Nintendo Direct [AUG. 7] — Airing Now!

The Nintendo Direct announced yesterday is set to air soon. Although we’re only expecting updates on previously announced games, and no new announcements, there’s a chance we could see some details on Pokémon X & Y revealed.

Below you can find our coverage of the stream and any announcements that may come during it, as well as the stream and the PokéJungle Chat. If you are unsure what time the broadcast begins please click HERE to find out.

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Nintendo Direct Livestream

Broadcast Write-up

We’ll be writing any points covered here live!

  •  Iwata introduces the Nintendo Direct. First he’s going over third-party titles. Sonic: Lost World, Rayman: Legends, Art Academy: Sketchpad
  • Recently released Pikmin 3 features detailed
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team detailed
  • Pokémon Rumble U detailed. 18 NFC figures available through Gamestop in America.
  • Classic titles on the Virtual Console detailed
  • Street Pass Relay system detailed once again. Visiting Nintendo Zones will get you exclusive items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • 2014 Professor Layton title, as well as Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright title detailed
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds logo dissected
  • The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD impressive graphics and style showcased
  • Luigi confirmed for Super Smash Bros
  •  Animal Crossing: New Leaf community on Miiverse

Well, No Pokémon news! A bit of a let down, but hey, with CoroCoro right around the corner it’s hard to stay depressed too long!

PokéJungle Chat

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