Pokémon Game Show: Sunday *Live Updates* [UPD2.5]

Good evening PokéJunglers, Our coverage of the PGS yesterday was a huge success, pretty much all information was posted here before any other site, so you know we’ve got your backs as far as news is concerned. Just imagine how much faster we would have been had it not been for the constant server errors … Read more

Pokémon Wii U Game Hinted at in promo! *Video*

Following on from our coverage of the Pokémon Game Show yesterday, a video has surfaced suggesting that the image we saw yesterday was indeed a new game. The trailer sets it up to be something after X and Y release, possibly a new Stadium/Battle revolution title! The graphics look to be Wii U and not … Read more

Pokémon Game Show: Saturday *Live Updates* [UPD10]

Good evening PokéJunglers! The Pokémon Game Show is about to begin, and so avid fans have already began to gather at Tokyos ‘Big Site’. We’ll update this post throughout the day with pictures of the event from our friends attending, as well as any news! Stay tuned! Update 10 : Added a PGS video and … Read more

Rumors: CoroCoro Confirmation Coming Soon

With CoroCoro right around the corner we at PokéJungle wanted to share a little rumor that has been circulating. It is from someone supposedly associated with Nintendo speaking at an anime convention who does not wish to be disclosed. At the time of writing, this rumor has not been confirmed and so we suggest you take … Read more

Pokémon X and Y File Size Analysis

    By now I’m sure most of you will be aware that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will require 1.7GB of space of your 3DS SD card should you choose to download it instead of buy a physical copy. But how exactly does this file size compare to existing games? Furthermore, what can we … Read more

Fairy Retcon: What Lies Ahead?

Hey PokéJunglers, Kriffix here. Having long been a major supporter of the Fairy Type theory as you all know, I now feel it is my duty to follow through and write up relevant articles now that it has been confirmed. I believe that one of the big questions in our minds is, ‘What Pokémon will … Read more