the camera go ’round and ’round…

    Lol, I LOVE Tsutaja’s sprite! It’s all, “Whatcha gonna do, mah boi!?” and is it just me, or does Koromori’s Heart Stamp attack looks like it’s KISSING the Pokemon? o_0

  4. @JonnyXxgorexX Pokebeach fixed them, he uploaded them to youtube and then reposted them

  5. @Twide: It just says the present has 3 pokemon for you and your friends, please open it together.

  6. xDDDDD what is with the camera having ADHD?! xDDDDDD

    and i love how the messed up room is just because of the pokemon battle. xDDDD

    gahh i hafta stop watching these videos, it makes me want BW MORE AND MORE!!! *_*

  7. Wow watch how the ground shakes beneath them, Smugleaf didn’t look so heavy. Pokabu’s backsprite is also making me lean slightly away from Smugleaf as my starter though all 3 are awesome!

  8. @ozymandis Smugleaf is a nickname for tsutaja created because many believe he looks very smug.

    Also, when I watched the video, I almost died when I saw the footprints on the wall! XD

  9. Hey I was watching the 2nd video on pokebeach and realized something! in the battle against gear, tsutaja was level 50 and had 111 hp, but against pokabu and minezumi when it was again level 50 it only had 107 hp! WHAT THE HECK GAMEFREAK?!!!!

  10. oh you’re right!
    didn’t the stats in the next post say that it had the lowest hp..?
    guess those are totally fake. 😛

  11. wargles constant wing flapping annoys me I wish he would land for a couple seconds

  12. My question is does anyone know the name of the male trainer read from the clips? It’s curious why it hasn’t come up.

  13. wow, the music changes when your pokemon’s hp goes red. n the annoying beeping actually goes along wit the beat.

  14. @peter you mean the guy with black hair and glasses? ’cause his name is cheren.
    or do you mean the actual hero?

  15. @david i don’t think the hero has a real name does he? because i don’t think you meet your male or female counterp;art hero sprite in the game…do you? idk. :/

  16. @ozymandis Yeah I don’t think he does either, also it looks like your the head honcho in comments now! Good job 😀

    And I won’t be commenting for 2 weeks in august because I’m going somewhere that doesn’t allow electrionics! And what sucks is that i’m going when the master document comes out!!!!!! 🙁

  17. @david well thank you, allthough you’re leading right now. xDD
    but not for long >:D xDDDD

    aww that sucks well looks like i’ll have a head start! :3
    well maybe you’ll some how be able to see the MD somehow? 😀
    keeep believing! xD

  18. Camera is slightly aggravating, but it probably looks better when the battle doesn’t go so fast. Think about the console games. Anyway, always interesting to watch battles and try to guess base stats based on damage. And speed, too.

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