Isshu as good as confirmed to be New York

Hey guys, Kriffix here. Thanks to Ozy for passing this on to me. This is the PokemonPia Magazine that will give people the chance to catch one of the original 3 starters with alternate abilities. Now that we can see the cover in higher quality, it is now possible to make out that it says … Read more

Dento is one of three!? *UPD* Possible Fakemon

Hey PokéJunglers! A PokéJungle visitor by the name of ‘OK’ has very kindly pointed out the presence of two other trainers in Dento’s Gym. Could it be that our first gym leader is in fact a team of three!? Waiters. A Fire-type user, a Water-type user and their head waiter, Dento,  A Grass-type user. Most likely each … Read more

PokéSun: Nothing new

Hey loyal PokéJunglers! Pokémon Sunday aired with nothing new. They mentioned the Battle Subway,  that it is possible to exchange points earned there for items and also the Subway Master which we have reported on in the past. On the bright side, Pokémon Sunday now seems to have a section at the end of each … Read more

Dent a grass-type Gym Leader? With a tsutaaja!?

Hey guys, resident translator Kriffix here! Reasons that Dent is likely a Grass-type user and most likely has a Tsutaaja, from most solid to weakest. +He shouts out for his Pokémon to use Solarbeam in the Video released yesterday. +The background used when he declares an attack is green. +Said background is identical to when Tsutaaja attacks in … Read more

Next month’s CoroCoro notice

Hey PokéJunglers, your local translator Kriffix here making his first post as an admin! Just to let you guys know, contrary to what was previously reported, next month’s CoroCoro’s freebie booklet is in fact called the “Black Document” and is set to be released on September 15th (although it will no doubt leak before this). … Read more