Pokemon Sunday airing… (VID UP)


Update1: Added preliminary images, courtesy of PLDH, the site who also had all those awesome wallpapers <3  We now know that the more “naturalistic” city is the WHITE version, while the more modern city is in BLACK.  Yay.  And the way Rankurusu bounces around makes me enjoy it slightly more to be honest (first image is an ANIMATED gif, so click on it to see Rankurusu rock’n out).

Update2: Video added

Update3: Pokabu uses NITRO CHARGE… BOOM (fire type move).  Rumor I just posted is CONFIRMED lmfao.  Also Wooguru’s “free fall” move is shown and the Pokemon revealed by CoroCoro all have their sprites animated ‘n stuff, so the video is worth a watch.  SPP had said a brand new pokemon was going to be revealed, so I’m just sitting tight hoping that wasn’t the end of it…  otherwise I’ll be disappointed for life.  Nevermind, it’s the 25th.  Thanks commentors.  My life is RUINED NOW.  I WAITED ALL WEEK FOR THIS.

Update4: It looks like Minezumi’s “Please Go First” ability allows its partner to attack before it does, this could be great if Minezumi has a good base speed and you pair it with a slow pokemon!  I can see great use for it 😀  I didn’t see that it said anywhere HOW Munna evolves into Mushaana, just that it does.  I was hoping that shot would reveal something but noooo.

Update5: Added the HQ version of the video that filb.de provided :3  Also the scene with Meguroko shows a “sandstorm” starting.  It didn’t use a move that created a sandstorm, but that is the new animation for when one starts (or possibly every turn it is in effect?)  Frankly… it’s better than the old animation.  Koromori’s “Heart Stamp” attack is also shown how it can cause flinching.  Also now that the bottom text is full legible, it does indeed say that Minezumi’s partner will attack before it because of its ability.

<3 pokejungle

ps- While we’re waiting… LET’S READ RUMORS! [Now that Nitro Charge was just confirmed… these are a bit more believable huh?  Nothing too out there though. ]

  • Nitro Charge, Shell Blade, and Grass Mixer are all being mentioned again… will probably be the special attacks for the starters (fire/water/grass types)
  • Night Burst (dark attack) affects 2 pokemon on double battles (triple battle affect not mentioned)
  • In double battles (and triple battles) the attacks may hit simultaneously now, with both HP gauges decreasing at the same time.