Tornadus/Thundurus WiFi Event Announced!

For those who don’t know, the Pokemon anime will air specials featuring Tornadus and Thundurus, and to tie in with this, a Wifi event has been announced in Japan! This event will give you the legendary that you weren’t able to get in your game. If you have Black you’ll receive Thundurus, and if you’re playing White you’ll receive Tornadus. If you obtain both of these legendaries in one game you’ll be able to encounter and catch Landorus, so it’s a pretty dang good event if you haven’t got it in your Pokedex yet. ‘Cause seriously, roaming legendaries can be a total pain. :p The event will be active for all Japanese games from December 16th, 2011 until January 10th, 2012.

peace, ozymandis

P.S. What’s your guy’s favorite of the Kami Trio? Mine has to be Thundurus for sure. 🙂