Next month’s CoroCoro notice

Hey PokéJunglers, your local translator Kriffix here making his first post as an admin!

Just to let you guys know, contrary to what was previously reported, next month’s CoroCoro’s freebie booklet is in fact called the “Black Document” and is set to be released on September 15th (although it will no doubt leak before this). It will be the third booklet in the series that CoroCoro is releasing and will hopefully offer more than last time’s “Advanced Document” (also called the “Master Document”).

August’s Issue (released July) came with the “Beginner Document
September’s Issue (released August) came with the somewhat lacklustre “Advanced Document
And as mentioned, October’s Issue (to be released September) will have the “Black Document

Not being familiar with CoroCoro’s tendency of naming their Issues the month after release was what caused the confusion up until now. Of course all on my part. Sorry guys, I live and learn!

So what do you guys think? Are we going to see some new Pokémon next month? Or simply some elaborating on ones we’ve previously seen?

The Pokémon Black and White Manga begins with next month’s issue too, this teaser picture is all we have to go by for the time being though!

Take care PokéJunglers!

  1. holy hell!!!also everyone,remember this”Z4QQQ and a batman symbol”i also cant wait for next month!

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  2. I hope we get lots more pokemon and more info on the seemingly complicated story too. I’m dying to know what the storys all about.

    1. I hope so too! Some details on N’s involvement or association with Team Plasma and what Team Plasma are all about would be nice.

      1. Yeah I really wanna know who N is and I really wanna know what was up with that person being crowned. I also wanna know what Reshiram and Zekrom rule cuz I don’t think it’s just fire and electricity

  3. i doubt it.They will probably just show Doryuuzu, Ononokusu and the others that havent been covered so far. Not many actual “new” pokemon if they show any at all. Possibly another legendary. Im guessing that there will be a technology legendary and a nature legendary specific to each game, despite them only showing Reshiram and Zekrom (technology because of their turbine engine tails). I thought at first that Wooguru was going to be one of them, but i guess not.

    while we discuss, let us converse of the awesomeness of this picture
    if only Darumakka had Hihidaruma’s grin : /

    1. Looks like the usual seven pokemon release in corocoro (as with the previous three issues), which might have hihidaruma’s pre-evo, the fish, the flying squirrel, and maybe the evolution of Mamepato. Some new details might be revealed (probably one more gym and a deeper elaboration on Team Plasma). But other than that, I wouldn’t expect that much new stuff.

      1. i agree.
        allthough since we have a month until it’s release we’ll probably find out more that will end up being in the next corocoro.

    2. No I don’t think they would reveal the Oha Sutas maybe Denchura and maybe Doryuuzu but no one else cuz the others look like they’re evolved forms and Corocoro typically shows pokemon in their basic stage first

      1. Hihidaruma, Musharna and Miruhoggu say hi. And they are the only ones we know that have a pre-evo/are evolutions.

        1. Scratch that, just understood what you said. I misread it 😛

          …Hihidaruma, says hi. They didn’t show Darumakka first. And the others could have pre-evo’s, we really don’t know if the others do to say that they only show basic stages first.

          Ononokusu could be shown if it is related to Kibago though if we’re following you’re logic.

          1. Yeah I know I’m just saying most of the time they show pre evos first. True it’s not confirmed that others have no pre evos but I’m willing to bet I’m right. I think wooguru may have a pre evo tho so I may be wrong with that theory

  4. it amazing to think that by this time next month we’ll be just a few days from getting the ishhu pokedex completely

    1. The whole isshu pokedex?

      I’m not setting my hopes up to high for this issue…like the last one >,<

        1. Oh, I see. Thanks for clearing things up 🙂

          Can’t wait for the release of the games.

  5. Now what makes me curious is why they’re calling this the Black Document. Is there going to be a White document? Is it called the Black document because it focuses on Black exclusives, or just for convenience they’re using it as the Red/Gold/Ruby/Diamond? Because otherwise it’d make more sense to combine both Black and White documents (given a White exists) for the sake of promoting BOTH games closer to release.

    1. Even after game release, CoroCoro will more than likely keep covering it a few chunks at a time (as has been the case in the past).
      Therefore a “White Document’ is by all means quite possible and maybe even down right likely.

      1. probably. Thats what Sakurai did with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. After the game came out he kept updating the main site for a year or so, compiling and revealing information even though anyone who bought the game would already know it

      2. Undoubtedly, but what I meant was that if they’re naming them “Black”, and we can expect the follow-up to be “White”, if the names bear any significance, it’d be silly to split version differences/plot information up by the release date of the games. That’s only IF that is why they’re calling this one the “Black Document”.

  6. They don’t really have to reveal much, ’cause three days after it’s on sale, Black and White will be released.

      1. Yeah and also we just know a few pokemon we don’t know any evos really so gamers might be a little in the dark with their parties

  7. I want my Denchura >:( anyways I hope they dont give us any plot spoilers or gym types until the game comes to america 🙁 such a long wait

    1. Wait, what? You don’t want plot spoilers or gym types until the games come to America? Well they will all be revealed in just over a month so if you don’t want spoilers, I advise you stay away from Pokemon sites :]

  8. yayyyyy congrats on making admin kriff! ^^
    welcome to the club~ :DDD

    i’m not gonna go bolistic if they don’t reveal that much i mean the game will come out a few days after anyways. :/

        1. Haha I remember that. But it’s ok no ones mad at u were mad at thumPers of corocoro

          1. bahahahah well yes everyone was.
            but i mean my organizing fail when all the info was pouring in my computer wouldn’t co-operate with the editing system so the pictures would randomly be in the middle of a sentance in their full was a mess. DX

            took a while to fix. :/

  9. thankfully,i get black version(may also be able to get white)on the release day,so i should get them in a week after ordering,and i will try to tell you all the news i get while playing,but i dont expect corocoro to reveal much,but no worries

        1. Oh lucky I think I’ll get mine from play Asia but I don’t understand anything about Japanese haha

    1. Thank Arceus I wasn’t the only one who thought of that 0_o

      And he looks like a certain character….wink wink nudge nudge?

  10. Congrats on being made admin Krif 😀
    I doubt there will be many new Pokemon revealed. I’m expecting Denchura, Desukan, the big mole thingy, Emonga, Basurao [sp?], the little Hihidaruma and Tabunne to be the Pokemon revealed in the issue, keeping with the 7 per issue ‘pattern’ they’ve had for the past two or so months.
    Plot wise, I’m hoping they’ll elaborate on Team Plasma and N.

      1. Yes, his front sprite should be quite interesting. I’m also interested to see Denchura’s art and typing. Electric/Bug, perhaps?

      1. Hahah. That’s probably only because PokéJungle has come a long way since when you first joined up though, no? No doubt partially thanks to Paul’s helpers such as yourself!

          1. xDDDDD
            bahahahahaha you guys didn’t have to.
            i was just playing the winey spoiled brat chracter. ><
            i'm not actually like that just btw..

    1. Fake fake fake fake fake. Don’t ever trust anybody who claims to be working for Nintendo. And do you really think N could possibly be “half-angel”??? How can anyone believe THAT?

    2. FAKE.
      ’nuff said.

      if you’re gonna fake it i mean sound reasonable…==’
      i mean seriosuly!
      N part angel? -___-‘

  11. Just a little over a month left! I wonder how many legendaries it’ll have? DPPt had 10… and HG/SS had 10… O.o HeartGold FC: 1677 8277 1176 PLZ reply with FCs

    1. I’m hoping they won’t have a whole lot. Pokemon was at its best when they kept the ledgendaries to a minimum and the plot was about getting the eight badges and beating the pokemon league. Now a days the plots all about the legendary pokemon causing problems. Don’t get me wrong I loved r/s and d/p i would just like the game better if it was focused on being the best trainer, not stopping the ledgendary pokemon

      1. Yeah, they’ve got carried away with the legendaries. It’s perfectly fine to have birds that control ice, lightning and fire, but beasts that control time and space?

    2. Diamond and pearl had 15. Let’s count Rotom, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Heatran, Regigigas, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Manaphy, Phione, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus.

        1. Well ledgendary music played when u battled him but it was never specific was he was a legendary or not

          1. Rotom is not a legendary. Cresselia and Shaymin have normal battle music. Does it make them regular pkmn? NO,.

  12. Hm I think the day the game comes out and the few days prior to it I’m going to avoid all pokemon websites i can so I don’t have a whole lot spoiled

  13. I expect Ononokusu, Doryuuzu, Desukan, Denchura, and the Starter’s evolution (unless Serebii tells us the Starter’s evolutions were revealed before the leaks). to be in the “Black Document”.

    1. It’s unlikely that we’ll get the starter evo’s. The only starter evo to ever be released before the games was Blaziken.

      1. You’re probably right, probably before or after the leaks of CoroCoro, Serebii will probably show us the Starter’s Evolutions.

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  15. The male protagonist looks younger D:
    Maybe this must be ironic, since most of the protagonists are about 10 in the game, while in the manga they are about 15…

  16. I hope Black Document will uncover ALL of the remaining information… Eager to complete my Pokemon pics!!!

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