JungleTalk: Discussion — September Corocoro & Ōrot


Corocoro Pre


Corocoro is just days away from leaking and we’re expecting a huge issue, with new evolutions for Pokémon, new version exclusive Pokémon and hopefully more. It’s going to be a Pokémon bonanza! As usual Pokémon fans are eagerly awaiting for the first images of new details to appear online, hoping they fulfil their expectations.

Needless to say expectations are high, and anticipation even higher. So, we want to hear from our readers what they predict will be in this month’s issue of Corocoro. What do you think will be revealed, in addition to what’s listed above. What do you specifically think they will reveal in terms of new evolutions?

Any predictions you’ve got, we want them!

Ōrot English Name Predictions


Japanese fans have known about the official existence of this Pokémon for a while now, and they recently saw it in the latest trailer. There’s yet to be any mention of the Pokémon for Western fans, but we can hopefully expect something soon, perhaps when the official Pokémon X & Pokémon Y site updates on or around August 11.

We don’t really know much about Ōrot at all, other than its Japanese name, as such we’d also like to hear from our readers what they believe it will be known as in English, and also what typing they predict the Pokémon will get.

Get commenting, and get predicting!

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