Ruuuuuuumor Time!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted some rumors, but I have dug up enough to warrant an entire post.  :3  Remember, these are not to be considered anything other than fiction UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. But until then we can discuss, hypothesize, and complain!  Or… perhaps rejoice if something strikes our fancy? Oh and there is no Ganmii~

  • UPD: Black City has a person you can pay to raise a Pokemon’s EVs (Thanks Sabonea Masukippa)
  • UPD: White Forest has a person you can give berries to raise a Pokemon’s happiness (Thanks Sabonea Masukippa)
  • Isshu Dex has 150 Pokemon in it, TOTAL pokemon w/ gen 5 is up to 647.
  • UPD: I did the math, and with the 493 Pokemon, and assuming Zekrom is last in the pre-National Dex, there would be 143… so only 7 pokemon from previous generations show up in the Isshu Dex?!  Or there could be some possible number jumbling, but it does look that there is a chance that *according to this rumor* Isshu will contain ALL NEW POKEMON.
  • UPD2: As pointed out by Vinson, blue skY also mentioned that Turbo Blaze (Reshiram’s unique ability) will raise Sp Atk when fire type attacks are used, while Zekrom’s unique ability “Tera-Voltage increases its Atk when fire type moves are used. (Thanks Sabonea Masukippa)
  • UPD: I neglected to point this out, but a special attack called “Gouka” (lit: Hellfire) that has a base damage of 100 and 80% accuracy and may cause burn (sp atk).  Also a move called “Uzarai” which also has a base of 100 damage with 80% accuracy and may cause paralysis (phy atk).  Took me a bit to translate them </apology>

A little more rumor about the Isshu Dex, some supposedly “leaked” info.  End of the Pokedex (no pokemon names, just types):

  • #146 Grass (Pokemon #632)
  • #147 Poison (Pokemon #633)
  • #148 Ground (Pokemon #634)
  • #149 Dragon/Fire (RESHIRAM) (Pokemon #635)
  • #150 Dragon/Electric (ZEKROM) (Pokemon #636)
  • Next pokemon are unlisted in the ‘dex (similar to Rhyperior, Porygon-Z, etc in D/P) but are not previous generation pokemon.  COULD be evolutions of older pokemon, pre-evos, OR legendaries… or just regular pokemon I suppose?
  • Ice/Fighting (Pokemon #637)
  • Fire/Dark [Houndoom evo?  I hope so!  Just popped into my mind because of type] (Pokemon #638)
  • Ground/Bug (Pokemon #639)
  • Poison/Dragon (Pokemon #640)
  • Steel (Pokemon #641)
  • Water (Pokemon #642)
  • Fire (Pokemon #643)
  • Dragon/Ice [<- This is 3rd legendary!!] (Pokemon #644)
  • Normal/Ghost (Pokemon #645)
  • Dragon (Pokemon #646)
  • Dark/Psychic (Pokemon #647)

Most of today’s rumors are translated from blue skY, a blog which gained notereity in the Gen4 era when information was coming out and actually had quite a few rumors which turned out to be true.  This is Gen5 though, totally different ballgame.  Hoping they’re right though frankly, Dragon/Ice sounds cool.  (Forgot Giratina wasn’t even in D/P Sinnoh Dex.  My baaaaad)

<3 pokejungle

ps- Love how you guys audit my posts.  Keeps me on my toes!  NO GANMII. Untrue rumor unrelated to move ones.

  1. Dragon/Ice Sounds Epic! Plus it gets rid of one of its weaknesses!!!! P.S. Dark/Psychic sounds Boss

  2. I love your blog. I thought you should know that. I don’t usually post, but I always read! Thanks for all the up to date info!

    1. Thanks Cole <3 Makes me happy when I hear stuff like that!

      ps- Everyone else who commented on the other post where I was being emo about the hype around PJN going down THANK YOU. Cheered me up :3

  3. Well according to some simple math I did…it says that we would have 154 new Pokemon all together. 🙂

  4. BlueSky also states that:

    – The ability Turbo Blaze raises Special Attack (Circumstances not mentioned)
    – The ability Tera Voltage raises Attack (Circumstances not mentioned)

  5. Also, PJN, I’m sure the Pokemon after Zekrom will become available after you clear the game and obtain the National Dex, like when it came to Gallade, Giratina, Shaymin, and what not.

  6. If that part about the total pokemon is true, that means Gen 5 added 154 pokemon, the most yet. That’s nuts! I have to say Ice/Dragon and Dark/Psychic almost sound too good to be true, but it’d be awesome if those turn out to be real. Is it possible the three pokemon before Reshi/Zek are the trio for this gen? That would be pretty sweet to get a new typing for the trio. Anyway, it’ll be fun to see if any of these turn out to be true. I’d be happy to see just about any of this be true.

    It’s great to see the rumors still coming. Any pokemon site can report the facts, but I love coming here because of the rumors (even if none of them turn out to be true, I half expect that) and because of the atmosphere. Most pokemon news sites are just kind of a “here are the facts” kind of site, but is unique because of your interaction with your visitors/commentors and your bloggish style of reporting news. I like it and that’s why you’re right next to Serebii on my bookmarks bar (a very coveted place to be, I’ll have you know). Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing. I look forward to following your site for a long time to come.

  7. wow, sounds interesting!!!

    the 3rd trio is dragon ice?? that must be awesome ;D
    fire-dark probably an evolution for houndoom!!
    poison-dragon pokemon may be based from komodo!
    what??? normal-ghost type??? i can imagine it >o<
    i hope the dark-psychic will be pseudo-legendary!

  8. Ahhh, food for thought. ^__^ I love new rumors, regardless if they will be true in time to come, or not.

    This isn’t the only rumor that has said this generation will have the most Pokemon. =P I would love to have over 150.

    Very, very neat typings at the end of the dex. I love new type combinations. And those three before Reshiram and Zekrom… “Grass, Poison, Ground”. That REALLY makes me think of a ‘nature’ trio. I would love for this to be true!

  9. ince its not in the pokedex… perhaps we have to wait until the 3rd BW version to even catch it?!

    orrrr, you know, it’s another DPt situation.
    Did you completely forget about Cresselia? Heatran? Regigigas? Giratina (DP)?

    Anyway, interesting rumors. Sad that we won’t know until the games are released if true, though…

    Also come on Gamefreak
    Even numbers are your friend >:|
    Just 3 more Pokemon! Cap us off at 650!
    unless….+3 event Pokemon?!

  10. the only one i’m not sure of is the normal/ghost…

    ice/fighting..polar bear?
    fire/dark..if its a houndoom evo it better be great!
    poison/dragon..i dont want it to be a legendary

  11. Oooh, normal/ghost would be awesome! And so would poison/dragon! Houndoom evo? YES PLEASE! 8D Thanks for posting these~ <3

  12. I’d like to point out the the legendary trio, which is most likely the Poison/Grass/Ground trio coming before Reshiram and Zekrom, form a perfect type triangle. Only four combinations are capable of this:
    and of course, Grass/Fire/Water

    And before anyone says it, NO, Dark/Psychic/Fighting is not a type triangle. Psychic does not affect Dark.

  13. Sorry I meant to also point out that Blue Sky HAS been wrong before. Pre-DP, they said the first gym leader was ground, and gave three new Pokemon names that never came about.

    Granted, they have a bit more credibility than the average rumor, but it’s just a word of caution.

    1. Hejiru: Yup, not saying that blue skY is infallible x3 This isn’t “inside sources” that they have access to or anything. Wasn’t the first gym ground though? Or was it steel? It was the guy with the hardhat… I know that lol.

      But yes, I would guess that is the legendary trio :3

  14. Wait, 154 pokemon?
    I have a hunch.
    I think that, if that is true, there are going to be three event legendaries that whoever said this did not know about, taking the grand total to 650. At least, I hope there is :p

  15. I doubt Game Freak cares about “rounding off” the total number. Honestly, the only time it was ever at a number that was perfect was generation 1. 2 had 251. 3 had 386. 4 was at 493. I don’t see why everyone thinks it’ll be perfectly capped.

  16. Grei:

    Sorry but that dosen’t work either. I got that piece of info from the Cave of Dragonflies. The webmaster there used a script to find all possible combinations, so we know those are the only possible type triangles.

    1. Bay: I saw that some people at SPP assumed Ganmii was also true because of Nitro Charge, but they were two separate rumors and “Ganmii” is DEFINITELY false. So I used that image to clear it up for anyone who thought otherwise :p

  17. Haha. Good! It’s perfectly portrayed. Darken it somewhat and hand it a pitchfork and suddenly it’s a dark type. xD

    If Chiramii evolves, I pray it stays Normal. Normal type Pokemon with Technician are pretty neat. Quick Attack and Fake out suddenly become staple moves on those combinations.

  18. OK, sorry about the Ganmii thing, my mistake. :p

    But Pokejungle, I don’t see where you’re getting 143 from. If there’s 647 total, that makes 154 fifth gen Pokemon. (647-493=154)

    1. Yup, I was saying there were 150 pokemon in the supposed Isshu dex, which only went up to Pokemon # 636 (Zekrom), but 636-493 is only 143 Pokemon BUT pre-National dex has 150 in it. I wasn’t talking about total number of 5th gen Pokemon.

  19. Never mind, I think I see now. You already got the 154 number, subtrated 11 (because they said those 11 are not in Isshu Dex) assumed that the rest of Isshu Pokemon are in Isshu Dex and that makes 143. So it all checks out.

    Sorry, thats twice I’ve been wrong about stuff on here in less than an hour. I must need some sleep. :p

    1. I already had to update that post several times and post the anti-Ganmii image as damage control so no worries :p I want to go to sleep right now to be honest @@; Ugh. So tired.

    1. Luma: I guess you could consider “Ganmii” as one of my screwups because it was a rumor on 2ch, but one created out of jest and is a play on Chiramii’s name and the word “stink eye” in Japanese. Aaaaaaand since I don’t know every slang word in Japanese, sometimes those things slip by me :p

  20. I really hope this one is true, just because there’s so many interesting typings going on here.

    Just one note. The last one (presumably the Uber of the game) is Psychic/Dark, Psychic normally being the light/good type and Dark being well, you know. Yin-Yang Pokemon, anyone? Would be all too appropriate.

  21. Oh, and I’m thinking that if this list is true, the Fire/Dark and Ice/Fighting could be two opposing Pokemon, like Darkrai/Creselia. Fire beats Ice and Fighting beats Dark, and all.

  22. That’d be neat, Montblanc. I’m seriously hoping this rumor is true. Very neat combinations of types. And the fact that if it is true, our legendary trio will most likely be Grass, Ground, and Poison. ^__^

  23. Oh, does anybody know what their past rumors were? I’m looking on Google, but it’s mostly discussion about this set of rumors.

    1. Montblanc: If you go to PJN’s homepage you can see there is a “Categories” drop-down and there is a “Rumor” section which will list all the rumors that I have posted thus far… if that helps…

  24. Okay, thanks. Incidentally, there’s one untranslated part. I think it’s about two new attacks? Power 100, accuracy 80, one special, one physical, chance of burn on one and chance of paralysis on the other. I’m guessing Zekrom and Reshiram’s exclusive attacks?

  25. Allright!!! New pokemon over 150!! Looking forward to see them all!! I heard a rumor that the next issue of CoroCoro will be the ‘Master Document’ of BW. Does that mean all BW stuffs will be revealed next month?? kinda scary to think all CoroCoro pages are talking about Pokemon…

    1. I dunno if “master doc” is the right word (is that what SPP said it was?) but it is apparently a supplemental mini-magazine (probably 10 or 12 pages) with a bunch of info. Of course in August we’ll already start seeing screen leaks so whether we’ll glean too much new information from it has yet to be seen.

  26. Which was which in terms of the legendaries’ abilities? TeraVoltage and TurboBlaze to Zekrom and Reshiram, but which boosted physical and which one special?

  27. ohhh more rumours~
    this totally makes my day!! :DDDDDD

    ahaha to much anticipation!!
    and i want the ice/dragon type! D:<

  28. yup, saw that at serebii. But I still think that all Gen5 Pokemon will be revealed that month. You know… the demo thingy…..

  29. and i’m kinda happy that there’s no gammii. ^^;

    i wanna see turbo blaze in action. *_*
    *wants reshiram so badly!!!*

  30. *Still laughing at Ganmii ROFLMAO*

    But seriously, I’m still wondering what Normal/Ghost actually look like… It will have 3 immunities LOL…. And the Psychic/Dark Pokemon… 4x weakness to Bug??? Good News for Bug Pokemon….

  31. 154 Pokemon, it makes sense to start over, after all this is a new country we’re in. (Evidence suggests either China or the USA) But yes my ONLY concern is that no old pokemon are in the game (at first it seems) which means we are in Ruby/Sapphire territory which in game pattern checks out. Dragon/Ice like Dragon/Fire is VERY devious (question is how will they complete Yin/Yang with a third) and so is Normal/Ghost (Only Dark types work). Also I wonder how many more creatures (animals or myths) will be patterned on this game.
    My wish is that a water bear or puffin will be patterned. Or even better- bombardier beetle. Bug/Fire would be a great typing. Plus it would make a kickass bug type to rival Heracross, with explosive moves and have a red-orange color scheme.

  32. Also, I hope that there will be a bug evolutionary family that have a NORMAL evo requirement.. like the final evo will evolve when it reach lv.45 or higher… not low like Lv.10… high hopes for bug pseudo-legendary… ^_^

  33. # Ice/Fighting (Pokemon #637)
    # Fire/Dark (Pokemon #638)
    # Ground/Bug (Pokemon #639)

    could this be a trio??

  34. Grass, Ground and Poison as the Legendary Minor Trio…

    Representing the different fields? Grass – Valley. Ground – Mountain or Desert. Poison – Swamp.

  35. Also, I hope there are 3 occult event Pokemon not showed to that list because…they´re secret lol.

    That way we would have 650 Pokemon and 157 new Pokemon xP

  36. You missed out the ice/fire/ground type triangle
    154 sounds like a decent number hope these are true 🙂

  37. @joaquin that’d be pretty awesome!!!
    i actually kinda want that to happen now :DD

  38. Pokejungle the first gym leader in gen 4 was Roark, yes he had a hardhat and it was a rock type gym

  39. Well, I think we will have many legendary trios now…. the Nature Trio, YinYang Trio, and the other one whose members are Ice/Fighting-Fire/Dark-Ground/Bug… Well, we can’t say they’re legendaries and I’m not sure about the third trio… but they’re at the bottom of the Pokedex… so… some posiibilities…

  40. @Fazkool I don´t think the Ground/Bug will be in a trio with the Ice/Fighting and Fire/Dark.

    Yet, I think Ice/Fighting and Fire/Dark will form a duo. A la Darkrai and Cresselia but better.

  41. @ozymandis Yup, so there’s some possibilities those new ones are also legendaries…
    @Joaquin Well, maybe your right… because they have weakness and strength towards each other… and Ground/Bug are too powerful for the Fire/Dark Pokemon… Well, like I said before, there lies possibilities…

  42. Sabonea Masukippa has made some accurate translations in Serebii:

    TurboBlaze Special Attack rises when you use a fire type attack.
    TeraVoltage Attack rises when you use an electric attack.

    You can pay money in Black City [to someone] to have your Pokemon’s EVs raised.
    In White Forest you can use Berries to raise the Happiness of your Pokemon.

  43. Regarding Dex totals…

    It’s possible that a bunch of the new Pokemon won’t actually be in the Isshu Dex, a la Diamond and Pearl. If we subtract some legendaries and (perhaps) new evos, that would leave room for a few more oldbies in the local dex.

  44. If these are true it seems like Pokemon White got a raw deal with it’s White Forest person increasing happiness… can do that in so many other places. :/

    Whereas Pokemon Black get’s someone who raises Ev’s? 🙁

  45. @Sponge I agree with you. And also, in Black the cost is just money, which you can get in battles easily, but in White, the cost is berries, which you have to find yourself. That’s it, i’m getting Black!! The futuristic cities seems cool…. ^_^

  46. @Tyranitar Trainer:

    Your “Ice/Fire/Ground” triangle idea doesn’t work out. A triangle doesn’t just work in one direction. It works in the opposite direction with weaknesses as well. Hejiru has named all possible triangle combinations, so there is no point in trying to find more. =P

    @ Peter: You’re asking for a water bear, and we may already have a Pokemon based around it. Rankurusu could very well be a tardigrade. It is cell-like. And both of its abilities show that it is very resilient to outside forces. Magic Guard and the new Dust Proof.

  47. Also, if that is true about the EVs in Black and the happiness in White…. Well, that’s a bit of a crappy tradeoff, to be completely honest. Not only in that one raises EVs and one raises happiness, but also that the better one is only paid for by money, and the not as good gets paid for by berries. One sided much, Game Freak?

  48. Ice/Fighting = Lord of mixed sweeping?
    Fire/Dark = Houndoom evo would rock!
    Normal/Ghost = lolwut?
    Dark/Psychic = a lot of people would be let down if it was fake/sucks

  49. Oh, poop >:( theyre ruining white for me! first black gets cool cities,now evs!? its simply unfair! why downgrade white? if zekrom werent a beast id switch ;p

    anywho…a part of me feels this is fake :p too many legends at end of dex. (unless this is ala DP)

  50. Just pointing out that if Fire/Dark is the correct order for that Pokémon, it can’t be a Houndoom evolution due to the fact that Houndoom is Dark/Fire.

  51. Nice catch, Bunny Raider. If this rumor happens to be real, that’s a great eye you have. 😛

    If ‘V’, as the fandom has dubbed it, is the Normal/Ghost, I’ll be super happy. Normal/Ghost typing is so unique. I love it.

  52. a normal ghost type…..*gets chills*
    it would be awesome if the so called “V” was a normal/ghost type. :DD

  53. @ Bay: how do the triangles Hejiru named work both ways? They don’t work in the opposite direction with weaknesses at all. Most cases they don’t even hit with neutral damage, so I’m confused as to what you mean with “working in both directions”.
    Fire/Rock/Steel – Fire doesn’t beat Rock, Rock doesn’t beat Steel, and Steel doesn’t beat Fire. It only works one way with: Rock > Fire > Steel. No neutral.
    Rock/Fighting/Flying – same here Rock doesn’t beat Fighting, Fighting doesn’t beat Flying and Flying doesn’t beat Rock. None hit for neutral here. One way: Rock > Flying > Fighting.
    Grass/Poison/Ground – Same again only works Grass > Ground > Poison.
    and of course, Grass/Fire/Water – same again Grass > Water > Fire. Not even neutral damage.

    I see no way in which the triangles Hejiru gave work both ways.

    Ice > Flying > Fighting
    Ice > Ground > Fire
    Ice > Ground > Steel
    All work the same way as the ones above.

  54. @dude Not exactly.
    For example:
    Ice > Flying > Fighting

    Fighting isn´t effective against Flying, but Flying is neutral against Ice.

  55. @lellowAdventures seldom looks cool but it is not very good against reshiram, because reshirams fire moves are only at regular power (because of zekroms dragon) but, zekroms electric type attacks are at 1/4 power due to reshiram being dragon, and fire. Don’t believe me? Look it up!

  56. Wait. Famitsu has CONFIRMED the abilities and signature moves of Reshiram and Zekrom and the guys who raise EVs and happiness with money and berries.

    So, does this indirectly confirm the Pokedex stuff too?

  57. @dude

    They “work both ways” because

    Fire is supereffective on Grass, and not very effective on Water.
    Grass is supereffective on Water, and not very effective on Fire.
    Water is supereffective on Fire, and not very effective on Grass.

    Rock is supereffective on Flying, and not very effective on Fighting.
    Flying is supereffective on Fighting, and not very effective on Rock.
    Fighting is supereffective on Rock, and not very effective on Flying.

    Fire is supereffective on Steel, and not very effective on Rock.
    Steel is supereffective on Rock, and not very effective on Fire.
    Rock is supereffective on Fire, and not very effective on Steel.

    Grass is supereffective on Ground, and not very effective on Poison.
    Ground is supereffective on Poison, and not very effective on Grass.
    Poison is supereffective on Grass, and not very effective on Ground.

    These four are the ONLY POSSIBLE TYPE TRIANGLES.
    If you want more proof, see the links below. (under “types”, number 10)

  58. lol,normal ghost will be something like the cell pokemon revealed,like a plasmatic pokemon

    plasmosth (plasma+ghost)

    somebody inside of the plasma and the plasma can change at the pokemon will like a flying ditto than can pass through walls lol

  59. @Hejiru: Being super effective in one direction, and not very effective in the other is not “working both ways”. If they were super effective both ways that would be “working both ways”. So make it clear what you’re saying next time. I don’t need more proof seen as you explained what you meant this time and it’s understandable.

    Btw there’s no need for the capital letters: I don’t have eyesight problems, thanks.

  60. Here’s hoping Poison-Dragon is Arbok’s evolution.

    It could evolve into a basilisk, like many have speculated, and basilisks are almost dragon-like.

    The upside of evolving old Pokemon: mediocre Pokemon become more playable
    The downside: introduction of a bunch of expensive situational items you’ll need to trade to get the evolutions

    When will the Fire Stone and Thunderstone get some love again? 🙁 Oh! Maybe Hihidaruma and Shimama will evolve with those stones? (Please let it happen)

    I think the Fire-Ice-Ground trio will be the cave-dwelling trio. Fire-Dark will be in a coal mine. Ice-Fighting will be in the mountains, Ground-Bug will be in a giant tree.

    @Grass-Ground-Poison trio: Legendary dryads? So far, we’ve had birds, beasts, golems, and faeries. Dryads would fit right in.

    Steel = Mawile evolution?
    Water = Golduck evolution?
    Fire = Torkoal evolution?

  61. i heard that the legndary was gonna be steel/dragon from somewhere.
    anybody else hear that?

  62. @ozymandis I didn’t hear that, I keep hearing Ice/Dragon, but steel/dragon sounds epic! 😀

  63. Why are so many people stuck on Fire/Dark being a Houndoom evolution? Not only is Houndoom strong enough already, so an evolution is unlikely, but that literally can’t be it even if they gave it one. Why? Houndoom is Dark/Fire, not Fire/Dark. No Pokemon in the history of Pokemon has swapped its primary and secondary types during Evolution.

  64. @david, i know right? i thought i heard it here, but i couldn’t find it in any of the older posts so idk…GAHHH i want a steel dragon! D:<

  65. @kevin i agree, i don’t think houdoom really needs an evo it’s just as kick ass as ever! 😛

  66. These sound too good to be true! I would definitely use a houndoom evo. I want it really, really bad now. Kevin has a good point, though. That could be human error when posting the rumors.
    Ghost/Normal sounds weird, though. Bikutini???

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