Next month’s CoroCoro notice

Hey PokéJunglers, your local translator Kriffix here making his first post as an admin!

Just to let you guys know, contrary to what was previously reported, next month’s CoroCoro’s freebie booklet is in fact called the “Black Document” and is set to be released on September 15th (although it will no doubt leak before this). It will be the third booklet in the series that CoroCoro is releasing and will hopefully offer more than last time’s “Advanced Document” (also called the “Master Document”).

August’s Issue (released July) came with the “Beginner Document
September’s Issue (released August) came with the somewhat lacklustre “Advanced Document
And as mentioned, October’s Issue (to be released September) will have the “Black Document

Not being familiar with CoroCoro’s tendency of naming their Issues the month after release was what caused the confusion up until now. Of course all on my part. Sorry guys, I live and learn!

So what do you guys think? Are we going to see some new Pokémon next month? Or simply some elaborating on ones we’ve previously seen?

The Pokémon Black and White Manga begins with next month’s issue too, this teaser picture is all we have to go by for the time being though!

Take care PokéJunglers!