Japanese “Famitsu Cup” Tournament Coming!

If you haven’t, make sure to check up on our Rugged Mountain details as well as the Autumn Deerling C-Gear skin password!

For those of you who don’t know, Famitsu is a popular gaming magazine published in Japan.  They’re partnering with Pokemon to present an official “Famitsu Cup” tournament which will be hosted in December.  Here are some official details:

  • Entry: December 1st – 6th
  • Tournament Duration: December 7th – 11th
  • Battle Style: Single
  • Level: 50 (Pokemon will be scaled down if above, but not scaled up)
  • Participants: Register 3 to 6 pkmn in your Battle Box, 3 may be used per match
  • Restrictions: No legendaries

Anyone think they’ll participate? (Must have a Japanese Black or White copy)

<3 pokejungle