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…has appeared! That’s right!  It’s time to get off the subject of Pokemon for a second! What are you all playing right now? The gaming world has seen TONS of great releases lately, so I’m curious as to what our readers have bought or want to pick up (Christmas soon!).  Here’s a list of some games that came out recently (clicking on product details is simply the Amazon page with the technical stuff I don’t care about):

  • Skyrim – The rest of the titles are Nintendo, but I could not talk about current games without bringing this one in!  I’ll be getting my copy (had to ship from the US to my apt in Japan) and I cannot wait to dive in.  Some of you may have experience with Morrowind or Oblivion, the latter of which stole 150hrs of my life.  The Elder Scrolls series has consistently produced games that one can get lost in.  Too excited for this to arrive *_* (Product Details)
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – This would be the game that I wish I had a Wii for.  Based on the reviews I’ve read… it seems magnificent. Didn’t pick up Twilight Princess because of too many other things to buy while I was still living in the US, but for some reason this new LoZ title seems to be much more interesting to me.  I’m sad I don’t have a Wii 🙁 (Product Details)
  • Super Mario 3D Land  – At some point in the future I will be getting this 3DS title.  I have a Japanese one, which means that games that heavily feature dialogue or storytelling are lost on me (…can’t play English games ‘cos of region locking, feels bad man).  Mario is definitely one of those games that can be enjoyed no matter what language you buy it in though, which makes it perfect for me.  My Japanese is actually not bad, but the level of kanji and vocabulary comprehension you need to play Japanese games is still a bit above me. (Product Details)
  • Pokemon Rumble Blast – Yeah, last month’s title, but still relevant if you ask me.  Did you guys buy it?  Skip it?  Waiting for Santa? :p (Product Details)
  • And outside of our Nintendo haven there are quite a few other notable releases, including Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, and probably some other nice console titles.
So let’s get a nice long comment section going!  If you didn’t notice, the comment link is now above the article (^) under the title.
<3 pokejungle
ps- I think Dusparce is a good mascot for “off-topic” articles :B
  1. I picked up Super Mario 3D Land yesterday and so far, so good!
    It’s pretty simple, and so far it hasn’t been a challenge at all.

    It’s perfect, though for a car ride, or just a quick level between classes. 🙂

  2. Haven’t bought any new games yet… waiting for christmas season to get them, except for the Halo 1 remake tomorrow! Yay!

    Left my Wii back home, hope my siblings enjoy Skyward Sword!

  3. So far, I am not playing any of them. :/ Though some are just lack of money. I stand with what I have said on Pokemon rumble, It is not worth my money. I no longer have a Wii, so I will not get skyward sword, though I may go rent it and play on my friends.
    I will however be playing the Halo anniversary.It is a gaming priority. I was thinking of buying battlefield 3 to play with fiancee because we play Halo reach so often and he is getting it. But as of now, everything outside of Halo is a want.

  4. PRB has been keeping me quite happy and pretty busy in the gaming department for the last few weeks. SM3DL looks kinda cool. I’ll probably get it eventually one way or another, but I may wait a while because I’m still also debating about when and whether to get Kirby: Return to Dreamland and/or Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL. As for the other games listed above, I’m not interested myself, but I’m sure they’re great for those who are interested. ^‿^

  5. I really want to get Skyrim and Skyward Sword! But I’ll probably have to wait till Christmas to get my hands on those two. ;A; And I’m patiently waiting for Animal Crossing 3DS to come out…I’m just casually playing through Pokemon Soul Silver atm. But I think I’m going to go play through the Uncharted series or Shadow of the Colossus soon. My brother just recently bought a PS3 and picked up those games and I’ve watched him play it, and he keeps telling me to play them, not like he has to tell me twice though, I already want to play them. :9

  6. Dunsparce, yay, my favourite Pokemon <3

    Out of those 4, I have Super Mario 3D Land and Pokemon Rumble Blast. Rumble Blast didn't hold my attention for too long, but it was a pretty good game. 3D Land is AMAZING, but it's a bit on the short side.

    Aaaand I can't wait to play Skyward Sword <3

  7. I have skyrim and it’s freaking amazing. And I’ve also been playing lego harry potter years 5-7 for xbox. It’s really awesome. And I’m also getting the halo anniversary. Aww yeah.

  8. I’m playing skyrim :> . An argonian that specializes in hand-to-hand combat (via Fists of Steel perk) and sneaking. YEEEEP SOUNDS LOGICAL TO ME.

  9. I slightly confuses me that not once has MW3 been mentioned :/
    Ok, I’ll probably be picking up Uncharted 3 after Xmas, but hopefully Santa will shove my stocking full of 3DS games.
    I’ve already preordered in full a copy of LoZ: Skyward Sword, so I’ll be playing that as soon as humanly possible.
    As for what I actually have? My copy of Kirby Wii from the US came in the mail and I plan to play the snot out of that before Skyward Sword arrives.
    Lucky Yanks. Not only do you get pretty much every Ninty game before Australia, but you get them at a fraction that we pay here. Honestly, f*** Australia.

  10. Im waiting for christmas for some new games. Hoping to get Rumble Blast and Mari 3D Land. 😛

    I’ve mainly been playing Team Fortress 2. XD

  11. DUNSPARCE: the “seriously… it’s a Pokemon” Pokemon!

    By the end of this year, I hope (+ plan) to get Super Pokemon Rumble, Mario Kart and possibly Professor Layton and the Spectres Call
    Also plan to get (sometime in the future) Animal Crossing 3DS version (when it comes out), a PS Vita (on the 22nd February) and also Skylanders for the Wii, then for the 3DS.
    Not really planning on MW3 since I have never been in to MW and am not a fan, not something I could play everyday.

  12. I plan on buying Zelda this week.
    Skyrim has to wait till summer next year, when I have time and a shiny new laptop.
    Super Mario/Mario Kart get a wait and see approach, although more waiting than seeing.

  13. I really want skyward sword and mario kart 7 . It’s soposed to be awesome . Also I’m begging you to update the black and white app. I’M BEGGING YOU.

  14. I really want skyward sword and mario kart 7 . It’s going to be awesome . Also I’m begging you to update the black and white app. I’M BEGGING YOU.

  15. I’ve been playing Skyrim (when I get the chance, damned exams). It’s incredible-conjurer/destruction high elf mage FTW! Pretty much no armour, DON”T NEED IT >:D

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