Pokemon Sunday…

…showed the above silhouette of a bird pokemon!  I dunno, you guys think it might be Mamepato’s final stage?  Hopefully CoroCoro will leak tonight or tomorrow night 😀 <3 pokejungle ps- I love all my fans who have already joined pokejungle on Facebook!  And… to be honest I love all my fans who haven’t joined us on … Read more

More CoroCoro Rumors

In addition to the two new Pokemon Pokebeach covered tonight, thought I’d do a quick post before bed of the latest CoroCoro “summaries” that have been posted.  Totally unconfirmed and possibly made up bs: Gochiruzeru (green blob), Rankurusu (goth), Kibago (larvitar-ish one), Hatopo- (notice PO not BO, still long “o” but I feel like people … Read more

Pokebeach reveals 2 pokemon! (UPD)

Full credit for the pictures goes to Pokebeach…  Bidoof on two legs, no?  This is the oft hypothesized about Minezumi NOT Nezumimi.  And no name on the other pokemon yet 🙂  I just call it red ears 😀  (red-orange really). Minezumi is also the pokemon features in this leaked screenshot: <3 pokejungle ps- After reading … Read more

NOA Rumors = FALSE

So everyone who was like “WTF HERACROSS DOESN’T NEED AN EVOLUTION!” or “What?!  Shimama doesn’t evolve?!” can rest easy for the moment.  Personally I still don’t think Shimama will evolve :p  But maybe, who knows. That’s what sucks about rumors though.  They aren’t always true 🙁  And I wasted at least an hour of my … Read more

The Demo

Sorry for the late post!  Just woke up!   So let’s go over the screenshots! Above shows a new pokemon called Hatooboo (that’s a long ‘o’ as in boat, not book).  Is it just me or does it look like it could be flying/ice?  Just my personal opinion haha. This one is blanked out 🙁 … Read more

2ch Rumors

Well, as long as we have now decided that you guys want some rumors, here’s 2ch’s take on the upcoming CoroCoro (this was posted “supposedly” as information from a leaked copy).  REMEMBER.  RUMOR.  NOT FACT: Ononokusu is rock/dragon Nezumimi is NOT related to Cherimii Moguryu is ground, Doryuuzu is steel (remember, if there is no … Read more