Pokémon Game Show: Sunday *Live Updates* [UPD2.5]


Good evening PokéJunglers,
Our coverage of the PGS yesterday was a huge success, pretty much all information was posted here before any other site, so you know we’ve got your backs as far as news is concerned. Just imagine how much faster we would have been had it not been for the constant server errors from the sheer amount of visitors!
We’re preparing for another day of coverage, and this time PokéJungle himself will be live at the event  feeding us information directly. Naturally we’ll also report on anything our dedicated team of tweeters kindly tweet!

Will we get further information on the mysterious shot that looks suspiciously like a Wii U game? Or perhaps some info from Mr.Masuda on stage again? Who knows!

We’ve managed to get our hands on the schedule for todays event!

  • 10:00 Pokémon Game Show News
  • 11:00 Pokémon Game Show News
  • 12:00 Pokémon Tretta special stage
  • 13:00 Pokémon Game Show News
  • 14:00 Pokédex Game Pokémania? Exhibition match
  • 15:00 A battle with that guy!? Game Battle
  • 16:00 PGS Tournament ‘Mystery Card’ battle final


  • We attempted to make Gabite use a dragon move on Sylveon by switching out but so far it only seems to know Rollout and Sand Tomb!
  • The professor has theme music
  • Pikachu and Mewtwo’s crys have both changed
  • The music playing when battling the professor is normal trainer battle music
  • Dedenne can use Double Slap
  • The Gym Leader Battle music is personally composed by Mr.Masuda like the originals!