Starter Showdown 2015: Generation Four

Generation Three Results

You have all voted and the results are in… Your favourite Generation Three Pokémon is Mudkip, the first Water-type starter to win a round! That’s 2 points to Fire-type, 1 to Water and 0 to Grass.

Mudkip Dream


The results for this Generation were a lot closer than the previous two, but interestingly Torchic came in last place, the first Fire-type starter to do so. Mudkip won the vote with a 42.8% majority.


Generation Three Voting

Generation Four is up next for voting, with the three Sinnoh starters Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar to choose from. Which of Profosser Rowan’s starter Pokémon will you vote for?

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Voting periods

Generation One: 29th November – 3rd December
Generation Two: 3rd December – 7th December
Generation Three: 8th December – 12th December
Generation Four: 13th December – 18th December
Generation Five:  19th December – 23rd December
Generation Six: 24th December – 28th December

Final round: 28th December – 31st December

Results: New Years’ Day, 2016

  1. How can I not vote for Pips? He’s the best!!! Hahaha Turtwig comes in second for me as I really like Torterra too. As for the Gen 3 voting…..hmmmm Is it wrong for me to think people only liek Mudkipz bc of the meme and it winning is only to serve for it’s ironic popularity? hahaha

  2. Piplup is my vote! Even though I chose Chimchar first (because I was forced to) my favorite has always been piplup! Penguins are my favorite animal, and steel is one of my favorite types. Piplup is so cute and funny in the anime too!
    Prinplup is okay, easily my least favorite of the piplup line, but still pretty cool.
    Empoleon, is just tough! It’s so cool how it’s half steel, and it’s pretty good competitively too.

      1. Well I was in a Pokemon trio I had two other friends to play with me, and we promised never to have any of the same pokemon (except eevee) and it was my turn to go last on picking the starter, and the other two picked piplup and turtwig so I ended up with Chimchar.

  3. I don’t particularly like any of the 4th gen starters, but I’ve always been fond of piplup. So that’s where my voice goes.

  4. This has to be one of the hardest choices for me; it’s mostly between Chimchar and Piplup! I’m going with #TeamPiplup because I make the best teams with him!

  5. You’ve all probably seen me post about this one so far. It’s such a tough call.

    In the end I had to go with Piplup. Love the design of it and then later on I love the unique water steel typing on empoleon.

    Honestly though the starters in gen 4 were really really good. And they all should get a really good mention.

    Torterra my stalling wall of wisdom. Leech seed + stall ftw
    Infernape my one hit kill or be killed. Death monkey
    Empoleon a unique blend of both. It’s a mother fu*king penguin !

    Love this set of starters.

  6. This is my favorite set of starters from any region! Gotta go with Turtwig though, I love Torterra

  7. Hmmmm another conflict between Ground and Fighting
    I chose Chimchar when I was young, heck I remember coming up with my own name for ol Goukazaru when I was just budding into a pokefanatic wanna know the name?
    Inferilla, and u could image how stoked I was when I was actually quite close to naming Infernape
    And a Monferno was blessed with the beautiful Mach Punch and Flame Wheel also Shadow Claw fixed my ghost and psychic problems (there’s another story for another day)
    I guess I should make my official stand with picking Infernape
    Don’t get me wrong I love Torterra very very much but u can’t ignore something like this

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