Switch Presentation Recap

With the conclusion of the Nintendo Switch Presentation, we have a whole slew of new information to share about the Nintendo Switch, including its release date, features, as well as some titles launching throughout the year. Release Date and Price The Nintendo Switch is set to launch March 3, 2017 for $300. This includes the … Read more

Sun & Moon Speculation Part VII: Rockruff Can… TALK?!

As mentioned in Part V of this speculation series, July’s CoroCoro made it clear that the starter Pokémon and Rockruff have a secret to discover in the upcoming games. Some have speculated that Rockruff holds the key to a potential “Synchro Evolution,” while others have gone as far as believing it will be the fourth … Read more

New Volcanion Movie Details

New story details have been revealed for this year’s Pokemon movie, releasing in Japan on July 16th. This is just a brief overview of the plot, and may be altered or expanded upon as we get closer to July. Remember there may be spoilers, so read with caution. Thanks to Serebii for this synopsis: “As … Read more

Pokken Tournament Gets A Release Date!

Just one day after Chandelure’s announcement, we now know that Pokken Tournament will be released on March 18th, 2016 in the United States and Europe! Remember that all retail copies will come with a Shadow Mewtwo card that can be used, so pick yours up ASAP! Following the news from last night, three modes were announced for … Read more

Chandelure Revealed for Pokken Tournament! [UPD: New Support Pokemon]

Just one day ahead of Friday’s reveal for Pokken Tournament, we’ve recieved confirmation that the Ghost/Fire-type Chandelure is indeed the new fighter! We don’t know much about Chandelure’s appearance at the moment, but a special fighting competition in January 31st is set to debut a new trailer. Who would you like to see next in Pokken … Read more

January CoroCoro Leaks

People have been getting their hands on the latest CoroCoro issue, which, as has been hinted, has quite the scoop! The final Mythical Pokemon of Generation VI, Volcanion, has been fully revealed, and we have confirmation that the 19th Pokemon movie will be releasing in Japan on July 16th, 2016. Volcanion is confirmed to star in … Read more