Breaking News: Nintendo Direct August 7th 3PM UK

Leuven, Belgium – Hi everyone, this is your favorite PJN news reporter Daedardus reporting on the announcement of a totally new Nintendo Direct! Recent reports are all pointing to the fact that Nintendo is doooomed. Will this Direct turn the tides in favor for Nintendo? Will they announce a price cut for the struggling Wii U? And more importantly, will they show new footage for the long-awaited Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games? Find it out tomorrow, live on Poké, the main source for all your Pokémon related news!

Our trusty reporter moving and I will be covering the event live on this site the moment it airs at 3 PM UK time. Hang on a second, I get a transmission. It seems that the international times are:

7 AM Pacific Time, 10 AM Eastern Time, 3 PM UK time, 4 PM Central European Time and 11 PM Japan Time

So rise up early tomorrow morning! You certainly don’t want to miss this BREAKING NEWS. I’ll see you tomorrow on PJN!

Your loyal reporter Dae, over and out!

  1. We don’t even know what it is about, and it is so sudden. My brain is racking all the possibilities of what it could be. I really hope Nintendo isn’t doomed, and they said they have quite enough money to save themselves from a failed system, so they should be around for years to come. I hope we get X and Y news, but I want info on that Wii U game simply known as ‘X’.

    1. of course they will be here for years. it just that people (without any reason) want Nintendo to disappear or to become a third party when it had only lost money for one year when other companies like Sony have been losing money for quite some years… but hey, Sony is not doomed, Nintendo is! i’m a bit tired of these hates (from both sides)

  2. Oorotto, Orotto, Aulotte, Orot , I don’t even know how to spell it anymore XP will most likely be revealed, maybe a new Pokemon, a new trailer is almost certain.

    1. Woah, woah, woah, Aulotte and Orot? I have heard the names before, but I haven’t seen much about them. Any links?

  3. “Hi everyone, this is your favorite PJN news reporter Daedardus”
    Well, someone is a bit self conscious, aren’t they? What if Moving is my favorite? Or even NL or Kriffix? Or maybe even Ozy even though he is never here?
    Jk, ily all the same. <3

    I'm calling nothing of Pokemon relevance in this Nintendo Direct, so I think I will sleep in. 😛

  4. Well, I’ll be up early tomorrow morning, #### Pacific timezone. Also, wondering if the’ll have a Wii U game to connect with X and Y (like Stadium and Battle Revolution) Although, It would be nice if it was either more real-time fighting or MINI GAMES to differentiate itself (now that 3D models are already covered)

    1. I wish I could do pokemon battles on my WiiU with good graphics. Pokemon would be able to use the gamepad so well too. It seems so unlikely we’ll see an actual Stadium type game though…

    2. They should make Stadium 3 but use the battling style of PokePark. So you like move your Pokemon around and aim to attack and all. Just more anime-styled battling rather than turn based.

      Also Australian timezone is terrible.

      1. Sounds great!! that’s exactly what I was going for. I haven’t played Pokepark, but the battle system sounds similar to Rumble (of course, with ALL of your attacks.)

        Edit: Ouch,… good luck staying up

        1. Pretty much, I really liked PokePark but my Wii screwed up and doesn’t work 🙁
          Yeah I will probably sleep instead hahah, check it in the morning..

          1. Lol im staying up til 12:00 (e3 was worse) even though i need to get up at 6:00 for school

    1. Hmm, interesting color scheme. Nice design… I like it!! Gen 6 is really coming along nicely!

  5. Gimme my 30+ second trailer and some details on the Global Link! The official sites will be updating anyway this Saturday so let the CoroCoro stuff be internationally revealed then and give us something new tomorrow.

  6. Daedardus is an egotistical maniac. belmad’s loving compliments have gone to his head!

  7. i think if we get any thing we will get that trailer with oortto again and it’s official art work

  8. This will probably be the only time I actually enjoy living in the UK, feeling sorry for you Americans.

    1. Ha! I wake up early for my morning run so the 7am Nintendo direct is fine for me ;D. But the UK cannot be that bad; I have been wanting to visit the country.

      1. It will the worst experience in your life. The weather here is seriously messed up, in summer it’s raining, winter it’s sunny, autumn it’s snowing. But most of the time it’s raining. The only good thing about this country is probably how many free things citizens here get, like healthcare and other stuff which I can’ seem to think of right now.

  9. Small piece of info.

    For those who live in Australia, you also get the Poke Ball when preordering.

  10. Hopefully the Localized version of the movie theater trailer! Just cant wait for X & Y CoroCoro Scans on August 10 – August 12 (Either one of those days.) 😉

    1. Actually, I’d bet good money we’ll get scans sometime between the 8th and the 10th! So soon!

      1. The scans will be officially released August 12! Yet, the leaks happened 1-2 days early! We might even get it earlier as you said. 😉

  11. I actually live in america but right now im on vacation in barcelona. I couldve seen it right when I woke up in america ,but now i have to wait till 3 🙁

  12. I’m betting the Pokemon section of ND will show off Orotto in English, Super Training and possibly the ability to see IV’s and EV’s. I doubt we’ll get this rumoured second Eeveelution, though I don’t doubt there could be another one. Most likely to be Dragon type if it is, especially with the big deal about Fairies and Dragons. I’d love them to reveal the new Mewtwo forme, seeing as that source has everything correct so far (well, apart from being a single letter off with Malamar’s name – which is nothing).

    1. I’m not really getting my hopes up for anything really, with CoroCoro leaks expected as early as tomorrow, I think they’ll hold off and save it all for the “Biggest scoop of the century!”

  13. Since the announcement is directed at US/Eurpean markets (by the looks of the time) isn’t it safe to say it’s nothing new?

    Some english translations, but no actual new information, probably.

    1. It’s an international Direct, which means Europe, America and Japan will get it’s own conferences. Iwata will probably start explaining the important thing and then they’ll switch over to Trinen/Reggie and Shibata for regional details

  14. Oh boy i cant wait you know i an the King of staying up late wont miss this for anything!:D

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