Rumors: CoroCoro Confirmation Coming Soon


With CoroCoro right around the corner we at PokéJungle wanted to share a little rumor that has been circulating. It is from someone supposedly associated with Nintendo speaking at an anime convention who does not wish to be disclosed. At the time of writing, this rumor has not been confirmed and so we suggest you take it with a pinch of salt. With that said, CoroCoro is only a few days away and so we should have confirmation on the first part of the rumor very soon.

  • The next batch of scans will contain a Pokémon inspired by a bag of potato chips as well as a Pokémon inspired by ‘Makizushi’ (a sushi roll).
  • There will be a second Eevee evolution this generation.

The first part of the rumor sounds a little odd since we’ve already had one food Pokémon this generation (Swirlix). Though the Eevee evolution part is quite believable. A lot of people are convinced there will be no second Eevee evolution this generation since if there was it would have featured alongside Sylveon in the recent movie special. Though it is for this very reason that there may be a second evolution. GameFreak are of course notorious for making us think we know whats going on then eventually revealing the precise opposite. They go out of their way to do this, often making choices that at first seem illogical.

So, will these rumors prove true? Stick with us to find out soon!