UPD: NEW ‘Rugged Mountain’ Details!


Because we work hard to bring up to the minute Pokémon news for you guys, we’ve unearthed some of the Pokémon available in the newest Dream World area:

  • Spinda (Ability: Contrary / Move: Superpower)
  • Torkoal (Ability: Shell Armor)
  • Rhyhorn (Ability: Reckless)
  • Skorupi (Ability: Keen Eye)
  • Cacnea (Ability: Water Absorb)
  • Mankey (Ability: Defiant)
  • Burmy (Ability: Overcoat)
  • Other Rock/Ground/Fire types

The new area will also be celebrated with a Croagunk download which has the hidden ability Poison Touch and the attack Poison Jab! Password is IGNRuggedMountain!

More info if it comes. UPD: Video added + 3 new pokemon details

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