Pokemon Sunday airing… (VID UP)


Update1: Added preliminary images, courtesy of PLDH, the site who also had all those awesome wallpapers <3  We now know that the more “naturalistic” city is the WHITE version, while the more modern city is in BLACK.  Yay.  And the way Rankurusu bounces around makes me enjoy it slightly more to be honest (first image is an ANIMATED gif, so click on it to see Rankurusu rock’n out).

Update2: Video added

Update3: Pokabu uses NITRO CHARGE… BOOM (fire type move).  Rumor I just posted is CONFIRMED lmfao.  Also Wooguru’s “free fall” move is shown and the Pokemon revealed by CoroCoro all have their sprites animated ‘n stuff, so the video is worth a watch.  SPP had said a brand new pokemon was going to be revealed, so I’m just sitting tight hoping that wasn’t the end of it…  otherwise I’ll be disappointed for life.  Nevermind, it’s the 25th.  Thanks commentors.  My life is RUINED NOW.  I WAITED ALL WEEK FOR THIS.

Update4: It looks like Minezumi’s “Please Go First” ability allows its partner to attack before it does, this could be great if Minezumi has a good base speed and you pair it with a slow pokemon!  I can see great use for it 😀  I didn’t see that it said anywhere HOW Munna evolves into Mushaana, just that it does.  I was hoping that shot would reveal something but noooo.

Update5: Added the HQ version of the video that filb.de provided :3  Also the scene with Meguroko shows a “sandstorm” starting.  It didn’t use a move that created a sandstorm, but that is the new animation for when one starts (or possibly every turn it is in effect?)  Frankly… it’s better than the old animation.  Koromori’s “Heart Stamp” attack is also shown how it can cause flinching.  Also now that the bottom text is full legible, it does indeed say that Minezumi’s partner will attack before it because of its ability.

<3 pokejungle

ps- While we’re waiting… LET’S READ RUMORS! [Now that Nitro Charge was just confirmed… these are a bit more believable huh?  Nothing too out there though. ]

  • Nitro Charge, Shell Blade, and Grass Mixer are all being mentioned again… will probably be the special attacks for the starters (fire/water/grass types)
  • Night Burst (dark attack) affects 2 pokemon on double battles (triple battle affect not mentioned)
  • In double battles (and triple battles) the attacks may hit simultaneously now, with both HP gauges decreasing at the same time.
  1. i like the way it bounces around..so far i’ve decided to get white…just because some cities look like they’re in the forest

  2. Rankurusu is so cool! 😀

    Pokemon White is looking like my version atm. For one thing…it has Rankurusu in it but apart from that I prefer the more natural almost jungle like setting of the cities in Pokemon White.

    I kinda like the futuristic look in Pokemon Black too……but I think it would just be a gimmick for me and I’d miss the more natural looking pokemon game like in past games.

  3. I wonder if they will have an option to turn off the the animation, NOT SAYING ITS BAD, but just wondering

  4. I’m definitely getting a vibe from these games that….

    In Pokemon Black, civilisation has forgotten more Natural things and are suffering because of it.

    In Pokemon White, civilisation is keeping to old ways and are against new technologies but are suffering as a result.

    Maybe it’s just me though…

  5. yay! thanks for the footage pokejungle 8D I enjoyed the show hihi

    im pretty happy that those people who often buy both games, now get more different features!

  6. Actually, the new Pokemon is being revealed on the 25th, or so I’ve read.

    But I do love Rankurusu and his blobiness. So sad I’m getting Black. I’ll have to trade my friend for him/her/it.

  7. How Mumma evolves to Musharna?

    PD: The new brand pokemon will be revealed the NEXT Pokemon Sunday…

  8. Rankurusu looks so cute when moving<3 Can't wait until the revealed Pokemon next week.

  9. If they don’t make a point to say it evolves differently, always assume level up.

    Me First probably always takes priority, so as to make the others go first before the others.

    On Nitro Charge, did you notice that the fire made an infinity symbol?

  10. actually, remember, the city that had 2 tone colors???

    yes, the blue side-ones is more “futural” and the brown side-ones is more “anciental”

    it must be that city in that videos!!

    hope that city will be revealed asap ;D

  11. yay!! video up!!
    woaaa that nitro charge move just made pokabu 10000x cooler! xDDD

    allthough tsutaja is stil wayyy etter! xDDD

    and the animations are so awesome!!!!! *_*

    no new pokemon…DX dammit…

  12. 😛 Next Saturday will be a day I look forward to. More Pogeymanz.

    The moves exclusive to the starters sound neat. Although we’ve known about Grass Mixer and Shell Blade for a couple of weeks. Nitro Charge, the new one, is neat, however.

    I’m SO glad that the “natural” city is in Pokemon White, along with White Forest. Gosh, that really appeals to my love of nature. I didn’t want to be stuck with White Forest and a futuristic city. ;P

    The animations make me giddy for one reason: Every single Pokemon gets new animations! And since the sprite is always moving, it doesn’t really matter if the ‘main sprite’ they use from previous games is the same.

    Man, I’m getting excited for these games! Best thing is: I’m learning Hiragana and Katakana and taking a Japanese course in college. Maybe, just maybe I should import the game and play it early! ^__^

  13. Well, since Nitro Charge has been confirmed, I guess this means the old rumor is true. The one about Chiraamii evolving into Ganmii, a Dark-type.

    1. ‘Ganmii’ is actually a joke xD It kind of means a glare, or giving someone the “stink eye” (slang that I have never personally used before). :p Those weren’t from the same source either.

      And another matter… I don’t think “Shell Blade” has been confirmed yet oO;

  14. Grass Mixer was shown in an early video, and the video also showed a clip with Munna and Mijumaru. “Forewarn warned Munna of Mijumaru’s Shellblade.”

    I’m pretty positive on that one.

    1. Serioussss? Missed that one, my bad. Thanks Bay.

      Grei: The footage of the futuristic/natural cities side by side is one town that looks different in each version (says the caption) so it’s not black city & white forest ;D

  15. Yeah, serious. ^__^ It’s fine. A minor thing you missed, really. At least you gather the rumors unlike other sites. ;D

  16. i’m kinda dissapointed about the trainer animation, it’s stil kinda staticky. DX

    so black is more futuristic and whote is for hippies? xDD

  17. @Daigo I just paused that video at the vs sprite and the one in the newer video and you’re right, in one the sprite is touching his hat and in the other he’s holding a pokeball! It’s awesome

  18. @daigo i thought it looked different, it could possibly change throughout the game. (?)

  19. also if you pause the video that daigo posted you can see one of the gym leaders!! 😀
    probably a psychic type gym. 😀

  20. or at least i think it’s a gym…i mean it LOOKS like it to me.
    and what other place wpould have a built-in roller-coaster? 😛

  21. @ozymandis yeah it definitely looks like a gym! if it’s not like some sort of demented fun house in the carnival place! though that would be epic XD !

  22. @david xDDD abusement park eh? xDD
    at first i thought it was the p-lace with the ferris wheel at night time, bu then i though “what good would a roller coaster do?” xDDD

    actually..they haven’t shown any gameplay shots of the night time. :/

  23. The variation in the versions makes me want both! I am leaning towards Black at the moment. Gochiruzeru is awesome!

    I hope Gyms don’t have hard puzzles, like in DPP. I just want to battle, not figure out a puzzle!

  24. Oh, and I forgot to say that double battle rumor is true! Watch the newest Pokemon Sunday when Mijumaru uses surf.

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