Ruuuuuuumor Time!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted some rumors, but I have dug up enough to warrant an entire post.  :3  Remember, these are not to be considered anything other than fiction UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. But until then we can discuss, hypothesize, and complain!  Or… perhaps rejoice if something strikes our fancy? Oh and there is no Ganmii~

  • UPD: Black City has a person you can pay to raise a Pokemon’s EVs (Thanks Sabonea Masukippa)
  • UPD: White Forest has a person you can give berries to raise a Pokemon’s happiness (Thanks Sabonea Masukippa)
  • Isshu Dex has 150 Pokemon in it, TOTAL pokemon w/ gen 5 is up to 647.
  • UPD: I did the math, and with the 493 Pokemon, and assuming Zekrom is last in the pre-National Dex, there would be 143… so only 7 pokemon from previous generations show up in the Isshu Dex?!  Or there could be some possible number jumbling, but it does look that there is a chance that *according to this rumor* Isshu will contain ALL NEW POKEMON.
  • UPD2: As pointed out by Vinson, blue skY also mentioned that Turbo Blaze (Reshiram’s unique ability) will raise Sp Atk when fire type attacks are used, while Zekrom’s unique ability “Tera-Voltage increases its Atk when fire type moves are used. (Thanks Sabonea Masukippa)
  • UPD: I neglected to point this out, but a special attack called “Gouka” (lit: Hellfire) that has a base damage of 100 and 80% accuracy and may cause burn (sp atk).  Also a move called “Uzarai” which also has a base of 100 damage with 80% accuracy and may cause paralysis (phy atk).  Took me a bit to translate them </apology>

A little more rumor about the Isshu Dex, some supposedly “leaked” info.  End of the Pokedex (no pokemon names, just types):

  • #146 Grass (Pokemon #632)
  • #147 Poison (Pokemon #633)
  • #148 Ground (Pokemon #634)
  • #149 Dragon/Fire (RESHIRAM) (Pokemon #635)
  • #150 Dragon/Electric (ZEKROM) (Pokemon #636)
  • Next pokemon are unlisted in the ‘dex (similar to Rhyperior, Porygon-Z, etc in D/P) but are not previous generation pokemon.  COULD be evolutions of older pokemon, pre-evos, OR legendaries… or just regular pokemon I suppose?
  • Ice/Fighting (Pokemon #637)
  • Fire/Dark [Houndoom evo?  I hope so!  Just popped into my mind because of type] (Pokemon #638)
  • Ground/Bug (Pokemon #639)
  • Poison/Dragon (Pokemon #640)
  • Steel (Pokemon #641)
  • Water (Pokemon #642)
  • Fire (Pokemon #643)
  • Dragon/Ice [<- This is 3rd legendary!!] (Pokemon #644)
  • Normal/Ghost (Pokemon #645)
  • Dragon (Pokemon #646)
  • Dark/Psychic (Pokemon #647)

Most of today’s rumors are translated from blue skY, a blog which gained notereity in the Gen4 era when information was coming out and actually had quite a few rumors which turned out to be true.  This is Gen5 though, totally different ballgame.  Hoping they’re right though frankly, Dragon/Ice sounds cool.  (Forgot Giratina wasn’t even in D/P Sinnoh Dex.  My baaaaad)

<3 pokejungle

ps- Love how you guys audit my posts.  Keeps me on my toes!  NO GANMII. Untrue rumor unrelated to move ones.