Passwords Galore!

“Galore” is a bit of an over-statement, but you get the point. :p

Over the past few days, a couple of passwords have been released for Rumble Blast and the Dream World! So here’s a quick list of them:

For the EU Dream World, the “Poison Touch Croagunk” and the Croagunk C-Gear skin are now available:

  • UK Dream World “Poison Touch Croagunk” – Code: CROACNintendoOfficial
  • UK Dream World Croagunk C-Gear skin – Code: CRONintendoOfficial
  • Germany Dream World “Poison Touch Croagunk” – Code: CROACNZONE
  • Germany Dream World Croagunk C-Gear skin – Code: CRONZONE


All the Croagunk Dream World events will start from November 16th onwards. As for Rumble Blast, several passwords have been released for US versions of the game:

  • Zoroark  | Strength: Aprox. 1100 | Ability: PokéTC | Moves: Foul Play | Password: 2153-6742
  • Audino | Strength: Aprox. 2100 | Ability: Mood Maker | Moves: Secret Power | Password: 0176-1458
  • Dialga | Strength: Aprox. 2100 | Ability: None | Moves: Iron Tail | Password: 3402-6485


Speaking of Rumble Blast, for those in Australia, the game will officially be released on December 8th under the title Super Pokemon Rumble. And, on top of all this the new Dream World area Rugged Mountain is officially live! So go enjoy some Pokemon! 😀

peace, ozymandis