January CoroCoro Leaks

People have been getting their hands on the latest CoroCoro issue, which, as has been hinted, has quite the scoop! The final Mythical Pokemon of Generation VI, Volcanion, has been fully revealed, and we have confirmation that the 19th Pokemon movie will be releasing in Japan on July 16th, 2016. Volcanion is confirmed to star in the next movie, but the exact extent is unknown. Distribution details for the Mythical Pokemon are to be announced at a later date, so keep checking back for more.

  1. I knew this was coming. We got Diancie for XY/ORAS, Hoopa for ORAS, what will Volcanion be an event for…?

  2. Nice to see you, Dicie! I’m still trying to think about how this changes things in terms of mainline game releases. I’m beginning to question whether we’ll get another Gen 6 game at all.

    1. Wonderful to be back! It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to post again. I’m honestly thinking that Generation VI will still be too short to cut off in 2016, so there might be another game. Besides, we can’t wait another decade for XY remakes, since there’s still so much left unanswered. Has a Mythical Pokemon from one region made its first appearance in a game of another generation? I can’t recall. Honestly, whether we continue Generation VI, jump into Generation VII, or get D/P remakes earlier than expected, I need some new gyms to conquer and Pokemon to catch.

      Hope all’s well with you! 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness, Diamond and Pearl remakes would be incredible. We all know they’re going to happen, but when is the question. It seems like it was only yesterday when I would carry my DS around with me everywhere (quite literally everywhere) playing Pearl. As for previous trends with Mythical Pokemon, Keldeo was revealed in CoroCoro two months before Black and White 2 were revealed. Interesting how two months from now is the 20th Anniversary…

        My life is going alright, though. I’m getting more involved with film production (I’m actually going to be a cameraman tomorrow and Sunday at a local church). I guess I’m relatively content with things as a whole.

    2. I’m also beginning to question that as well. I guess me might know in a couple days whether this thing will be distributed in ORAS or not.

  3. In a way I’m very upset, but in a way I’m not. I honestly question if we will get a final Generation VI game though. Hopefully we’ll get more answers soon. I feel like this month’s CoroCoro left us with more questions.

  4. I hope we will see more scans from January’s issue. If this is it, i’m gonna be very pissed. They said we will have big news for Pokemon in 2016. This is not big news!!

  5. Well this is the big news. Not big for the people who saw the products of the people who hacked the game basically all of us here… But this would amazing news if nobody ever hacked xy to see these. Oh well…
    Alao for thosw of you that were expecting a new game, corocoro NEVER announces a new game

    1. Even if we didn’t know about Volcanion. This isn’t big news. We were expecting news regarding Pokemon Go! not a new game. We know nothing about Pokemon Go! and it’s been three months already. The hype has worn off and a lot of fans are dissapointed now.

      1. I doubt pokemon Go news would ever be in corocoro.. Plus a lot of games get revealed and dont get nore info until much later

  6. Idk how important this is, but there are certain trends in movie and game release dates (usually because the movies are used to promote new games :P)

    -Most generation’s movies showcase each legendary, and then lastly a pokemon from the next generation (Lucario, Zoroark, etc.), with the exception of Gen 5, which seemed to combine the last two (Genesect & M. Mewtwo) and Gen 3 which had two movies showcasing new pokemon. The release date for the last movie in a generation usually coincides with the release date for the first game in the next generation.

    -Most generation’s movies showcase the main 3rd game legendary (i.e., Rayquaza, Giratina, Kyurem, etc.) around the same time that the 3rd game is released.

    So what does this mean? Depending on what this Volcanion movie focuses on (whether it’s Zygarde, some other legendary, or a new pokemon entirely), we can kinda predict whether a new 6th Gen game or a new 7th Gen game will release around the same time of the movie.

    1. Something tells me gen 6 is over. We’re moving on to the last legendary movie so unless they have an “in between” sort of movie like the zoroark one, I think gen 7 is on its way.

      1. The first thought that comes to my mind is, gen 7 is on the way, but it’s a tie in with gen 6. Neighbor region that they were at war with, still has zygarde, cause terminus cave was right there at the edge of the map

        1. Yeah neighboring region is a good bet. Also, do you think Volcanion will have a mega/form change? That’s something the hackers never found yet. Diancie and Hoopa both had something so maybe in the next game is where we’ll see whatever it might have. I’m guessing a mega.

          1. If there was a form programmed in the current games, the hackers would have found already. Any new form would probably require a new game.

      2. Well, in the XY arc of Pokémon SPECIAL, the third Pokédex as destroyed. Since Kusaka has access to test versions of the games, and in the SPECIAL manga Pokédexes always go to people named after the games (the only time we saw a Pokédex Holder not named after a game was Mitsuru in the RS arc, which was changed in the volumes), people are taking this as indicating there’s no third game.

  7. I wonder if this thing will be Heatran 1.0?
    I mean it’s a mythical quadruped Fire type with extremely similar stat pools
    The only difference is this one gets Scald 2.0 and lacks a 4x Ground Weakness and will pretty much be running a Air Balloon 75% of the time

    1. Volacanions stats are ALOT better than heatrans.
      There’s a big difference competitively. If you look the only thing similar is the sp.att

      Volcanions more defensive but heatrans more specially defensive.

  8. -_-

    Wow. We didn’t even get a full reveal of a pokemon everyone has known about for two years. We got a tease for it. I’m done.

    1. Exactly my thought! I medan is there even anyone under 10 playing Pokémon anymore? Does gamefreak and Nintendo even know who their buyers are? It certainly doesn’t seem like it.

      1. Either tjay, or they just don’t care. Why ruin your plan just because somebody hacked your product to reveal information intended for later use? Just do what you were doing, don’t let the hackers affect them

  9. Seriously,Gamefreak needs to add these new pokemon as a part of a free update, or stop pretending the world doesn’t know about them.

    1. Gamefreak has been making me mad lately. When you have software capable of being updated, you don’t use it and you make games easier because people have other things to do. IF PEOPLE ARE GOONA BUY A POKEMON GAME, THEY ARE GOING TO PLAY IT!

  10. If this is the last movie for Generation 6 (which it probably is, considering it’s using the final Mythical Pokemon), there’s a chance that there could be some sort of Generation 7 cameo. This was the case for Lucario, Zoroark and “Awakened” Mewtwo in the past. Who knows what could come next?

    1. I think we’re going to get atleast one more gen 6 movie which will feature a Gen 7 pokemon,while this one will Zygarde as well.
      In gen 4 we got an arceus movie,and
      And another movie after that which featured zoroark

  11. New evil Team or person. Wants to controll Volcanion, Volcanions destroying the landscape. With the disturbance Z awakens? Xerneas and Yveltal crisis also happened. = 100% forme Zygarde.

    Ladies and Gents I give you the new movie 😛

    1. That’s not bad but we still haven’t learned if it controls these mountain obliterating eruptions
      either its and i quote “blowing off some steam” and it so happens to blow apart wherever it is and its just oblivious to environmental impact
      or that it knows its destructive habits and secludes itself to the mountains right around the time of eruption so not to harm anybody

  12. Man, I loath the hackers. This would have been an amazing surprise. They leaked Mega Latios & Latias, Hoopa, Volcanion, and Diancie. Now, I still think one last mainstream 3DS is coming. Similar to Diancie and Hoopa, the next game would feature it as a Mystery Gift! 🙂

    1. Yeah it sucks that they revealed them all so soon. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get excited when I first saw them too though, so it’s a bit of a double edged sword.

      Can’t wait to use it in-game too. I generally get a little impatient and use the Powersave to get special event Legendaries early, but this one I never bothered. I want it to feel completely new in that regard.

  13. I feel we haven’t gotten any news of a new game or won’t until February so they don’t take any hype off RBY games coming out for the 20th anniversary, but that being said people please please stop complaining and saying you’re done with pokemon we will get a new main game or new gen when GF feels like it not when we want to. Let’s face it as people bitch and moan that GF takes to long or release games to quick and lose fans they gain new ones that are just becoming gamers.

    1. Ayyyy
      Youre right, the other two event pokemon got new forms so volcanion might get one too!

    2. Makes total sense for a new form of Volcanion to be Z-exclusive. Sky Forme Shaymin, Origin Forme Giratina and the Rotom forms were all exclusive to Pokemon Platinum. Therian Formes of the Genies, Keldeo Resolute Forme and the Kyurem forms were exclusive to Black 2 and White 2. Most recently, Mega Diancie and Hoopa Unbound were exclusive to ORAS. In Z, we can expect the new forms of Zygarde and perhaps Mega/Primal Volcanion.

  14. It’s look better than 3rd model …..wait a minute y they replace blue color with black one? ..it’s look better by the way.

    1. That’s interesting to see though, because they’d have to release a patch to change the color, if that’s even possible. I didn’t even notice they changed the color! 😛

  15. the off chance Volcanion gets a new form i hope its a major tune up design wise
    i mean every time i look at this thing the unwelcomed reminder of a teething ring comes to mind
    it should get bigger and have four sets of pipes connecting to each limb that vent the extreme of scalding hot water
    also get another tube for the tail
    i’ll come up with a better idea in time

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