MMC ‘Carbon’ Public Beta Released

Our community members have been aware for awhile, but one of our administrators (saul) has been working on our latest and by far greatest theme.  So we’re officially having a public beta!  It’s pretty nice and comes with some new profiles which have some nice CSS effects and a CSS style selector that is all based around the same HTML code but can completely change the look without even refreshing the page!

The issues we know of:

  • Links to profiles other than when they are in posts need to be fixed
  • bbcode is not working in the fully reply / new thread page
  • Aaaaand we need YOU to help us find more!

Carbon is not just a theme though, but that is all we’re testing at the moment.  This is for 1 week only.  It will be released with bugs fixed in August for general use, along with the other major feature we’re working on for our forum, which is the ability to “buy” pokemon for your profile with currency gained through posting threads, replying, and even just for visiting!  But that will be released in August ;D

So if you’re interested in helping us test it PLEASE login (for members) or register!  Mt. Moon Community <- link

<3 pokejungle

ps- now I’m going to bed.  On the way back from my friend’s house up north I kept falling asleep in the backseat of the car.  I’m hella tired.  Hopefully Mushaana will give me good dreams (btw- saw ‘Inception’, while I’m talking about dreams, and it was great).