Bus Tour pics (UPD2)

Only one new pic from the bus tour so far, and its nothing new, but I just love any new pictures and I figure you do too :3  Hopefully we’ll see clear shots of Darumakka and the plant! UPD1: New pokemon named Basurao. UPD2: Added picture of “Winter in Isshu” :3  Also there are rumors … Read more

Pokemon Sunday Recap (UPD3)

Going to be revealing Gigaiasu, Caterpillar, and Mamambou next week.  We simply got information on Victini.  Once you get the Liberty Ticket you will be able to visit the “Liberty Garden Tower” and a battle will ensue in which you can try to capture Victini.  I warned you all there wouldn’t be much info :s … Read more

Pokemon Sunday: Stream [LIVE]

Alright guys, per usual I have embedded the stream of Pokemon Sunday for you~  This week’s episode is NOT supposed to reveal much… just some Victini information.  ie: if you don’t have time to watch it, don’t feel bad!  The Yahoo! leak already provided us with Victini’s type and ability so there isn’t *too* much … Read more

CoroCoro Leaks

I’m just going to make a new post to save us some confusion.  This is the *legit* information from the two small scans we’ve seen so far. Seasons will last 1 month of real world time Aloe is the gym leader of Shippou City Shikijika’s colors change depending on the season- Spring: Pink / Summer: … Read more

We fell for it

This image is actually an elaborate hoax.  Please disregard 😐 Oh and its the reason I got 4hrs of sleep.  FML.  Shikijika/Aloe small pics look like they are still legit though. Previous post has been edited as well. </3 pokejungle ps- come chat with us 😀  Or add us on facebook.  Or register on our … Read more

CoroCoro Leaking (UPD4 – BIG SCAN = FAKE)

It is 6am.  Little less than 4hrs after I just went to sleep. I am awake.  FOR YOU ALL. <3  To bring you this ASAP. UPD2: Clear scans! INFORMATION BETWEEN THE LINES IS FAKE! —————— Giruja (fish) – “Fish Pokemon” Can only be caught by fishing. Type: Water | Ability: Swift Swim Hakubirisu (swan) – … Read more