Breaking News: Nintendo Direct August 7th 3PM UK

Leuven, Belgium – Hi everyone, this is your favorite PJN news reporter Daedardus reporting on the announcement of a totally new Nintendo Direct! Recent reports are all pointing to the fact that Nintendo is doooomed. Will this Direct turn the tides in favor for Nintendo? Will they announce a price cut for the struggling Wii U? And more importantly, will they show new footage for the long-awaited Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games? Find it out tomorrow, live on Poké, the main source for all your Pokémon related news!

Our trusty reporter moving and I will be covering the event live on this site the moment it airs at 3 PM UK time. Hang on a second, I get a transmission. It seems that the international times are:

7 AM Pacific Time, 10 AM Eastern Time, 3 PM UK time, 4 PM Central European Time and 11 PM Japan Time

So rise up early tomorrow morning! You certainly don’t want to miss this BREAKING NEWS. I’ll see you tomorrow on PJN!

Your loyal reporter Dae, over and out!